Submitted by DLares on March 15, 2021 - 8:05pm

Today we started our new life schedule. Funny, Bob wrote about his new intention for focus and use of time, meanwhile, back here on the ranch in Oregon, Alan and I had just done the same thing!

It's Daylight savings time day number one. We got up an hour early, and met with ourselves, inviting our teachers, guides and loved ones to our day. We read some inspirational words and ate a small breakfast before moving on to our regularly scheduled Zoom exercise class we started a year ago.

I wanted a prayer to say before breakfast and there it was, hanging above the microwave:


We used to go to Goodwill before Covid quarantine. This was a nice find, and now part of our new morning structure. we are looking forward to sharing blog posts with folks here.

Happy Daylight Savings, everyone!