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My name is Sunny. I've been a therapist in WA state for nearly 30 years. I came upon the Urantia book in 1974 but it was a bit dense for me and I didn't pick it up seriously until about 5 years ago. I've gone through a Christian phase and also have studied with an East Indian Guru in the 70's. So I've walked varied paths and each has some value but NONE can claim to have it all in my experience. It's really a personal journey we each have to take.

Although I have a very analytical, organized brain, now I'm focusing on just being a Truth Seeker and want to support anyone trying to learn more about themselves, God, Spirit, the Universe and their Higher Power however they wish to define it. At this point I understand first hand and second hand from hundreds of others who I've worked with who have struggled in life, that it's important to find your personal Spiritual Center. Without it you have no anchor. You are lost, adrift and won't feel peace.

This group is one of my touchstones where I can share ideas, thoughts, concerns and questions and be received and be fed. Someone usually has a deeper insight that gives me Soul Food. I seek that in life now to share it and receive it when possible. I like reading other Spiritual sources and believe strongly that there are many flavors to enjoy that feed the Soul but this is my central venue, my main dish to feed my Spiritual needs.