The Association for Light and Life (ALL) is a nonprofit association of spiritual truth seekers who engage in activities to bring about enlightenment and spiritual communityWe are on a quest to share our understanding that love is the greatest thing in all the universes, that God is love, and that love is the desire to do good to others. 

Within that purpose we intend to:
1. Create awareness that all people are part of one family under the parental guidance and watchcare of the Divine Creator energy we are all related to, regardless of the name you would call it.
2. Seek a deeper relationship with the Divine through the practice of stillness meditation, prayer, and service.
3. Promote group and planetary progress by building and sustaining spiritual community that is characterized by a unity of goals and ideals, without requiring a uniformity of beliefs.
4. Support each individual’s progress by encouraging spiritual, mental, and physical growth that instills an increasing appreciation of truth, beauty, and goodness.

If you agree or resonate with these intentions you are welcome to join with us.

May our collective actions be guided by the knowledge that as unconditional love finds expression in the lives of God-knowing persons, intellectual peace, social progress, moral satisfaction, spiritual joy and cosmic wisdom will surely follow.

What is Light and Life?