Michael & Aaron – The Kingdom is Within


*            Michael: You have heard it said that if people come to you saying the kingdom is over here or over there and that you must go this way or that way to join the kingdom, to not believe them, for the kingdom of heaven is within.  Always when you feel you need to do something or that you might be missing out on being part of something or that you should join some cause, ponder these thoughts, for true service and dynamic living in the spirit comes from the awareness that the relationship is there with you already and available at all times.  This is the starting point, the beginning of where you are acting and living as a child of God.  It brings with it the attendant realizations of having the peace that surpasses all understanding, the joy of participation in a plan that you are a part of and actively engaged in creating. 


There are degrees of benefit to action efforts that occur throughout your world, but the true spiritually led creations have, as a part of their effort, the sure handed vision that comes from knowing who you are in relationship to spirit.  Many things can happen and you can be inspired in many, many ways to do good, to be of service, to create, both individually and collectively, but anchor yourselves in the practice that will build greater foundations and the magnificent architecture that leads toward the planetary unfolding, slowly but surely, toward light and life. 


This is what I would share with you, not merely out here as an ethereal voice coming through one of my children, but I would share this with you, individually, intimately, and personally if you but open the door and reach out your hand.  I am your Father, you are my child, and you have the full right to this relationship.  I look forward to the opportunities to come into a place with each of you that trusts and builds upon what has been provided and envisioned from my Father, our Father in Paradise.


Q1: Michael, Machiventa often speaks of your vision for the future, that he is serving Michael’s vision for the future, and as you have just spoken, I know it is also the Father’s vision for us for the future.  The rebellion is not just on planets, but it affected Jerusem also and the mansion world reality was disturbed.  Can you tell us how that looks so we can envision that ourselves?


*            Michael: Yes.  I ask you to ask me the question yourself and to listen for the answers, for I look forward to this relationship with you to respond to your inquiries.


Q1: You mean you as in all of us?


*            Michael: My dear, I speak to you directly, but yes, to extrapolate, this is for each of you to have this relationship and understanding.  I allow the various beings in service to our universe to draw close to you, to provide ministry, teaching, and guidance, and therefore I will be your direct partner and allow them to provide the group and teaching ministry that they are so aptly trained to provide.


Q1: Thank you.


*            Dear friends, I am Aaron and with that introduction I am humbled.  His presence is mighty and peaceful at the same time.  I would endeavor to provide answers to your inquiries if you have any this evening, beginning with the attempt to share regarding the question about Michael’s vision for our universe and how that is playing out on the various spheres and the various systems.  Understand that the rebellion was shorter lived on spheres where there are greater degrees of spirituality and so to visit the system headquarters and beyond would be to not recognize any distortive influences.  Increasingly as the spheres draw closer to your level of material being there are still some repercussions being worked through, but most of the spheres beyond the mortal life are functioning fluently, so to speak, and without having to provide stop gaps in your training and development.  Many of the planets involved in the rebellion, the mortal planets, are further along than Urantia is currently in coming back into more normal functioning.  There are a handful that are still working through the deep layers of distortion and dysfunction and you have the benefit of living on such a planet, and yes, this is a benefit, for you, at a spiritual level.  Recognize this. While we would not wish evil and distortion upon anyone in God’s majestic universe of universes, it still provides you with the opportunity to engage in areas that very few beings have the opportunity to exercise.


Q1: Can you explain that a bit more?  Like what areas?


*            Aaron: Exercising faith.  In some manner, you are exercising as if in a gym with weights and having extra weight added to your machines, and so as you engage your core and apply yourself, you must develop muscles where one without these stressors may not develop.  Your ability to become a minister beyond the normal is there in potential and this will bring you the opportunities in eternity to utilize those newfound or unique muscles in engaging in circumstances where others may find themselves in the darkness or without clear direction.  Is there more?


Q2: Do I assume correctly, dear friend, that we have the opportunity to exercise these muscles on this planet in the correcting time as well as in the future that you just referred to?


*            Aaron: Yes, and yes.  There will be opportunities here, as you already have had many in your life, to point in a different direction than perhaps the flow would have considered if you had not been perceptive to what your spiritual influences were providing.  Beyond this life, there are special orders of beings who are adept at handling certain circumstances and your ability to participate in these efforts are enhanced by your experiences here on this mortal sphere.  Agondonters are an order or a titular group that have, by their very experiences, been ushered into different layers of service throughout time and eternity.  Are there other questions tonight?


Q3: We can’t return to the Garden of Eden and do genetic uplift, I think, but we can’t see the light and life future without the establishment of the resurrection halls, for instance.  My brother just died, but in the world of light and life wouldn’t he have gone to one to die?  We don’t have those yet.  We need something that represents this invisible administration for our planet.  It’s hard when you’re an Agondonter and the others around you aren’t, because the spiritual representatives and administration are invisible yet.  If we did still have our Garden of Eden we could watch the celestial transports coming and going and know that we would have a place to go and an established thing where we know there is a life after this life and an established citizenship that exists outside of our mortal reality.  So I guess we just have to talk about it and get people used to the idea that there’s a citizenship we belong to.  But I want it to happen a whole lot faster than I think it can.


*            Aaron: You are not alone in this, and what you say is true.  These things are available on a world that is functioning normally.  We fully intend to normalize Urantia.  We are sorry that this is not in a time frame that will manifest as quickly as you would like to see it happen.  There are still the potentials to achieve normalization without intervening directly and purposefully, altering the course of planetary events.  As long as this potential exists, we pursue it, rather than pursuing direct intervention. 


This is not to say direct intervention may not happen at some point. Emergency mission do occur, and have occurred, as you know, but how beautiful it would be if this jewel of Urantia could turn the tide without needing to have direct intervention, but simply gain the recognition of spiritual guidance available and then set aside the distortive influences to more readily accept the spiritual influences that would lead them toward a brighter future that nurtures community, cooperation and family, while allowing for the progress of nations, races, and peoples from diverse cultures.  Michael would wish for the natural transition and transformation over direct intervention. 


While it certainly would be astounding to you and exciting for this intervention to occur, there is a certain pleasure and peace that surpasses excitement and astounding activities to see people turn toward the light without being forced.  Those are my words in response to your query, my friend.


Q3: It’s kind of like that poem I shared.  We have the seeds and he waits.  It’s confusing when we have the Father within, and Michael’s spirit, and the Holy Spirit around us, but it’s an upwelling will for everybody. I’ve come to the conclusion I’m just going to trust the angels who rule in the governments of men.  So it’s like fine, let’s keep planting our seeds and if it doesn’t happen in my time then we can watch it where you’re at, right?


*            Aaron: Yes, you will.  Trust in this.  The hundredth monkey syndrome may be a magical idea that isn’t completely grounded in reality, but there is a sort of truth to the reality that spiritual pressure can produce similar realizations in many places in a relatively short time period, such that great movements and awakenings can occur, and these generally happen when people are asking questions and seeking answers, not so unlike times such as these.


Q4: Does prayer create spiritual pressure?


*            Aaron: Prayer creates transformation of the individual praying, and connections between those individuals and their makers, and the individuals they would pray about.


Q4: Thank you Aaron, and thank you for your consistency.


Q5: I have a question, Aaron.  Just yesterday I had to fire a client and that’s an unusual thing to have to happen when the therapist recognizes a lack of effectiveness or the clients pose some sort of risk.  So they had a bad situation occurring, but it bothers me to have to do that.  I want to help people, but I felt a sense of failure that I couldn’t find the part that motivated them to change.  Ultimately their behavior was unacceptable so I had to let them go.  I don’t know what Michael experienced when he walked by people and he knew they weren’t ready for help.  It nags me a bit that there wasn’t more I could do.  I’d love any thoughts and feedback you might have on that.


*            Aaron: Yes, thank you for sharing your experience.  There’s a saying, “It takes two to tango,” and you can’t fix everyone.  All you can do is set your intentions straight by your consistent drawing near to your Indweller, and then manifesting your talents within that realization to the best of your ability, and recognizing whether you can be of service or not to the situation.  Even letting them go, you can pray for them and wish transformation and understanding to descend upon them, but you are not responsible for their awakening.  All you can do is provide the opportunity for understanding and awareness that allows them to transform their perspective in relationship to their inner guidance.  This is what you seek to achieve.  “The acts are ours; the consequences God’s.”  Be about your Father’s business and trust that in the spirit you will do right by those you intend to serve.


Q5: Thank you.


Q6: I’m feeling a bit discouraged and downtrodden.  There’s horrible weather in my home state of California and you look at the news and a river was running down the street in San Francisco.  That’s my hometown.  It hit me that there’s so much suffering and waste and money.  Why do we have such terrible weather extremes?  And then the news that there could be new forms of covid each year and other health issues.  Why is that necessary?  Why can’t we move forward instead of trying to deal with all these terrible situations?  I have a heavy heart about it.


*            Aaron: Thank you for sharing what has been moving you of late, my friend.  The weather is something that has been a problem for people since the beginning of time and it increases in its intensity due to human activity, in part, and we cannot abridge free will choice.  What we can do is seek to transform the mindsets so that better choices are made, and yet there is some level of destruction that can occur. 


The element I would have you focus upon is what you can control.  Know that we are at work in various areas as spiritual orders on your planet seek to manifest all that can be used to counteract the repercussions while still allowing free will to take its course.  But these events still occur and disrupt human lives and communities and cultures.  How you respond as individuals, as communities, as governmental structures, to implement avenues of counteracting influences, these are the things that can be worked on, and hopefully lessons can be learned. 


You speak of diseases and other factors that affect the health.  We know that your planet suffered deficits as a result of the Lucifer rebellion and missed the upstepping that would have occurred by the Life Carriers and the Violet stock, and the cross breeding of the races eventually would have diminished many of these things and their ability to affect you. 


Right now we have a corps of beings who work directly with scientists and medical professionals to inspire new avenues of thought that can help to bring about some of these positive influences.  Many recent discoveries have been a result of a cooperative desire by those seeking reality and their inspiration with those of us who stem from that reality.  Although it is true that many scientists have agnostic tendencies, their desire for truth and reality counteracts their lack of religiosity and allows them to work in cooperation with their adjuster and with Michael and with our influences just the same as if they were sitting in the quiet and praying for understanding from their Creator. 


Much is happening and will continue to happen in these fields to provide counteractive measures to some of these threats.  Trust that we are not just allowing all of this to happen with no response, but it often is true that telling you what is happening is less effective than doing what is necessary, and we cannot divulge all elements of Nebadon’s ministry to its various worlds, including Urantia.


Q7: So this with the weather and diseases and such is just another case of this heavy weightlifting you spoke of, isn’t it?


*            Aaron: You could perceive it as such, yes - the opportunity to grow.  But still, we do not relish seeing destruction such as this, whether coming from the results of many actions over many decades and centuries, or the direct violent efforts happening in various parts of the world.  We wish you peace and love and harmony.  We want you to know what it is we have come to understand.  But with that desire, know that what you are going through certainly adds to what your abilities will be in the future.


I sense this contact wavering in his perception, so I will choose to end this aspect of the meeting and thank you for taking the time to ask your questions.  We are always amazed at how you can come together and collectively balance each other with a sort of love and support that maybe does not occur everywhere around you.  These types of communities will bring benefits over time that can lead toward other benefits on a larger scale.  The very act of you gathering and collectively desiring to know the truth and understand it and know how you can be of service, this builds potentials for you, individually, and for you as a collective, and we like to think of ourselves as part of that collective.  So thank you for having us.  Good evening.