*            Aaron: My friends,  I am Aaron.  It is good to be with you tonight.  We may have a few words to share this evening, but first, we would like to respond to your request for questions and answers and provide the opportunity for you to ask. What’s on your mind?

Q1: I don’t have a question, but I just want to say thank you to my teacher in this forum for the personal messages from the last 6 weeks or so that have been bolstering me, and for my ability to believe them which I haven’t always had, and therefore had fear in getting personal help.  I sometimes find it easier to T/R for a group than to listen for personal things.  I think that’s been a growth horizon, so I want to acknowledge it and thank you for persevering with me.  I love you.

*            Aaron: Yes, the love is reciprocal.  This is Aaron still, by the way.  I will respond to keep Simeon in his comfort zone, but know that we are greatly interactive as a teacher corps with each other regarding the work we do and the insights we provide.  Know that your teacher friend enjoys your relationship deeply and takes seriously the mission to be there as a support, to provide insight and wisdom as you seek it. 

You are not alone in your lack of trust for receiving personal information, and your bridge in the recent time period toward beginning to accept at a higher degree has been seen as a blessing.  Always there is a perception question when receiving spiritual insight, particularly when the subject is one’s own self.  It is healthy that you approach this in a manner that doesn’t simply accept everything as a spiritual thought, for you are human, and I speak to all of you when I say this.  Not every thought you have or even that you perceive to be a spiritual message, originates outside of yourself.  But equally, you should recognize that this is okay to the extent that you approach your spiritual development as a process and a discernment rather than simply a dictation and believing with no discretion.  The history of your world offers numerous examples of those who believed their every thought was spiritual, and yes, these are generally cautionary tales. 

So as you work with us, trust in your ability to perceive, but know that it is acceptable to incorporate that into your overall understanding of what is true and good.  I hope this helps you, my friend.

Q1: It does, thank you.  It also reminds me of a bumper sticker I loved, that says “Don’t believe everything you think.”  Sorry to be humorous tonight.  Part of your conversation reminded me of it and I wanted to share it with everyone.

*            Aaron: This is a question within our ministry that we study and discuss, developing methods for how to work with beings at your level, such as you, while also being able to provide insight in a way that keeps you grounded.  Even the Urantia papers state that it is better to think a divine thought to be your own than to elevate your own thoughts to the level of the divine, and yet we are here and still strive, with these cautions, to provide the impetus to bring your world out of its default and quarantine into the awareness of what is possible, and that there are innumerable beings who seek to share with you and accept you as a part of the spiritual family. 

On most normal worlds, this degree of invisible communication is not required because we are already with you, visible.  With the Planetary Prince and his staff, and the Garden of Eden with the Material Sons and Daughters, your progression is more natural and you utilize material representatives as a sounding board when you develop your spirituality and your life path and your growth and progression. 

So know that this is not quite normal.  It is an element of ministry that serves as a bridge between where you are and that place and time when these ministries can be more materially manifested once again.  I know this, perhaps, goes a little further than your questions, but recognize we are glad that you receive and perceive and still are able to have a healthy level of skepticism, if you will, or discernment.

Q1: Thank you, Aaron.  I do appreciate that, and I look forward to the time when there are material presences on this planet to help individual progressers, so it’s exciting to be where we are today.

*            Aaron: You are agondonters and this ministry does not change that at this time, for you still are required to believe without seeing.  This will not always be the case and that is a good thing also.

Q1: And I’m beginning to feel how privileged we are to be agondonters at this time and I’m grateful.

*            Aaron: We are excited to have been selected to this mission to Urantia for many of the same reasons.  Not all throughout the universes get to work in this manner to this degree.

Q1: My eyes have gotten teary.  Thank you.
Q2: These thoughts and questions have covered a lot of what I had on my mind, but lately I’ve enjoyed praying for others and putting them in healing circles and such, but do I have to ask my Thought Adjuster to work with world leaders every day or can I do that on a monthly or weekly basis?

*            Aaron: Thank you for sharing.  God really responds to your intentions and not your vocalizations.  These vocalizations generally help you to formulate your thoughts, but at the core of your being, your desires are heard and responded to, to the degree that they coincide with the will of God.  So no, just as we would not encourage you to practice repetitive or rote prayer, you are not required to continually ask the same questions to register your intention.

Q2: Good to know.

*            Aaron: And I did recognize some of your thoughts when formulating some of my responses this evening.  Daniel is telling me to conclude with a little more exposition regarding how we work with you.  Although we have referred, at times, to our teacher corps and your teacher base, know that there are multiple beings working down from Machiventa’s administration to the Melchizedek participants who then oversee a group of ascending mortals who work with various other agencies such as midwayers, sometimes life carriers, and of course with your thought adjusters. 

This is a purposeful process and Daniel, while being our comrade, is still considered the senior teacher for this Southern Idaho grouping.  And yet, over time, it has evolved to where we share from a place of creating synthesized lessons.  Perhaps your image of a zoom meeting could be related to how we discuss the various elements of sharing that we would provide. 

At times you may have wondered why Daniel or Minearisia or even myself don’t continuously communicate, and although we love the interaction and at times personal sharing with you, there is a degree of separation necessary as you evolve so that you do not become so enamored with any one of us and you recognize that the spiritual growth process continues and that this is the key to your progression more so than having any one personality directly involved continuously.

This has also had the effect of building a level of affection for you by the entire grouping who serves from your personal teachers to the group level and the Melchizedek overseers.  As we observe your functioning day to day, yes, we wince at times, but your resiliency is inspiring and your desire within a distorted system to emerge from that and unite with spirit, not only for your own benefit, but for the benefit of those around you, this is awe-inspiring.  We revel in this in our discussions, how we can move that forward another level. 

So I hope you know that there is no abandonment, that we are a team, and that we do grow in our affection toward you even as we encourage you to explore without titles and stature, your own spiritual growth and development.  That is all, other than to say we love you, once again, and enjoy our mission together.  Good evening.