*            My friends, I am Machiventa.  Thank you for opening your hearts and minds to us this evening.  The Christmas spirit is something spoken of often during this time of year and although you may know that Michael’s birth does not correlate with this season, nevertheless, for a large swath of your world it is this time when Michael is thought of more often than at any other time during your year.  People will themselves to be in the Christmas spirit even when things are difficult, because they want to feel good and want to share in those positive thoughts that people offer at a higher degree than at other times simply because they want to be in Christ’s spirit. 

And Christ does respond. His spirit descends when people yearn to be in his embrace.  Recognize this as you traipse around this season.  Yes, there are many stresses during this time, as well, but generally more people are trying to be kind and generous.  If you pay attention you may witness Michael speaking to you through them as they share some thought or deed.  There is a real energy connected with this season, despite any shortcomings, and every time the energy turns toward the good there is an opportunity to amplify that on our part, on the part of all of those Divine monitors, and on the part of our Michael and Mother. 

Be a part of this circuit, my friends.  Choose to be a point of light, offering kind thoughts and encouragement.  Look for the opportunities and also look for when those people around you are inspired to share those opportunities with you.  We are a family of God and as we provide ministry and accept the kindness and good graces of one another this sense of siblinghood expands and washes over us all.  Our challenge is to provide enough amplification so that the season continues past its expiration date, into the new year, and hopefully beyond.  In some ways, as you witness the brother and sisterhood of humankind during this season, recognize, as it softens your heart, eases your mind and expands your soul, that this is a reflection of living in a Christ-like manner.  Perhaps, in response, the season of Christmas can continue, at least in the hearts and minds of those who recognize this.

That is what I wanted to share with you this evening, my friends.  We are here to respond if you have questions.  Thank you for the opportunity to share our Christmas spirit with you.

Q1: I was just reading a book about the 12 women apostles who were also with Michael during his time in human form, and after.  One of the things I want to do is learn from their techniques of ministry.  As I was reading a book, the women were talking about how they were using oils and herbs and learned from Michael to pray into it, to energize the ointments, and that this was a helpful process.  Even before then, to sit with the person and listen to them intently until they settled down, and in my field of mental health that is absolutely a part of the process.  Can you comment and operationalize this process so I can practice it and help instruct others and so we can teach each other to become more powerful healers so it’s not just lending a comforting ear but there’s more consciousness and intentionality in the energetic work associated with it?

*            Machiventa: Thank you for your inquiry.  The aspect I would comment upon is the intentionality, for the laws of science are not circumvented when one prays or focuses intently on bringing purity to their effort.  Rather, does the focus and prayer and intention allow for a greater deliverance of insight so that the preparation of one’s efforts can be at a greater degree of purity. 

Too often, superstition bleeds into what is otherwise a pure spiritual intention.  Just as the male apostles allowed their superstitions to permeate their efforts or to cloud their actions and responses, at times, so, too, did the female corps.  It is a common practice to take higher insight and try to make it fit current patterns.  But nevertheless, there was a high level of spiritual intention in trying to minister to the infirm and those with mental ailments and spiritual ailments as well.  When you focus your intentions you cannot help, to some degree, bringing your flavor or color into the process, but the challenge is to desire to be true and to do good and provide uplift, whether physically, mentally, or spiritually. 

I would encourage more trust in science and utilizing these efforts to do good in cooperation with a greater degree of relationship with how the elements of science and spiritual intention go together rather than seeing them as being in competition with one another.  The spiritual seeker who accepts that science and rational thought are cooperative elements in their journey will find a greater degree of service potential in their ministry.  I know this may not comment completely on all elements of your question but I do respond with discretion.

Q1: It was very helpful.  In particular, the focus on intentionality in my sessions and trying to keep my personal mind quiet while listening to what my client is saying and not trying to get ahead of them is what I try to do so that I have free head space or higher inspired thoughts.  So I was wanting to have some clarification if that was the proper direction to keep going in.

*            Machiventa: Yes, and yes.  The ability to build a cooperative environment with your Adjuster not only expands your practice, but expands your own awareness in various areas of your life. This is not a compartmentalized process that is waiting for those few moments when you have time to be quiet so that God can impart a kernel of wisdom, but rather is it intended to be continuous and expanding into all elements of your life – work, play, relationships, reversion, philosophical ponderings, and more.  You are proceeding forth positively in this growth in relationship to your Indwelling Spirit, and it can only augment your ability to be a wise and discerning minister in work and in other areas of your life, my friend.

Q1: Thank you.  That’s awesome.

Q2: I was curious about what you said – providing enough amplification of the energy of the Christmas spirit in the world.  How do you provide amplification?  I see us praying with an intention of expanding the upwelling goodness in life to everyone or to specific people.  Are there things you are doing that amplifies what we are doing?

*            Machiventa: Yes.  Right now, this moment, I am intending to amplify your efforts.  And recognize that every time a child of God turns their heart and mind toward reality, towards beauty, towards truth, there is an opportunity for amplification, from their Adjuster, yes, but also from various agencies who are working to respond to those flickers of faith, if you will. 

We are involved.  As the isolation is ending and the patterns of the planetary prince are returning, we are increasingly looking for ways to infiltrate - if that isn’t seen negatively – or permeate – society, so that there is a dawning awareness of participation with spirit.  Many people recognize and feel they are connected to Michael during the Christmas season, and they are.  When the symbolism of the season ends, slowly this can dissipate, but until that happens we can provide insight to the willing, whether fully conscious or not.

Q2: I remember during the 80’s when there was so much talk about angels, with art and jewelry and angel ideas.  Is that what needs to happen again, except about spirit?  Or would it be Machiventa - you -that should be the focus?

*            Machiventa: Recognize that my name is not as relevant to the plans and purposes as my efforts in the name of Michael are.  Thus, I think it would be unwise to create a surge of spirit exploration based upon any particular names or personalities other than those of our divine heritage.  But you did touch upon the idea of amplification when you brought up the angel explosion of thought, for while this was inspired initially by a few, there was a corresponding effort by spiritual agencies to bring this more pronounced into the consciousness of many.  And so you might recognize this period that occurred as a sort of angel renaissance where people were exploring spirituality, at least in the context of their relationship to these ministering spirits.

Q2: It gives me a whole new perspective of the coming time known as the great season of refocusing – on spirit, remembering spirit, knowing spirit, recognizing spirit, and knowing what’s true and what love is – spirit.  That’s really interesting to ponder.

*            Machiventa: Yes, indeed, it is.  The efforts are underway to bring forth this period we speak of and your recognition that it all points toward your relationship with spirit, with God, with your relationship to brothers and sisters unseen, we acknowledge your awareness and look forward to how you work on evolving this understanding, with each other and on your own, to bring forth some inspired realizations.  When I referenced the coming time, this was not by chance.  It was intentional.

Q2: So how soon?

*            Machiventa: Sometime in the next eon or two, the definition of the length of time yet to be determined as to how long an eon is.

Q2: (Laughing) Thank you, Machiventa.

*            Machiventa: Michael desires to speak with you, so I will recede, but not disappear.  Thank you for the opportunity to respond.  Keep at it.  Keep thinking about it.  Keep talking with one another.  The ideas are coming and will come for how you can manifest both individually and together.  Thank you.

*            Michael: My children, I thank you for your purity in intention, knowing that you set aside this time to be with one another in communication.  This ability to believe without seeing is wondrous, and to have hope in the midst of troublesome occurrences, it inspires me.  This is what I desired for my apostles as I left this world in physical form, and I continue to yearn for more to become aware of what is real and true, which goes beyond simply an idea or a symbol.  It is the very willingness to step forward when you can’t see where you’re stepping, but you believe that there is truth and a higher reality to be obtained.  These realizations, however otherwise you minister and share, are those realizations that so many are yearning to know, that there is something real beyond simply living chaotically in a world where so many struggle to find food to eat, clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and even the truth to be told.  In this struggle, know that as you endeavor to bring the upwelling spirit from your lives forward so those you touch might be similarly inspired, this anchor of seeking the truth will not change. 

I know you each personally and intimately.  I know where you are in common with one another, even while having differences of opinion and ideas for what you might bring forth, but your willingness to seek the truth and be in community are those elements which transcend any of the material concerns.  Even if you were simply to live out the rest of your life with these simple realizations it would bring hope and light to numerous  people throughout your world, but I know that, just as you do, there is more. 

Believe in your leadings.  Trust in yourself to know what is right for you.  The group grows as you grow.  The kingdom of heaven expands one heart at a time.  And if you can think of nothing else to do, just remember to love one another.  It seems simplistic, but it is where the true playground of spirit occurs. 

I know you would like to hear words of inspiration, but tonight my words are simply that you are inspiring and I hope you would believe it and if those are words of inspiration to you, then so be it.  Our Father loves us, as I love you, and as you seek to love one another, bringing it full circle.  Keep at it.  Take the time to be in communication with our Father, and I am available, not reserved for any particular individual.  I am there with each of you, as is my consort.  Let this be a blessing from us to you, and we look forward to your reciprocal offerings in the days to come.