Felicia & Aurelia

*     Felicia: The energy change from enhanced circuitry and reconnecting the circuits affects everyone, not just the spiritually focused people. Everybody is feeling it no matter what level, be it animal minded, instinctually reactive, or spiritually minded. The fact that people are being knocked out of their comfort zones provides an opportunity regardless of which area a person resides in currently with their spirituality. People who are less spiritually inclined currently are more willing to accept new ideas and new patterns of behavior when there is an instability, rather than when everything is the same or copacetic.

So don’t see this time as simply being a time for spiritual people to uplift each other and come together, but also an opportunity to take people who may not be so spiritually inclined and to provide some sort of new anchor or foundation to find some stability to take them a step higher than where they are currently at.

That is part of the process of the rehabilitation of the planet.  If we kept things where they were, then the planet would not move forward as well as when having certain areas become destabilized. With this destabilization there is risk involved, but there is also great opportunity to shift into other areas of awareness that might move away from destructive behaviors and more toward cooperative behaviors that build upon new foundations and move in directions that are more enlightened, which might avert some of what you might call "disasters."  To simply slowly shift without some grains of sand in the machinery, so to speak, would potentially bring about a level of awareness over a long period of time, but many tremendously negative consequences could occur if there wasn’t some level of intervention occurring, which isn't so much a direct intervention but applying tension or taking away tension from certain areas so that effort can be applied elsewhere.

As you look for the opportunities, it is wonderful that islands of spiritual seeking come together in groups such as yours, but the travel to other areas outside of your island may be necessary to draw more people toward the energies and realities that you have come to consider commonplace.

Q1: Can we ask questions?

*       Aurelia is available for questions.

Q1: Aurelia, following the train of thought that we were on, can you speak of the value of mistakes and accepting them as part of the process?

*     Aurelia: Yes, dear one, I can answer some of that. Not only are mistakes valuable, mistakes are actually necessary. ( I am seeing a picture of kid’s drawings and I am stuck there because I would rather see a child’s pictures with all the mistakes, than go to the Louve.)

Isn’t it only by mistakes, by trying something and failing, that you learn? Mistakes are sign posts for things to be fixed. Mistakes reveal wants and needs. Mistakes are like the little sliver of light that shines through that can cause creativity to flourish.

We see Finaliters here. Finaliters have transitioned all the way up to the Isle of Paradise and returned. They have seen the perfected worlds. They are of the perfected worlds and yet their service is down here among the “mistake-ful.”  Try to look at your mistakes with a gentle heart. Sometimes a mistake is not even a mistake. Sometimes it is an arrow that points you in a new direction. .

Q2: What is the definition of justice, what is the definition of righteousness, and to comprehend the difference between them and how I can be as righteous as our Father is? Could you please give me more light on that?

*     Aurelia: Justice and righteousness are both definite aspects of the kingdom of God.  "'Justice is mine,' sayeth the Lord."  Only our Creator knows what is just from beginning to end.  It is left in the hands of the Ancients of Days who have been here from the beginning of time. They are the dispensers of justice in these universes. When justice prevails, all is right in the kingdom. Justice only comes into play when there is a need for it. When things run in the clear light, in the perfect will of the Kingdom, justice automatically is a part of everything in the natural fabric.

Down here on these worlds, in the differential levels of truth and reality, of course there is a lot of injustice that goes on and it cannot be reconciled always in one person’s lifetime.  Many people seek justice and never see it, but in the long run, in the far view, in the far reality of our Creator, they will have it. Justice is a balance.

Righteousness is an attribute of perfection. It is alignment with justice. Righteousness is just all good. You know it when you see it. You can strive for righteousness, and you can acquire righteousness, but it is acquired by diligent practice of seeking perfection. Righteousness is perfection seeking, is a character attribute of people. Justice is not personal, but righteousness is personal.

Q4: Another question.  I was talking with the Father. Is he spirit perfect? I mean is it possible to perfect the spirit or is the spirit already perfect?

*     Aurelia: Yes, the spirit is already perfect. The spirit was/is instantly created with the Father/Son.  What is evolving is the soul. The spirit joins with the creature and creates the soul. The soul is the thing that grows and evolves by the food and the friction and the guidance of the purity of the spirit. You can trust that.

Q6: Aurelia, would you like to speak of the recognition of the reality of the perfection of spirit? The perfection of spirit would mean that everything all the time is perfect but for our judgement. Is this why judgement is reserved for spirit rather than mortals?

*     Aurelia: Justice is reserved for Ancients of Days. Judgement is necessary in order for you to evaluate your mistakes, is it not?  Mistakes are out of harmony, to refer to the previous ideas about harmony.

Q6: Judgement occurs, I think, but how do we know there is actually a mistake If everything is in perfection already?

*     Aurelia: Everything is in perfection already from the point of view that there is a beginning, a birth, a growth, transformation, and fulfillment. Your eternal career is not even yet begun. You have many, many levels to go to acquire your perfection. But here, right now, today, you are perfect in your imperfection. That’s why they say your intention is what counts. Not so much where we are, but where we intend to be is what is judged in us.  None of us are perfect, even I’m not perfect and I’ve been here longer than you have, but there’s a far distant road for me to go before I am perfect or even perfectly spiritual. But right now you have a spirit and a soul and the perfection of your humanness and that is beloved of our Creator.  And you must understand, God takes great joy in not only our perfect decisions but also in our not so perfect decisions, our confusions, because that gives God a place to work, a place to reach in and touch our lives. So, our mistakes are actually our blessings because it causes us to be needful of our Creator, and when we are needful of God, then that presence is there as soon as we allow it. And that is a blessing.