*        Aaron: Dear friends, we are here this evening to honor the spirit of your inquiry, knowing full well that all answers may not satisfy the curious, or the skeptical, but we respond to the sincere seekers who search for truth, willing to explore this avenue.  We honor your requests for information to the extent of your sincerity.  I am Aaron.  I represent a group of beings serving at the behest of our Creator, both recognized in spirit, as an energy, and as a personality that transcends the human understanding of these terms and yet we know that your progress will allow you to understand at a deeper level as you move forward in your ascension.  At this time feel free to share your questions.


Tom asks:  How may we best serve each other? How can we bridge the separation and move forward as a united species for the wellbeing of the planet and generations to come? What are some possible avenues one can travel to actualize the overcoming of problems and challenges for the good of all?

*        Aaron: The actions most conducive to individual, group and planetary progress consist of three things as primary activities in life.  First, seek the highest reality.  Whether you recognize this as God or another presence that goes by another name, know that there truly is a highest reality that is the source we all stem from.  The only way to seek this highest reality is to seek the truth. 

Second, desire to learn and grow, for in this desire there is a recognition that there is more than your current status, that you are not perfect or perfected as of yet.  By seeking to grow, to learn, to understand, this allows for the highest reality to engage with you in your thinking as you are willing and desiring of this presence in your life. 

Third, and this comes by desiring the other two, do things with a sense of compassion and care.  No truth, devoid of compassion and care, can be fully expressed.  Therefore, by utilizing a sense of compassion for other people, thinking good thoughts generally about them, desiring to help, to aid, these are all reflective of love, a higher love that goes beyond the petty emotions to the natural outworking of your seeking the highest source and your desiring to learn and grow. 

These three things will aid you and any collective group of people in their endeavors to move forward and provide benefit for the communities they live in.

Sharon asks:  Are the Most Highs using people to carry out all of the evil agendas currently taking place, or are those people carrying out the evil acts of their own accord? If the Most Highs aren't using these evil ones, are the Most Highs doing anything at all to help the good people overcome these evils?

*        Aaron: My dear friend, the source of goodness and those who serve for the source of goodness never use evil as a means to achieve outcomes.  The ends don’t justify the means.  I think you know this and are speaking from a place of anger and hurt, potentially causing you to see things in a way that casts suspicion on sincere spirit led activity, and muddies the waters, so to speak, making it more difficult to determine or discern what is true and right as opposed to what is manipulating and trying to appear right. 

Of course, the Most Highs, who serve the universal spirit presence within you, among you, and all around all of us, utilize all things good to achieve better outcomes.  Currently there are many beings present on your world working to produce understanding and awareness of the higher potentials of living in cooperation, developing global understanding and awareness, moving away from myopic or selfish viewpoints that would try to gain the best for one’s self, or one’s community at the expense of others.  There is a global effort to bring forth awareness among any who would listen within to the spirit resident who dwells within each person. 

Therefore I would encourage you and any who would listen, to spend time in quiet, allowing the spirit to commune with you, and then as you go about your day, each time you remember, ask the spirit those questions that arise in all of your activities and see if your avenues of understanding  open up for you and bring about a sense that the Most Highs are truly involved in the lives of any who would seek to understand and to incorporate that in their lives, and in the efforts to grow personally and for the benefit of others.  Thank you.

Min  asks: Can spirit be seen on camera?

*        Aaron: I can state that physical things cannot capture images of spiritual things for posterity, perusal, or curiosity.  Spiritual things cannot be seen by the human eye and therefore cannot be seen by physical devices capturing images for the human eye to witness.  Certainly at times in history, spiritual beings have downstepped to become partly visible, becoming semi physical, but most of the phenomena you witness in the occult or curiosity realm have other answers unrelated to spiritual presences.

Neesha asks:  When your angels, guides and spirits leave dimes around, are they trying to remind us that this earth is the betting grounds?

*        Aaron: Your world is less a gamble and more of a far flung experiment to find whether free will beings can ultimately choose to align with positive energies rather than devolve into chaos and the myriad conflicting opportunities to divert.  As spiritual beings, whether angels, guides or otherwise, we approach you in your sincerity, despite your superstitions, which many have.  Recognize it is not the curiosities and coincidences that will lead you to your highest awareness, but rather your sincere seeking for higher reality.  No doubt there are many beings working for your benefit, so while looking at markers and coincidences and physical signs can produce a sense of wonder, they can also distract and ultimately lead one astray from the purposes, which are to seek understanding, act for your benefit and the benefit of those around you, and to learn from those actions, refine, and do it all again, ultimately providing progress and growth in your life and developing your spiritual reality or soul so that you can progress beyond this life into the certain and eternal paths of progress.

Noelene asks:  What is the most important step for mankind to take now?

*        Aaron: Thank you for your question.  There are many steps that can be taken that can provide some level of positive benefit.  Developing your connection to your core presence, that spiritual presence within you, is paramount.  Know that you have this; everyone has this presence available to them and can seek within, find that connection, and then seek to manifest that awareness in your outer life that comes from your inner life.

Be aware of those around you that you might want to connect to and form alliances with.  Know that groupings are forming throughout your world of souls who desire to move or shift the planetary awareness into a different stage of understanding, one that is less inclined to seek conquest and victory and more inclined to seek cooperation and unity.  Thus, if you pay attention, you can find ways to connect with those who also seek and also are trying to connect, and this effort done globally will produce ultimately a networking effect that can encircuit the planetary truthseekers in a sort of connective state where all efforts are magnified and can produce more beneficial outcomes.

Ryan asks:  Can I be a song bird next time? Just to relax and catch my breath.  I wanna sing their healing songs for awhile.

*        Aaron: Thank you Ryan, but I hope you know that this can be achieved now and does not need wait for a future life to experience.  Be as the songbird, but make sure the song you sing is worth singing.  Thus when it is heard, it will produce this calming effect and hopefully provide some element of enjoyment, appreciation and inspiration so that others may find their voice as well.

We are seeking songbirds for this generation.  Relax and listen.  Hear the songs and maybe as you do, you can join in song as well, but please know that relaxing and catching your breath can occur in life as you seek within and know that you are not alone, that there is a plan and although it may not be clear, our hope is to provide understanding and clarity in the time to come.  So listen.

Sunil asks:  How do I end suffering and become blissful?

*        Aaron: I think many of my answers this evening have touched upon avenues you can utilize.  Be loving, someone that people can listen to and share with.  Let all sense of judgment go and look toward how you can be an instrument of peace and truth.  We do not promise, just as our Lord or the spirit of God or the energy of the universe, however you see it, will not guarantee that you may never suffer, for suffering occurs in a free will universe, when choices made produce deleterious effects.  But understand we are in this together.  You are not alone. 

So if you find yourself suffering, know that there are beings and your inner spirit experiencing with you those challenges and hopefully providing an opportunity to deepen your awareness and expand your consciousness so that you can overcome negative impacts and allow your soul to grow from the challenges and difficulties so that you may express a higher understanding, whether here or at another stage of your existence. 

But be a friend.  Lend an ear.  And help where you can so that the suffering of others may be eased, also giving you that sense of camaraderie that will alleviate some of the suffering you might experience in your own life and as you do this, a sense of bliss, as you say, may descend upon you and become part of your countenance.

Alex asks:  Why are we not consulted before you create us and decide to burden us with a life that is full of so many emotions, confusion, experiences, parody, contradictions, only to die and be punished for not understanding it all?!

*        Aaron: My friend, recognize that all the created can ask for is an opportunity to manifest.  One cannot consult what has not yet been created.  I know it is difficult, at times, from the human viewpoint to understand some of the complexities involved, but there is no punishment and death or torture for not understanding, other than your own sense as a human that you are not up to the challenge or that you have somehow failed. 

Understand that the life you live is not a test, but an opportunity to experience and make choices, hopefully more positive choices as you grow.  But any who seek the truth and are willing to set aside what is not true, will find eventually an opportunity for eternal life, regardless of what you have been told or what you have read or what you have seen.  No one can be separated from God in eternity who desires to know and understand, regardless of how capable they may be at any time to understand.  Anything you cannot comprehend at this level of existence will await a time you can comprehend and those answers will be provided at that time. 

Your world has a level of mercy afforded to it because of the various difficulties that have occurred in your past on this planet which have created conditions of distorted patterns.  So know that if you’ve done things you are not proud of, or made mistakes, as long as you want to correct those things, in eternity you will have the opportunity to do so. 

All we ask, all our creator asks, is that you be sincere and try to develop that sincerity.  Lighten your burdens and know that for all the difficulties you might have on your world, there is a pattern and a plan that will allow you to move from the material to the spiritual and grow into the purposes and patterns of our universe and the universe of universes.  All are welcome.

Niel asks:  I will ask HIM, IF I WILL BE WITH HIM in heaven together with CHRIST JESUS when I die and if not, What must I do more ?

*        Aaron: If you want to, the opportunity will be presented to you.  Rest assured that God welcomes his children into his embrace.  The best you can do at this stage is to seek God, understand and grow, and try to be kind to others and helpful.  Where there are opportunities to be of benefit, do so.  Where there are opportunities to do things not beneficial, try not to do them.  But as I’ve said this evening, all who desire to know God will have the opportunity to choose to grow in that awareness and become joined with the spirit in eternity.

Vuyani asks:  1. What is wrong with you? 2. Are you corrupt and If your answer is Yes, what happened and how can I help or take over?  If no, what happened to your powers and why aren't you visiting with anymore like in the Bible.

*        Aaron: Your determination of what is wrong is a human conception, therefore it would be difficult to provide an answer that would bring complete clarity to you.  Corruption is the result of free will choices by free will beings who have a sense of immaturity in their development that allows them to make decisions not for the benefit of all.  God cannot contain corruption, for the created may be given opportunity to make choices, but much of what you refer to requires the element of time and thus the Eternal Being exists aside from time and space, making it difficult for you to comprehend how things can evolve, allowing good and evil to occur, and yet a being be pure and good that created it.  Outside of time, if you could view, you might recognize some of the nuances, but unfortunately this will have to wait for your evolution before you can fully comprehend all that this entails. 

Recognize that the only thing that separates you from the awareness of God is your attention and focus.  You live in a world now that is so distracted, focused on this detail or that detail, but never looking at the broad details of existence.  Your biblical awareness is often based on legends, romanticized, and refined and added to, to provide special importance and give a sense of hope to the people who would read or hear about such stories.  God ever and always is available to the ones who listen and are willing to set aside self and allow understanding to result.

El Rafa asks:  Why were you such a sadistic divinity ... overseeing wars and natural disasters and keeping Satan alive and well forever while sentencing humanity to death ?

*        Aaron: I would share a figure of speech.  The rumors of God’s exploits have been greatly exaggerated.  Has he not said “thou shalt not kill?”  One moment, as I am receiving a directive.

“Do you think the laws I would ask you to follow would be laws I would somehow break myself?  No, not everything you read about me is true.  Of course not, and you know this in your heart.  It is my desire to sentence humanity to eternal life. Physical death means little in comparison to eternal life in the spirit in the progressive plan of ascension. 

“So I would ask you to look at these things in the light of whether they make sense and are consistent with the laws that I have presented.  When conflicting information results, ask yourself what the highest, most beneficial response would be, and that would be an approximation of my attitude and response.  And if it’s not, then there is something wrong with the interpretation of who I am.”

*        Aaron: God cannot be love and hate.  God is only love.  Hatred is the result of a free will choice separation from God.  I ask you to reinterpret for yourself and for others who a Creator would really be.  If you had to create the highest vision of a loving God who allows his children to make choices, ultimately hoping they will choose to come along and participate, what would this being contain?  And your answers to those questions might produce some insight that can approximate the reality.

Craig asks:  Only my own short sighted realization process keeps me from understanding the workings of the Universe! When necessary the answer will present itself ( or not ) and my situation will change ( or not ) to my advantage ( or not! )  And now the question to stump even God: “What would chairs look like if your knees bent the other way?” Sounds silly but it is the underpinning of the entire Cosmos, perceptions!

*        Aaron: Thank you for your question.  Yes, perspective and perceptions go a long way toward framing our understanding.  Therefore, I recognize you like to explore things for yourself and not rely on the answers of others.  And this is okay.  Know that we are a universe family all working together for the benefit of each other, whether material, spiritual, or some combination thereof, so you are welcome to explore the universe and find your answers.  We encourage you to do this.

Mary asks:  Will you please remove the abusive ETs and please help us? Please restore me and my boy...give us the life They took...and give us justice for the torture..giving exactly what they gave to root out the evil.

*        Aaron: My dear, I am sorry for the turmoil and strife you have experienced in your life.  Understand that your best approach toward peace and understanding, inner awareness, and clarity, will come by your allowing the spirit of God to fill you, to wash over you, and help release the toxins, physical and spiritual, that poison your mind and keep you from your highest potential.  The demons in your life, figuratively, not literally, will be exorcised by placing your will in alignment with the highest source of reality.  This requires calmness, seeking in the quiet, reflecting on the goodness that is available to you, and to your son.  The source of all your difficulties will find release as you draw into the embrace of what is right and what is good.  Finding someone to talk to, a counselor, may be beneficial to help resolve the various issues that have resulted from your trauma.  We hope you can let go of the focus on what is wrong or how you have been wronged, to seeking what is right and where you can be a part of a process and a pattern that produces beneficial results in heart, mind, and soul.

I thank you my friends for all these questions this evening.  I hope you understand that things are happening.  Your opportunity to participate in the heavenly family is always available to you and we will not let you go it alone.  Any time you sense that you are all alone, recognize this is not the reality.  No one is alone except insofar as they can’t sense or feel or set aside their emotions to recognize that there is a universe of beings participating and providing opportunity for your participation.