*             I am Aaron.  My friends, good evening, and thank you for your willingness to hear.  Tonight I would like to redirect your view to the image of the white background of goodness and the black patches of evil which are seen in contrast. It is too easy to focus on the black in these times, standing in stark contrast to all the acts of kindness, gestures of goodwill, loving and nurturing of family and friends, the acts of individuals and groups and communities and nations to help one another. This is the white background so often overlooked.  Relax into your vision of this image.  Still at this time, the world is more good than evil.  Yes, there are points of trouble that you can see on the landscape, but with the snap of a finger, the flip of a switch -- changing your view -- you can be an observer of the goodness in the world, and even more importantly, be one who doles it out instead of commiserating about the challenges which face you. 

This week, we encourage, perhaps even challenge you, to go about doing good for no other reason than because it feels good, it is good, and goodness is more tangible than evil.  When you put your perspective in that place, you are in communion with the one who sees all things.  You are an action element of the Eternal God.  Practice this.  Practice being an active part of the plan, an active part of the family of God, engaged in bringing your world back into the fold, back into the awareness of its true place in the cosmos, a place that is immensely more beautiful and kind and loving than you can even imagine.  Ponder this, pray about this, seek within, and then look outside of you to where you can apply that information resulting from your connection with your spirit.  Do whatever it takes to fill you with the realization that, despite all that may seem challenging, the plan is still unfolding and is aligning with our Father’s plan and will for your world and for you as individual children. 

Those are my encouragements this evening, shared as a synthesis from us, your teachers, and our desire for you to be filled with joy and hope and possibility in the time ahead.  Our love to you.  Good evening.