Machiventa and Aaron

*             My friend, I am with you.  I am Aaron.  We are engaged with you to deliver insight into the many questions you or your comrades may have.  While we cannot always answer to your satisfaction we do always seek to offer some clarity or response that would afford contemplation, consideration, and possible enhancement, even if it doesn’t always respond directly to the questions you might have.  For it is not our mission simply to fulfill your whims, ideas, curiosities, and desires.  Rather, our mission is to bring about a consideration of ideas that respond to your deeper heart’s desires which generally correlate with your desire to be connected and in the presence of spirit, of God, and any agents working thereunder.  We come to you tonight because you are seeking for spiritual and intellectual clarity regarding various ideas and thoughts, both personal and planetary.


Your primary question is about the worthiness of adapting the Urantia papers.  It is a considerable challenge, but know that the possibility of bringing about a more resonant response by utilizing more modern terminology is certainly an opportunity.  We are not requiring you to keep inviolate the words, concepts and patterns with which the original papers were developed and presented.  The deepest question has less to do with protecting and more to do with how best to serve others.  While resistance is natural to change, change is required nevertheless in this day and age where adaptations occur so frequently that a continuous effort is necessary to present enlightened or higher truth in ways that would be accessible to current and future generations.  This goes beyond the Urantia papers to many modes of creativity.  It is simply a fact in the rapidly changing eras you are entering that the language and phraseology and modalities and presentation are continuously in need of update so that ideas can permeate the various mindsets as they evolve.


Bringing about change, positive change, is an art and it is a process.  It is not simply a delivery mechanism of receiving some higher conceptual patterns and putting it in print and calling it good.  Yes, there are those who would, in their efforts to find inspiration, be able to recognize and adapt to understand the intent behind the language, but for most, how you alertly and intently adapt the language and methods and framework will largely determine how any higher ideas are received.


So trust us, my friends, that we are behind you to the degree that your intentions are to provide service to others so they might understand and recognize that which has inspired you, so they might be inspired likewise.  We trust you.  We know the battles you have in your minds about how to be about the Father’s business and to control or diminish or remove the desire for self glorification.  You have learned that the mission and ministry is far more important than who gets credit for it, and the outcomes are better represented when the focus is on the service and not the attention.  Machiventa is present and will attempt to connect.


*             I am Machiventa.  Our Creator's ministry is far reaching and the stabilization of effort is underway to provide considerable influence in the areas of science and political change.  What you may be beginning to witness is a distinct pattern of cooperation between ourselves and various agencies. 


We also consider you and your groupings to be one of those agencies, for you are collectively beginning to realize the power that is possible by collectively applying your wills to doing the will of our Father and to be in reception mode so that you might bring benefit in the small circumstances, or large, as the opportunities may arise.  This engagement pattern by more of you allows for a more comprehensive effort at broadening the potentials and expanding the opportunities to bring about a wider circular pattern that can bring more into the fold, so to speak, and maximize at a greater level the avenues of achievement that are possible. 


You have long foreseen that the true success of this mission must go beyond simply a singular contact and involve multiple points of light who are cooperating together and yet manifesting their own personal connections to the spiritual agencies.  The possibilities for an expansion of this mission is quite possible, for there are many who wish to be a part of a true focused effort at gaining spiritual perception that is aligned with truth, beauty and goodness.  If we can involve multiple contact personalities in this phase, then the possibilities for implementing the expansion at a greater degree manifests, and this will be largely because you have each centered upon those things of higher value, which are your relationships with each other, your relationship within with our Father, and your relationship with those spiritual agencies.  This tripartite focus brings about less of the “wow and excitement” factor of spiritual growth and perception, and more of the practical “what needs to be done” focus on spiritual reception and manifestation.  What is true, what is beautiful and what is good?  ...not merely what new and shiny things may appear.  This is an enhancement from the earlier mission that involved as many thrill seekers and sign seekers and wonder seekers as there were true focused seekers of enlightenment and deeper perception.


So trust in your efforts, my friends.  Trust that we are at work with you, both individually and collectively.  Let yourself be thrilled internally by the very fact that you are called and that you have answered, but let the thrill take a back seat to the work we can do together which is to enhance the message for this generation and for future generations to the degree that is possible, largely to be determined by your efforts to receive and be pure in your intention.  This is not a one time push that leads to a culmination of some big and exciting occurrence, but rather a developing set of patterns that will grow toward the long term goals of enlightenment for your world, largely based upon your actions today to understand and be aware and be wise about how you both receive and present what you come to know.