*            Aaron: Greetings, my friends, I am Aaron, here to open this sharing with you tonight and encourage you each on your journey toward discovery of your purpose, to learn the will of God for you and to live it to the best of your abilities. 

I am the intro personality this evening, asking you each to settle into the stillness with me, with our Father, and to seek connection. Know that all of your efforts at connection bear fruit, whether you are conscious of it or not.  God’s spirit is not exclusive to a select chosen few. All are invited. The degree of your reception may be influenced by various factors, including health, diet, genetics, focus and the ability to let go and perceive, letting the chatter of the mind release and not be the front and center of your attention, but rather directed in channels to allow the prime channel to emerge.  This is where you meet us, yes, but more importantly this is where you will find fruitful dialogue with spirit and responsiveness to your questioning and seeking. 

So with this said, we encourage you to not forgo periods of time throughout your days in focusing within, in asking those questions you may have, and to allow for the answers to be imprinted, either to emerge consciously or from your superconscious when you are striving. 

At this time, I would allow another to speak to you, my friends.  Thank you for the opportunity to share.

*            Michael: Dear ones, I am Michael, and I choose this opportunity to relate with you through another, to rejoice in the awareness you have of our Father, to also recognize the consistency of your efforts to each seek within, but also to gather, to combine your intentions with others in an effort to serve the greater good, to find a sense of camaraderie that goes with an ongoing fellowship of the spirit.

As you strive to understand what is happening in the world today, I would seek to soften your disappointments, to let you know that in the realization of spirit and its outpouring, all things will eventually lead to a greater understanding and outcome. Do not be disheartened by the momentary decisions and occurrences in time which seem to affect you or your fellows. All things have their season, and the season for building spiritual awareness and, subsequently, spiritual unity is approaching.

Stay true to what you believe are the higher principles. Find enthusiasm so you may share it and your awareness with others. We are proceeding forth, and although it may seem slow by your standards, know that the last few decades have been but a few moments of a direction that we are building toward an eventual destiny for your world that will shake off the vestiges of the Luciferian era and put on a lighter coat that is laced with the desire to do good, to grow, to find truth, and to be kind. With these guiding principles, the progress will be felt more assuredly in the times to come. 

You are at the forefront, the early or mid-season pioneers, if you will. Know that each effort you make to be in the spirit and sharing your understanding from that place will be recorded, will be part of the fabric of the Supreme and at some point in your future journey you will look back and appreciate all that you have been through, that has made you and built the fiber of the being you are becoming day by day.

This is what I seek for you, my children. This is the mindset as we engage the world the way it is, so that we may eventually see the world we are hoping for, and that I know will eventually occur.  I share my love and affection with each of you and thank you for listening to my words this evening.  Be strong. Keep on in faith. Good evening.