* Dear ones, I am Solonia. Tonight I wanted to be with you to share my reflections about your various perspectives related to current events on our world. As you know, or may come to recognize, my primary function is as a ministering spirit related to the out workings of your world and providing support and guidance to various, and for various, agencies. One thing we take as a solemn oath in our endeavors, is to pour out our energy and efforts in a manner that does not discriminate, regardless of who it is in need of ministry. We provide the love and care that we would provide for Master Michael himself.

As you engage amidst the various conflicting ideologies, assertions, and laws, both just and unjust, recognize that who you are and who you will be in response to your situations in life is paramount to your spiritual progress. Life becomes more challenging when you allow yourself to condition your efforts to achieve union and communion based upon what is occurring out in the world. Rather, your solid connection comes as you realize the nature of those qualities in our Creator that you strive to emulate and become like – truth, beauty and goodness. Asking those questions and striving to respond in a manner consistent is the challenge you all face, regardless of all that is occurring. Know that this does not mean you must sacrifice and become smaller to appear more meek and gentle. God does not hide from conflict or challenges, but strives to meet them with the inherent quality of the energy that consumes our universe. How would one turn the other cheek in a way that does not make you a doormat or a whipping post, but rather a reflection of the undeniably powerful qualities that are witnessed when one assumes the mantle of one who is beautiful, true, and good?

As you deal with your personal challenges and your societal challenges, reflect upon what it would mean to be a reflection of goodness in the face of evil, of truth in the face of lies, and beauty which rises above the ugliness of self important human endeavors. You have all seen this in life, occasionally, where someone speaks truth to power, not from the place of negativity, but rather from the place of empowerment, the place of truth and goodness.

Our ministry seeks to support those efforts you make to become true and beautiful and good and we will rally to your aid. Know that as we are commissioned, you likewise can be commissioned as an agent of our Creator, to be the light in the darkness, to provide honesty and integrity and encourage, even those who would lie, who would cheat, who would seek to vanquish rather than combine efforts, to do better by your witness, to do better than what they are currently doing.

I hope you will reflect on these words tonight and as you discover the ways you can be about your business, hopefully coinciding with that of our Father’s.

Q1: Solonia, it’s great to hear from you. Your words were helpful. As a spiritual seeker it’s a challenge for me to accept my own personality which is much stronger in expression than many others who are spiritual. I feel I’m constructed as a warrior and so I’m stronger in my speech patterns than the average. It was encouraging to me to not have to worry about that, to be more real and transparent. But I did hear the need to be self aware of where we are coming from when we speak. Could you speak a bit more about differences between personalities? So many are very soft spoken and I feel like sand paper in comparison at times.

* Solonia: These are learned behaviors and although your personality is reflected, know that you have early on realized that the quiet and the recessive can be trampled upon, and thus, to achieve, to bring about change and transformation, not only for yourself, but for others, requires confidence and a knowledge of the wisdom and learning that you have, and sharing it in a way that manifests that it is okay to speak clearly, passionately, sometimes loudly, about one’s truth.

The image of one who is on their knees, denying themselves for God and encouraging quiet humility and meekness, this is not the image of Michael. Michael as Christ was a strong, virile, active presence, seldom passive, and lived from confidence that the most positive thing he could do in any circumstance is to be an expression of those values he held to be most important. This is all he really seeks from anyone, to be true, bold, and confident in the faith of our Father and maybe to understand that it is more important to work to attune your confidence and bravery and insights to continually become more in alignment with those qualities that you know are reflections of spiritual reality - how to set aside anger for righteousness, how to transform fear and doubt to a place of faith and assurance, and to be open to adjusting to where the truth lies at all times.

Many people on this world are living in fear and uncertainty. It has become more common to try to fit in or not rock the boat. Even in the efforts of youth to express freedom and individuality, this lack of anchoring to a higher reality creates an underlying current of feeling lost and lacking direction. In these upcoming generations, we are confident that Michael’s administration will begin to provide a sense of stability and energy to bring about more awareness of connection, but in this current time period, individuals who can speak their mind and do it truly and passionately can help to provide a sense of direction.

Q1: That was very helpful. The reality at this time on this planet is brutal. It’s one thing to say fear. It’s another thing when someone’s child is raped and forced to carry a baby and yet they are but a child themselves. I’m a therapist, so I deal with some of these things. So it takes suffering to a higher level that’s intentionally cruel, not happenstance with a car crash, but more of an intentional harm designed by our government. How do I lift people up from where they are? On a personal level, I ask, is this all there is? Where I’m barely able to make it? Is it this level of a rocky road all the way through our ascension?

* Solonia: It is exceedingly difficult to provide spiritual quality in the atmosphere of this current predicament you speak of if the focus is upon what the outrage is. Our mission is to try to seed a spiritual flavor into your perspectives so that you might better find ways to act and react to your environment. We value life and the potential for each individual’s ability to achieve union with their Creator and to explore that relationship amidst the various currents, both positive and sometimes negative, that you find yourselves in.

Recognize that there are other realities manifesting as a result of the predicaments you speak of, that although not front and center, will work toward resolution and options to manifest one’s own decision making capabilities. The great challenge in sharing with you here is not to presume to delve into the political questions which we hope you each thoroughly explore yourselves to find your conclusions, but to respond to the sense of distraught or hopelessness I feel you have related, and for the many who feel such a way, there are other perspectives to consider. Any one decision, even multiple decisions you might find to be counterproductive, does not eliminate the ability to manifest choices in the multi faceted environment in which you live - a country of many states and many perspectives, each with their own laws and mores. Know that we know how difficult this period of time is for many people to adjust to, and we find this consternation to be both troubling and teeming with potential for other decisions to be made and manifestations to occur from there.

Q2: I was reading a message from a friend that was transcribed, and it seemed to me it was a conservative approach about being proactive in the public square. It occurred to me that times have changed and there is great hope and the possibility of service in this correcting time. Would helping to get more information out in mainstream publications and trying to get the word out alleviate some of the hopelessness and the feeling that nothing can be done to effect change? I feel the way it is, is because too many take that point of view. Maybe we could get ideas out in op-ed pieces and in the public square. Any thoughts?

* Solonia: As I stated earlier, the primary function of ministry and providing support lends us to the perspective to encourage you to manifest what you feel is possible. How can one who engages daily in communion with their Father be of best service to the world? This is probably the primary question you face as mortals, struggling to understand and be of service.

This is not the first time in history where people have felt a sense of disconnection and hopelessness, fear and uncertainty for the future. When these situations occur, yes, it can seem troubling, but there is a slingshot effect to this fear of negative consequences and difficult futures, that those who strive to find answers generally are rewarded with answers. The biggest question is how to manifest that in a way that makes it possible for others to recognize that hope and possibility are more powerful than fear and uncertainty. How many floundering youth, inspired by such a sense of hope and possibility, do you think would rally to partake in some effort that lends toward an exciting and thrilling adventure in bringing positivity from the circumstances you face? As our most recent revelation stated, many would rush forward to partake in a plan of salvation and positive growth and doing good if they could witness and believe that it was possible.

Not everyone on this world is living in fear. Finding ways to network, to bring about patterns that encourage cooperation, might best achieve what you are asking for or asking about.

Q2: Thank you. I believe there are many people who would be thrilled to understand more about the faith of Jesus. With intelligent effort and good will and hard work. things will change on the planet, that it’s not hopeless. I see that as part of our mandates, to breed hope among those who are not feeling hopeful right now.

* Solonia: The challenge is to present it in a way that seems real and accessible and doable. If these elements are there, then the opportunity for many to participate increases.

Q3: Can you comment on the current situation with the invasion of Ukraine? I think their president is a remarkable man who has risen to the challenge. The carnage and greed and avarice of the leader of the Soviet Union, I hope will help people move away from that.

* Solonia: The opportunity for greater enlightenment exists as people are inspired by the efforts to resist evil. The great challenge is that often, there is a reticence to truly confront it in a way that unequivocally denounces it on the world stage. Too many are worried about what this might mean for them if they were to participate in thwarting selfishness and expansionism. Thus, we can see both positive elements arising and a sort of lukewarm effort to respond to it outside of those who are directly involved. This is not an uncommon pattern in the history of your world. Many do not like to confront evil unless it is at their own doorstep, and it is not always politically expedient to engage directly.

Thus, we work within an environment, sometimes, of what might be considered half measures and hopes and prayers. It is true that real bravery can be witnessed in the face of these events and this can inspire others to acts of bravery. I know this doesn’t come down resolutely as an inspiring support for what has occurred, to date, but know that we are working within the various mentalities involved, to try and achieve some effort toward resolution. I guess you could say that even I am limited in how I can respond to your question.

Q4: Kind of like eating fish. You have layers and layers and you have to watch out for the bones.

* Solonia: You arouse my sense of amusement with your comment, dear. I have thoroughly enjoyed an opportunity to be more vocal with you rather than serving purely in the ministerial roles I usually function in. You are engaged in a time that is both thrilling and perilous. Would you have this or a life that is passively passing with no turbulence?

Q1: I don’t know could we try that for a while and see?

Q2: Maybe just have a month respite?

Q4: Or a couple years?

* Solonia: These things seem to go in waves, and I hope you will have the opportunity to have your months or years of exploring without having to respond to so much conflict and negativity. We are glad that you have each other, and you have built a sort of community within the struggles you face, to find perhaps a bit of respite each week with people who resonate with each other despite differences, who have unity without necessarily uniformity. Know that these small circles, widening, can produce a world eventually that thinks likewise and lives likewise.