*     Aaron: In the development of pattern, value emerges as the designs are implemented, for no effort goes unrewarded in eternity.  The pattern is the required element needed to produce energy swirling toward light and life. Stabs in the dark make momentary flashes of light, but producing patterns brings consistency to the effort and helps to build upon what has been produced before. For yes, patterns can change and be adapted, but if you have a core sense of mission instilled in the flow of things, then adaptations can be made so that new angles are explored while not losing sight of what has worked in the past. Thus if a new angle does not produce fruit, it is an easy reversion back to the initial patterns which did produce. 

So as you look for ways to bring light into the world, to bring community together to share in the light, it is good to establish what the patterns are and then to build upon them in a way that can be more dynamic than static.  Static patterns in a changing world can be as fruitless as ungrounded stabs in the dark. Striking the balance is necessary, to know when to adjust the patterns to make room for the new and changing perspectives and when to stay true to your center and grounded in core principles. No pattern that loses sight of truth, beauty and goodness can produce lasting fruit, just wisps of effort trailing into the ether, either to no end, or to ends that produce error, evil, and even iniquitous behavior.

The challenge in this modern age is the scope and volume of the various media being used in numerable ways to influence the minds of persons on your world. Access to information is easier and yet, in some ways, knowing the quality of the information has become more difficult. The great challenge is to center in the presence of God and direct your thoughts in channels that resonate with the frequencies of the spirit, so you become more attuned to discerning the value of information. You want firm answers as to what you should do and I would say those answers are readily available by your continued attunement to the spirit of God in you.  Commune, feel that connection within you, allow your thoughts to be cleansed with the spirit, such that a deeper clarity comes forth from that communion, bringing perspectives, deepening perspectives, and producing new and enlightened behavior.  This can be achieved by anyone willing to allow the cooperative relationship to exist between them and their indwelling spirit monitor each has access to.

We recognize you are surveying the field and the potentials that exist so that you might afford yourself an opportunity to reengage at a deeper level with your spiritual path and patterns so that you might produce new potentials overlaying those patterns.  You also sense the importance of energizing disheartened, confused, and disturbed souls with a sense of meaning that comes when realizing a spiritual journey is possible that overrides the seeming failures and pitfalls of difficult times with a sense that one can be engaged at a higher level despite the challenges facing their daily existence in the world around them. We find this possibility of activating the pupils of our past toward actionable effort based on the patterns that have been presented prior, inspiring.  We enthusiastically await the decisions you might make as a result of your leadings at this time.