*            Dear friends, I am Daniel, requesting that you take a further moment beyond that which we just provided, to calm your energies.  Become aware of that which is beyond your churning minds, your mental activities, your aroused emotions, and settle into the calm of our Parents’ embrace.  Allow yourselves to become aware of the quiet that is available to you anytime you tune your dial.  Feel the slowing of your breathing, the deceleration of your heartbeat, of your pulse.  Become aware of the universal energy that uplifts even as it quiets.  Be still, for stillness remains the foundation just as much today as it was more than 20 years ago.  The difference between then and now is that you have developed the abilities to find the quiet, to be still, that you did not have when you first started down this path.  But with these growing abilities, so has developed a certain complacency and you are not driven, in the ways that you once were, to seek.  So my words today are to encourage you, to prod you into renewing a commitment to make serious effort to be still at least once a day.  Stop the noise.  Turn off the devices, the TV’s, the sources of distraction.  Remove yourselves from the distractions of political discourse, of family drama, of social drama, and relax into the peace and quiet that you can find only in the presence of spirit. 

My intent is to assist you in becoming aware of the lifeline that is in your grasp, that you may use it to assist yourselves in finding that peace, but also that you may be that peace that assists others in recognizing spirit.  This is not meant to say or to imply that being actively involved in your world and in improving your world and in improving the progress on your world is not of great value, for it is, but the way to be most effective in uplifting your beautiful jewel of a planet is through attuning, through quieting.  Seek your encouragement within and you will find it.

*            Aaron: I am with you tonight, my friends, I am Aaron, here to underscore my colleague Daniel’s words for you this evening.  It is worth taking to heart the call to let go and go within. It is difficult to engage with new avenues of thinking while grasping the old, while perpetuating the patterns, much like a child who learns to swim, first clinging to his or her parent, but only able to achieve the outcome by letting go and becoming part of the current and reaching for new opportunities.

Recently Machiventa spoke of the universal broadcasts, and your efforts to become aware will help you to become more attuned to the frequencies.  Learning to engage differently with one another, with yourselves, is a distinct possibility, and I mean differently as in a new and refreshing approach to how you view, react, and respond to what is happening.  The current mechanisms on your worlds for sharing information utilize, in large part, manipulative effects to play upon your emotions.  Regardless of which source you believe is true, it has become the norm to bring in the inflammatory language, the language of fear, of shock, information followed by opinion, all designed to make you feel something rather than know something. 

Universal broadcast sources are not mechanisms to achieve emotional responses.  That information sharing is for the collection of plans, patterns, sharing of data, goals, and providing coordinating effects.  The only way to achieve a similar comparative effect for you on your world is to first disengage from ideas and information that play upon your emotions.  You may ask, “Where then can I know what is happening if I am not tuned in to the media, so to speak?”  But there are ways to gather information that do not require the constant steady stream of ideas laced with fear, emotion, and entertainment.  Look for those sources that are more geared to inform you, rather than entertain you or to evoke other, shall I say lesser emotions. 

Daniel’s call to let go for a period of time is the process whereby you can reconnect to the spirit and understand again what it feels like to be engaged with purpose and spiritual understanding that allows for one to then reapply to the world in a way that is not so affected by all that is happening with a sense of doom or fear underlying your uncertainties regarding world events. Connect your core relationship to your view of the world and if you can achieve this, you may begin to stand as an information source, a calm, collected being with perspectives worth hearing.