(This was in part, a private communication with a group about a project, but some of the information was more universal in nature, thus excerpts are shared that pertain to a larger audience regarding potential plans for the future of our world.)

*     Greetings, my friends, I am Aaron, here to set the tone for you tonight. You must understand that we have a concentrated effort on your world at this time that involves multiple agencies, while still being coordinated at the planetary level by our acting planetary administrator Machiventa Melchizedek...  We all work for the mission of Michael for our universe. In some ways, you all have a glimpse of our efforts as they are administered in various channels through groups and individuals near and far upon your world, but the effort underlying all of this is comprehensive.  We know each other.  We communicate with each other in meetings.  We gather frequently to communicate with one another about our efforts on the teaching front.  We get reports about the efforts on the system and universal level.  We visit with Machiventa, Michael, and the various other presences both known and unknown to you.  So it is not a situation where one group is administered to in a way that is different than, and disconnected from, the systemic plan that has been laid before us.  We are one team with varying levels of effort for your world.  This is why, as we meet with you, it could be just as fitting that I, myself, answer all of your questions this evening, for the information would not be coming from any other than the system and universe administration that has applied projects on your world for all to be uplifted.  But my friend and teacher Machiventa would love to share with you this evening, so I will take my leave and allow you to connect with his presence.

*     I am Machiventa and I would like to take the time to address your efforts as best I can... Multiple personalities, both known and unknown to you, seek the development of avenues that can draw people into experiencing personal growth and development such that they recognize light and life personally, in communities, and eventually throughout your world.  I would ask you to recognize, while you have heard about visitations possible on your world in the years and millennia to come, that the order of visitations is not completely set as you might imagine, based upon what you have heard in past communications. We are engaged in developing a process of enlightenment for your planet that can bring about the most desirable effects and while a magisterial mission may be on the horizon, initially we would like to not focus such an effort on one particular visitation, but on being drawn back into the system, the circuitry available, the process of spiritual awareness, and the recognition of how planets develop, to recognize that a planetary administration and staff on a normal world would be present and visible, so that we may reestablish the planetary administration at some point for your world once again. Although we are here and contactable by those who would become spiritually attuned, ultimately your world will benefit from our presence once again as we can bring about the conditions that would allow us to materialize, and become more a part of the pattern of development on your world, as it should be.

As part of our procedural efforts, we visit with Michael, Avonal Sons, Trinity Sons, and various other orders of beings in this endeavor. We have not always been certain about the order that we will go about reinstituting your world into a more normalizing pattern of behavior. We are becoming more confident of what may need to occur and when, but you are the forerunners of this effort...

Understand the core element of personal spiritual experience, as the primary objective for individuals in developing their spiritual connectedness, their ability to receive personal insight and to process and develop along those lines... There is a deep yearning across your world for connection to something true, beautiful and good that doesn’t require a ready made philosophy for one to accept or reject, but rather a philosophy of aspiring to higher things, seeking answers, learning about the qualities of kindness, of goodness, of truth, and participating in both receiving enlightenment regarding those qualities and subsequently sharing their awareness with others – the service element.

It is almost imperative at this juncture for believers to feel and seek out these connections personally so that there is less of a need to focalize communication through one or two or a few voices and rather we can share insight to the degree that you are open and able to receive personally, and as part of your collective.
  Eventually, this process shall take place throughout your world...  As you share, more will seek to engage in the principles.  As you know, the electronic digital age provides opportunity for the sharing of information at such a level that your efforts, if they are permeated by the fruits of the spirit, will most certainly expand into new opportunities just as any movement grows.

The idea of sharing the words we share in transcripts or online will always be a desire of those who have received enlightenment and then endeavored to provide it for others. In the initial stages, as you grow and develop, you may feel the need to share or be more selective about sharing, for the importance of communication is that those who it is intended to be given to, receive it, and hopefully it inspires them to then incorporate, engage and then from that level of awareness, share it.  So whether it is in transcript sharing or the acting out of the fruits of the spirit of what you have received, I feel confident you will know what to do in this regard...

I hope my words to you this evening provide an opportunity to reflect upon some ideas. Ultimately, it is our hope that you each feel empowered to engage with us on a personal level and to think about how to be part of the planetary administration as though we are here present and visible with you working for the purposes of establishing light and life on your world, bringing about correction, reimplementing plans, procedures, developing institutions and visiting with you whether spiritually or visibly. Think of us as this partnership engaging in bringing your planet forward into the dawning awareness of the spiritual experience and participation that so many aspire to.

Whether they know it yet or not, many people want to be connected to a plan and a purpose that encompasses the grand vision of Michael, sharing the good news, participating with friends from all over, growing each day in our ability to share light and love and life with each other, working hard at a task and celebrating the fruits from those endeavors. As you find ways to portray this possibility, this actuality, this experience in such a way that draws people in to believe they can have it for themselves, you will be soul satisfied and find success in your efforts. I have faith that us all working together will bring about the vision of Michael and our universal parents to fruition...