*     Daniel: Greetings friends, I am Daniel. It is good to be among you, to watch your growth, your responses to the stimuli life provides in the small day to day happenings in being a mortal on your world as well as to the larger stimuli, the social upheaval in social movements. The concept I wish to impart has to do with the way in which change happens, in which transformations occurs at certain times in history. On a rebellion planet, such as yours, change is often of the type of “two steps forward and one step back” and the step backward, the coiling, is the intensification for forward thrust. This is not to say that change cannot happen in the smaller day-to-day recognitions in growth that also take place, but that the times of the greatest social transformation come with the times of the greatest disruptions within the existing institutions. Institutions have within them their own inertia that perpetuates through time those patterns of behavior, those rigidities, those social regulations that were effective at a point in time but become a drag on further development.

So disruption, unrest, the appearance of chaos, are not only opportunities in and of themselves, but they are an inherent aspect of transformation. This can be true both in an individual’s life as well as with regard to planetary transformation. If you look to your own lives you can look back and see that surges in your own maturity were often linked to issues to be addressed that were not easy. The world is in such a place, the United States is in such a place, racial relations are in such a place, and so there is great opportunity.

I share these thoughts because even with this understanding it is easy to become discouraged as one looks out using material eyes and sees cyclical rather than spiraling upward patterns. Do not be discouraged, my friends. While correction can appear chaotic, is associated with displacement, anger, resistance of the old attempting to hold on, the new is awaiting. Many times we have used the metaphor of the dawn. Look to the horizon, see the light. Indeed, will your world come through this with progress as measured by truth, beauty, and goodness. So be of good cheer. This is all from me for now. My love to each of you.

*     Aaron: Greetings my friends, I am Aaron, glad to be with you today and share in the presence of the spirit with you. Take a few moments to sit quietly and acknowledge the presence of God within.  (pause)

There is no comfort greater than to relax into the presence of the spirit of God. Recognize in all your uncertainties that this will provide the most clarity and calm, a platform better to base your decisions upon. The world is in transition and these times of transition call for periods of silent reflection so as to better know which paths to pursue as you move forward.

While there is no real middle ground between truth and error, there are areas which can find commonality and understanding between people of opposing philosophies, but none of this can occur unless you let go of the need or desire to win, to see the other vanquished, defeated. The path forward requires understanding at a core level what your philosophy is and the philosophy of the other so that some common perspective can be gained. Wars rise out of unstable circumstances, but so can peace and understanding.

The great challenge for you is to achieve that communication with your divine spirit within and to encourage this for others as well. The times call for sincere reflection and if this occurs, what rises from the circumstances will be more progressive, peaceful, and productive than the rallying cries of hatred, anger and fear that keep the body in a state of instability and lacking calm and clarity.