*            Aaron: We are here to teach any who would listen sincerely with an open heart.  We are not left wing or right wing, conservative or liberal.  We rise to the challenge of (Christ) Michael, our father, who would like to bring about awareness for your world of how things should work, how things can work, and within this mission, to deliver ideas that accentuate your thoughts and provide stimulation so that you might ponder further about how best to engage in your lives for the benefit of your world, your communities, and your families.  

The difficulties we face in this endeavor are always with your preconceptions, those mechanisms you have come to believe may enhance your spirituality, may provide you a window to connection, or may give you a source of enlightenment. 
Often, humans are enamored with information that confirms what they want to believe. They can even overlook flaws, errors, falsehoods, and such, if there is a core idea that is confirmed by the source.  We see this in your endeavors as humans to connect to spiritual guidance, we see it in your endeavors to be informed in your lives regarding the realities of your existence.

ince you are asking, please understand that we do not require anything other than a sincere heart listening inwardly for guidance.  No process or procedure is required, no specific diet is required, and contrary to some perspectives being shared, we do not try to do things to trigger you through curiosity, toward sudden confirmations, synchronicities, the time on the clock, a sign in the sky or a flicker of light.  We come to you in spite of any superstitious practices you engage in as humans.  We don’t send you signs, but we do recognize when humans think there is some sign that you are more likely to listen and so we have utilized those opportunities to engage with you because you are listening and not because of anything else. Your listening heart and mind, focused toward the spirit of our Father, this is the mechanism which allows us to draw closer to you and share those things consistent with our Father’s will.

I know you wonder about sources of information that are anonymous which project ideas into the various mediums of information sourcing.  I feel you have a strong barometer for inconsistency and you recognize that it is difficult to trust anonymous sources.  One must ask what the agenda is, for although anonymous can sometimes protect the vulnerable, all too often it hides or masks the manipulators who engage in disinformation campaigns with motives that are duplicitous, asserting information that cannot be verified.

We would like to establish communication mechanisms that are clear from the obvious biases. We are looking for sincere communicators who are willing to let go of the chaff, so that they can be promulgators of the wheat. This time calls for a new mission of uplift, a sort of diagramming of transformation paradigms which can lead toward new possibilities of growth for your world.  Idealistic minds are needed whose sole purpose is to listen and share, to establish a circuitry that has cross verification and brings a lucidity to our process.