*  Aaron: Hello my friend, I am Aaron, glad to be with you tonight. There are a few common inquiries that are made when human beings reach out to the spirit, the first being "How can I know there is a God? and if there is one, can you fix my troubles, make my life better, or that of my friends and family?" An equally common one runs along the lines of "How can I fix the world?" And finally, "How can I be of service?"  Although none of these endeavors are discouraged, for all reaching or inquiring to God allows for the transfer of spirit in some form or fashion, none of these completely grasp the essence of the relationship's potential.

Ultimately, the fixing of the world comes from the transformation of the individual toward a perspective that relates more from the space of "What can I do today to grow, understand, and manifest that which is within me and a part of me?"  "How can we cooperate to become the best that we can be in all situations that arise before us?"  From this perspective, the world can be changed. It is what we are asking of each of you and all of you. Find the spirit within. Seek its presence. Seek to understand from that space, and then manifest from that space when interacting and responding to your environment.

When someone comes with hate-filled rhetoric, how would a child of God, a connected child of God, respond? If someone doubts what you are and who you are and what you are doing, how would a connected child of God respond and react? This is not a hypothetical where you say, "Oh, I will respond this way or I will respond that way if this happens," and then use it as a blanket process applied to anyone coming at you from those perspectives. No, it is a "Let me be connected to know in any particular circumstance what the best response can be."  In one situation, it might be one way and yet if another person comes from a very similar attitude of fear, anger, or hate, the response might be completely different. How do you become connected such that it is in your response that the first thing you think of is, "My Indweller, how should we, together, handle this?," to instinctively go to a place of how can there be the highest spiritual interaction regarding the circumstance?

There is a fine difference between having a pat answer to a particular circumstance that arises and having an integrally connected response that comes from the place of spirit human interaction. This can only truly be achieved by coming into that relationship from a place of stillness and drawing closer to the internal presence of God, such that the instincts you have, become laced with spiritual responsiveness to the circumstances around you, that you can, in any moment, recognize from that presence how to best serve, for yourself, for your environment, for another, and for others as a unit or a collective.

The achieving of spiritual comprehension laced with spiritual sensitivity and manifesting spiritual response becomes the crux of how you can best serve the world.  It is bringing yourself into relationship with spirit in such a way that you become an interaction magnet, a vehicle worth witnessing, a dynamic reflection of the relationship between God and man, or God and woman.  For there, it is, in the witnessing of spirituality manifested, that another will be more lastingly influenced to perhaps take up the mantle for themselves, ask the questions of how they can find what you have found, seek the guidance that would allow them to also come from a place of positivity and spiritual engagement.

So I ask you tonight, as I let you go for now, to spend those moments in that place, recognizing who you are and what you have within you. Know this can be achieved in a way that will be most satisfactory for you and for any who heed the call to seek the process.  Work to become, rather than acting to feel worthy or feel more spiritual.  Do the daily effort to truly become what it is you truly seek, which is that relationship, that known and knowing relationship that will transform your life, your world, and all the relationships you have, stemming from that place.