*       Greetings my friends, I am Minearisia, here among you this evening to greet you, to share my love, to acknowledge the challenging times that still await this planet. Challenges persist on many fronts, climate and the environment not least among them. Indeed, are aggressive actions needed at this time to slow the accelerating changes that are occurring. Indeed, is populism running rampant across the developed countries in reaction to the waves of dislocated peoples, dislocated by crime, economic factors, and again, a changing climate. Indeed, are there multiple other issues seeking redress, including, but not limited to, your social media platforms, news outlets, dissemination of information and misinformation that can flash broadly, instantaneously, circling the globe in seconds. Yes, indeed, are the political schisms in families more pronounced than at any time since the Civil War.

So, my friends, it is easy to focus upon this litany of woes, of troubles, of danger, with fear and consternation. This is why it is so fundamentally important to look inward now, today, in this moment. We are not unaware of this state of affairs. We are not unaware of the causes and long time antecedents to the world as it is today. Indeed, as Michael stated in his address to you last week, in part, what you are experiencing is the ongoing outplaying of rebellion and default.

But this is not the end. This is not the end of times. This is not the end of history. And God will have God’s way with this planet and his/her children who populate this beautiful jewel of a world. The greatest contribution you can make is to love one another, to extend generosity of spirit in response to stinginess and fear, to be tolerant.  Have trust in us, your planetary administrators, your older brothers and sisters, and the various orders of celestial beings, and trust in each other, that you can overcome these times. We are working with scientists, with diplomats, with policy makers, with bright and creative people who are seeking solutions. These solutions can be more readily accessed when the fear volume is reduced through the spreading of the love virus. Your thoughts do affect the whole. Your attitude does affect the whole. Your cheerfulness, even in isolation, does affect the whole.

So I call upon you to remain strong, to remain hopeful, to remain grateful and to find the opportunities to love and serve one another, even in the most challenging situations.