*            Aaron:  Greetings friends, we are here tonight to share in the spirit, recognizing your desire to be connected, to understand truth, and be made aware of any possible insight available regarding your lives, your world, and the universe.  I am Aaron, a representative of Michael, sent to your world as part of this mission of uplift, and yet, it serves also as an educational experience for myself, as I work to progress day by day toward my eventual destiny.

You may wonder what it all means, whether there are great and glorious plans for your world or for you, personally, and the answer is yes.  These plans are realized incrementally by your decisions individually - to grow personally - and collectively, to apply shared energy toward group growth and community understanding, eventually leading to planetary enlightenment. 

The primary reason you are hearing from us is because our Universal Parents have ordained it through Christ Michael and his ministry.  The opening of the circuits has allowed for spiritual pressure to increase and your willingness to explore has made you a prime candidate for increasing spiritual comprehension and connection with your inner spirit, thus our focus on spending time in contemplation, whether in stillness, in thought, or in other guided activities led by your willingness to do the will of God and be in communion with that presence.  Know that these activities are what will propel you, your families, and your world forward, taking the time each day, whether a few moments, several minutes, or an hour.  Training your mind to be in the flow leads to an escalating pattern of activity that becomes more comprehensive in your lives.  Taking steps leads to other steps.  Therefore, we encourage your steps. 

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to introduce myself to this particular grouping.  Know that I am not the only spiritual presence here, so if there are questions we would certainly attempt to answer within our mandate.

Q1:  I like that, “if it’s within your mandate,” because it seems like people are aware of vibrational uplift or spiritual pressure. Can you tell us more about spiritual pressure and how you apply it to us?

*            Aaron: In general, I refer to the availability of resources and making those more accessible.  The various spiritual agencies are at work on your world for social, environmental, scientific and spiritual uplift, seeking to engage with persons who hold an affinity for truth, to lace those thoughts with inspiration to the degree that any individual is seeking.

Q1: I know there are angels of churches and angels of social work and government and other designated assignments.  Is that what you mean?

*            Aaron: Yes, there are various parties engaged as part of the ministry of Michael for your world.  The nebulous reference to spiritual pressure was a general designation to refer to all of these efforts working within the mandate to honor free will choice, and to only provide information to the degree that mortal beings are seeking.

Q2: In terms of our group talking about our service endeavors, there seems to be an idea that we’re not going to use Urantia book terminology or names with this particular outreach. I love that the Urantia book gives names associated with various events in history, but I don’t know if that’s what we’re supposed to focus on now or what people are ready for.  I would like to write the biographical history of the planet earth and who played what parts.  But for this outreach it seems like we’re trying to be more generic.  What would you suggest on that?

*            Aaron:  These decisions are generally yours to make, for we do not tell you specifically how to present your spirituality.  Individually, you each grow and learn and express understanding based on what you have learned.  This is complicated when working in a grouping because then you must coordinate your group efforts within the areas that you can agree to participate.  Even within the 5th Epochal Revelation's Urantia Papers, statements are made recognizing its weakness.  There are elements which may be meant for a particular time and place and not meant for another.  Any time truth is placed in a static object it inherently has limitations, for as the times change, so do the perspectives of the people who live in them.  Much has happened in the last 100 years on your world.  Therefore, adaptation must occur to continue to be relevant and resonant.  Thus, I encourage you to seek within and understand how you can best express your understanding, both personally and when working with others.

Q3:  Aaron, thank you for your visitation here.  Is it within your mandate to indicate any sort of general picture as to the scope of this present wave of your activity?

*            Aaron: There are areas I can refer to, for I feel you recognize that the time is ripe for moving your world forward.  Many plans are being made, with contingencies.  We look for certain benchmarks or occurrences that allow for certain manifestations to occur.  But this current project, spearheaded by our planetary administrator Machiventa, is looking at a lengthy scope of time and is not focused on grand sweeping gestures that circumvent the flow of your world.

You may wonder whether we have any desire to be present materially on your world again and the answer is yes, for it is normal for a world to have material presences as part of the planet’s development.  But none of this could be forced in a way that would provide as beneficial an impact as the natural progression to where the citizens of your world are welcoming and open to this participation.  So it is with a long range view that we look, and this wave currently is the wave of increasing the recognition of the spiritual presences available to you and the understanding that you are part of a friendly universe.

 Q3: Thank you.

*            Aaron: Recognize, my friends, you have an eternity to realize all that is possible for you.  This planet is just the tip of the iceberg.  Your 100 year old wise man or woman is merely a couple steps ahead of your 2 year old, and as you leave your lives here, all that is value within you will survive and just by the inkling of a desire to know what truth is, you have assured your path forward into eternity so long as you seek to choose it.  So while you’re here, look for how you can utilize the talents you have, the awareness you have received, and the spiritual potential within you, to explore, to take chances, to be more joyful in what you have and the opportunities you have.  For despite the difficulties facing you and your world, you are in a place where you can make a difference, shine a light, and step forward, rather than resting easy, waiting for the end of days to arrive.  In some sense, we admire and envy you for the opportunities you have.  Feel blessed, connect inside and recognize how blessed you are.  This is what we would share with you tonight, to seek within, feel blessed, lighten your hearts with that awareness and look for the possibilities before you.