*          Hello friends and seekers of wisdom and truth, I am Machiventa Melchizedek, here to share with you this evening regarding the thoughts and questions you may have.  This current period of time, with its various challenges, is a pivotal time for your world, for you are in the midst of transition from the patterns and processes of a former era toward new simmering hopes and dreams for the era to come.  Naturally there is a clashing as the struggle between maintaining and changing is at hand. 

At this time, our efforts are focused on encouraging ideas and pursuits that seek or envision broader views on the division of wealth and look toward a more egalitarian emphasis, while at the same time not sacrificing honest effort and ingenuity, individual achievement, and the exploration of one’s personal relationship to both the community and their relationship to their perceptions of a higher power.  As you look at the world you might recognize our influence in trying to achieve more social equality of opportunity, but this is no easy fix, for mindsets are being challenged and forcing some potential repercussions in various arenas, politically, socially, and environmentally. 

For you, the great challenge to modern man has not changed, for it is your mission, if you choose to accept it, to achieve better communication within, with the spirit of God resident in your mind.  As you work to understand the ministrations of God, these efforts will help to broaden your views on how you can be of service to those around you, how you can apply yourself for your own personal and spiritual growth, and perhaps afford you a glimpse of eternity to motivate you toward those heights to come. 

Those are my initial comments this evening.  I am open to inquiries if you have any.

Q1: So as to assist our understanding, would it not be of assistance for us to hear your take or understanding of our efforts?  As we look at humanity as a whole or as a community, what do our mutual ministrations look like from your perspective?  How might we see the general overall efforts of those around us contributing?

*          Machiventa: Let me respond to this in a couple different ways, my friend.  Thank you for your question.  In just this past year’s time frame, there have been multiple unfortunate occurrences, both accidental and purposeful tragedies that have produced a rallying of people throughout your world to protest injustice, to lend their friends some empathy, and to stand up and speak for change.  While I avoid the politics of these situations and any thoughts toward blame, what we witnessed was like millions of points of light connecting, opening and creating circuits - the circuits of a desire for justice, for change, for forgiveness and compassion, and these are real connections among vast numbers of people who resonate to those desires. 

As groups and individuals seek to connect with the highest source of all things, a similar encircuiting occurs, bringing about potentials for broader connection, as, for example, you here tonight connecting in the quiet, with God, with each other.  Then imagine as you leave from here and go on about your business, as you apply those realizations toward others you both know and don’t know, it allows an opportunity to extend the circuitry beyond just the connections you made here to those you each interact with, and if inspired by your grace, your love, your service, those connections will extend from them to those they choose to provide service or connection with, as well. 

There is no guarantee that the circuitry stays complete or continues for everyone, but every time there are efforts to reach within or upward for higher spirituality, the opportunity exists to amplify and grow and this provides a seeding of society, whether it be in small communities, handfuls of people such as yourselves, or the city you live in, or the country you live in.  If you can envision this as a series of interconnected lights, almost like a picture of our world lit up from space, except more vibrant with less dark spots, I hope this provides you with some sense of what we see when personalities are reaching for higher reality.

Q2: Machiventa, you said seeding.  I think the circuit is made of love, intelligence, goodwill, wellbeingness, positive forward momentum - the Father’s will on earth as it is in heaven to be done.  Sometimes when I’m praying I just take a bunch of seeds in my mind that are like oval rainbows and scatter them out.  How can we help assist with that, to spread that to strangers, as you have referred to spiritual pressure being applied?  How can we expand it and make it real?

*          Machiventa: The other word I would add to your list of expressions of values, is intention.  Your intention matters.  Intention is a powerful force when applied toward actually doing something.  As creatures throughout the universes as well as here on your world, it is literally true that the acts are ours, and the consequences God’s. 

Sometimes we see your efforts being a little bit like “one step forward, two steps back,” and sometimes two steps forward and two steps back, and occasionally three steps forward and maybe one step back.  What I mean by this, of course, is that because you have such a legacy of doubt, of shame, of feeling not worthy, isolated, in environments of hatred, turbulence, and ridicule at times, it is very difficult to maintain your spirituality as a consistent applied pressure forward.  As humans, at varying degrees, you make efforts as you are inspired, and then often recoil, doubt yourself, question whether you should have done this or done that, and then maybe you’ll take another step and follow some other inspiration, for which you repeat the pattern to some degree, of stepping back and making sure it was okay before moving forward again.

Q2: Timid.  So that’s the Lucifer legacy thing where the important part inside of us we would have known or felt more trust and more connection and more spiritual guidance got retarded or twisted or broken somehow.  A lot of change to bring to the planet.

*          Machiventa: Indeed, it is, but you are nonetheless inspiring to us, for you are making efforts.  You have found ways to express your spirituality so hopefully someone else can be inspired, and then someone else can be inspired by that, and so forth.  You would have it quite a bit differently on a normal world, for you would likely not have a realization of emptiness, of going it alone, or feeling alone.  There would be support on multiple levels.  The family unit would generally be more connected to the extended family, to the community, and the community would be connected to nearby communities and all would be connected to the Planetary administration who serves all.  So yes, it would be quite different.

You must know that the level of mercy and care being applied to your world at this time is immense.  People you might think are lost and worthless based on their current or past actions may rise again from their humanness to a spiritual destiny because of the difficult environment they come from.  So we would like you to focus less on judgment of others and yourselves, and more on, "what can I do today to be connected to God," to act within that connection to do whatever you are inspired to do, and to reach out when you see someone hurting or lashing out, if it is possible, to provide some sort of connection so that they feel they can be connected as well.

Q3: Melchizedek, do you have any further illuminations about our cravings for connectedness we might draw from for inspiration?  I wonder if we can’t stay on the subject for a while.

*          Machiventa: I understand.  Feeling connected feels good.  It makes you feel like you are part of the plan.  Everyone wants to feel like they are part of the plan, and indeed it is true, everyone is part of the plan, if they choose to be, regardless of what they’ve done before.  No matter who they are, their station in life, all have the opportunity to be a part of the movement toward dawning spiritual realization and support and seeking connection. 

Giving others a feeling that they are cared about, even if in a small instant, or by allowing them to go before you, can provide an insight that can bring a feeling of connection as you pass by.  Regardless of all the projects and plans that you come up with, which all have varying levels of value which we find to be immensely satisfying to witness, it is imperative that if you only take a few things out of your recognition of the fifth epochal revelation, that emulating Jesus as he passed by would be one of them.  To be genuine, loving, interested in, and curious about those you meet, and to be of service when it is called for, this will not only bring a sense of connection to those you touch, but as you each know and have experienced in your life, it brings as much of a feeling of connection to those who serve as those who are served.

Q3: Thank you for your abundant response.

Q4: It seems we’re losing a lot of people lately.  Is anything being done to assist us mortals who need that assistance at this time on our planet?

*          Machiventa: Recognize that progress is manifold.  Simply put, as your scientists seek answers to problems, the opportunity for spiritual insight to aid their efforts has happened.  As people have cried out for justice, spiritual forces resident here on our world have answered the call.  While we cannot simply circumvent free will choice and fix everything without human involvement, please know that there is much happening to help in all of these areas to respond to any who are seeking truth, whether from a spiritual perspective, a scientific perspective, a philosophic perspective, or otherwise.

Q5: It seems India and Brazil are hurting.  These are trying times right now.  It isn’t Armageddon like some have suggested, but what else could be done to help as so many are dying now on the planet?

*          Machiventa: It is true.  These are challenges you face.  While we are not commissioned to intervene to directly fix material problems, no doubt you must realize there are agencies working here to aid on all levels.  The numbers of people dying do concern us, and yet we are most concerned with the spiritual life and eternal potential, even while there are efforts to aid and provide solace.  Some of the breakthroughs in science, to help alleviate the effects of various diseases, certainly have had a spiritual component at times.  So just know that you are not alone in this.

I appreciate the opportunity to communicate with you and look forward to engaging at another time.  Continue to spend time in quiet contemplation, seeking better connection with your Indwelling Spirit, looking for those opportunities to serve, and remember to take the small opportunities as well as the big opportunities to touch another, even if it is with merely a smile as you pass by.  Good evening.