*            My friends, I am Aaron, glad to be with you here this evening.  Come with us into the stillness.  Relax into the presence that makes all else seem manageable.  Our Creator is ultimately why we are here.  What we are tasked to do, is to explore who we are in relationship to that Creative Source that manifested us. 

Often we notice when you attempt to do stillness, you see it as the gap between where you are letting go of the details of your busy lives and the point where you recognize contact or connection, but I would encourage you to see stillness not as a gap, but as a purpose in and of itself.  The connections will come, but this practice of letting yourself be in the flow - be in the possible - is in some ways more important than the recognition of contact itself. 

Trust me when I say that you are in communication with your Indwelling Spirit even when you are not aware of that presence directly.  This flow from busy-ness in your mind toward direct communication is the period where your Inner Spirit is adjusting, fine tuning, planting seeds, and building a sense of recognition between you.  When you recognize this, stillness becomes worship.  Worship is purposeful stillness, knowing who you are at your essence in relationship to the beautiful wondrous reality of our Creator.  As you practice this and you feel the sense of happiness arise, or the sense of love fill your heart, or a sense of assurance that you are not alone, this is the interplay of your Spirit with your mind that works in the creation of your soul. 

Know that this relationship is happening, despite whatever failings you may think you have, or flaws.  God still sits with you and works with you and ultimately strives to bring about that awareness for you.  Recognize your feelings of love and happiness and assurance as being ministrations of the spirit.  When you recognize this, it allows you to know that God is less a destination and more of an experience, and thus, you will be able to find more value as you recognize that this value presence is with you. 

Now, in response to the questions asking why you are gathering together and meeting with one another and the purposes for which you are here, I would say that it is to bring about that awareness for yourselves and for others who may join or connect with you that all relationships are divine, that this experience of purposeful stillness is available for any, and that there are comrades who would share in this, to help teach and to learn and to provide spaces for this practice to develop.  Any long range goals you may develop together will be most effective by establishing this core purpose to seek the Divine within and to recognize the Divine in one another and to know you are family, just as we are with you. 

I hope that gives you some perspective this evening, my friends.  Thank you for allowing me to share with you.