*            I come this evening to share a message with you.  I am Machiventa.  Thank you for answering the invitation.

We are engaged in a multi faceted operation to apply spiritual pressure to multiple “hotspots,” if you will.  There is an opportunity to be more forward in our efforts and this will require the participation of individuals we have been preparing throughout your world.  Your cooperative efforts consist of such individuals, and so we would encourage you to consider your involvement to more specifically pursue avenues that would advance the message of Michael forward for the consideration of more individuals than you have, to date, attempted to reach and inspire. 

You may think that we are instigating this situation, but in reality, the decisions you have been making over the past period of time allow for the possibilities to expand.  Thus, we would have you consider, along with your consideration of what it means to be a truth seeker, what it would mean as a truth seeker to amplify that message. 

We know in your minds, as we have been working with you, that you already have considered approaches to pursue.  Consider that you have already been seeded, and now is a potential time to be more diligent in manifesting many of those ideas you have had regarding the paths you would like to pursue. 

There are numerous configurations of people throughout our world who are and will be receiving similar inspiration, but know that the season is upon us for potentially turning the perspectives from uncertainty and fear, to awareness of participation and a calming effect that allows for a transformation. 

So as you discuss with your friends, and internally with your Indweller, consider that we will endeavor to be more pronounced in our efforts and factor that into your decisions, your faith, and your trust, as you move forward. 

Again, we are not here to dictate to you what must occur, but we are here to encourage you toward what is possible.  I hope as you peruse these words, my friends, you will find deeper clarity, both personally and cooperatively, regarding the avenues that you can pursue.  Thank you for listening.