*      Amanson:  Fear not. You have been doing due diligence to the cause. The time spent away from these lessons has been time spent in applying the lessons to the art of daily living. You can come clean as a whistle when your studies have provided you with the where-with-all to tackle all that besets you, confronts you, as you disentangle all the foillage on the trail  before you. Once you’ve put into performance the concepts we have discussed here, you can feel free – unencumbered – to head back into the classroom for more ‘fodder’. These shouldn’t feel like homework – duties to be performed – they should register in your heart as enthusiastically anticipated meetings, fun for both of us. And now that we’re here let’s advance the agenda.

The equilibrium that is currently being sought in the world is a balance that is presently so far beyond the requirements of the participants that it is almost embarrassing. I realize this seems an odd thing to hear from a Trinity Teacher Son but we must call, as you say, ‘a spade a spade.’ Where are the desires for equilibrium? Where are the purposes needed to achieve balance? Compassion is in short supply even though it is advertised daily in your war headlines. Your world is being gifted (as crazy as this may sound) with a living example of a theater of mercy-pleading and compassion called for. But it’s the irony of the answer to these pleadings and calls that make me shudder. The very ones calling for mercy abroad are the very ones denying it at home. Your world is in desperate straits, but perhaps – just perhaps – this present situation will indeed turn the tide; the extreme irony will sink into the participants and some self-reflection will ensue.

How tired people will and must become. The stress of an aggravated relationship is most stressful of all, and when it’s relationships between entire nations it can be devastating. The problem is the people – the citizens, nation to nation – can get along just fine. We all realize we drink from the same well. But the governments, those entities working at the behest of those with the money, are determined to keep all of mankind at their mercy. There’s that word again [mercy] but in its offensive posture. Mankind will get through this – there is a pattern and it is being played out – but it’s one that will do much harm - much destruction in its deconstruction. Love has to be implemented as the fundamental constituent at society’s core. And to do this much nasty, prohibitive, tired, mercenary conceptual thinking must be dismantled, taken apart and buried in the past. Put it in a museum as relics, examples of “what was”, but it must never be allowed to become so predominant again. These are the lessons of the times.