Aaron – "Individualized Experiencers"

*            Aaron: Dear friends, we are here with you, pleased to be in your company as you seek higher understanding and wisdom.  I am Aaron.  Tonight I wanted to honor your commitment with our Father by providing the recognition that through your efforts, in combination with our outreach, there is a level of attainment that has been achieved which signifies the opportunity for increasing participation on our part.  This awareness is subtle, and to you in your daily lives might not seem prevalent, but the fact that we can “turn it up a notch” is significant to us.  Recognize this achievement is broad based and that it is the collective will and desire by many faith groups such as yours that has brought about this coalescing. 


We hope in the time ahead that you will feel a deeper sense of our participation with you in your individual lives.  When I refer to this, it is not a call so much to be a conscious connector or transmitter, as it is the general practice of becoming attuned.  Several of you have recognized a sense of deeper connection.  In part, this is the path of awareness that will become more readily and consciously available.  The differentiation of presences is not necessary to recognize this deeper connection within. 


As you go forward, the practices we have alluded to have not changed.  First, seek the connection with God and from this connection all other awareness becomes possible.  If and when there is a need to be more specific to you individually, trust that you can make this connection with the ministry that Machiventa provides with his administration under Michael’s guidance.  Your capability to perceive is there and is growing. 


As you each look at how you are in cooperation with each other and the deep affection that has been building between you and ourselves, know that this world needs individualized experiencers and this practice of gaining this inner experience will broaden your abilities to be more functional when placed in situations that require spiritual manifestation. 


So yes, my friends, we encourage you to continue developing your own connections with spirit.  We enjoy these opportunities to speak with you as a group, but what the world needs to bring into a more global awareness is the common practice of people connected with spirit in everyday life doing those inspiring things that can happen in the moment by moment connections you make.  I hope this is understandable.


Q1: Aaron, can you talk a little more about what these situations that will demand spiritual manifestation means?


*            Aaron: Yes, my friend.  You know them, these opportunities that arise.  Sometimes you are brave and insert yourself when knowing there is an opportunity to provide a higher perspective, and other times you may recognize opportunities that were not realized due to various factors, such as fear, uncertainty, etc. 


The revelation speaks of the fact that what people need to see most is Jesus living and breathing, acting as he did so long ago.  The examples are there.  Sometimes you rise to the occasion; other times you might shy away.  But our encouragement is that, with your increasing connection with spirit, perhaps the time to be braver and more consistently shining of your light is coming.  This is not a forced effort.


Q1: Okay.  I thought you meant we could say “Here’s what an angel looks like, or here’s Machiventa with us.”  But that’s not going to happen for a long time, is it?


*            Aaron: As far as physical manifestations, not as such, but there may be times when the spirit speaks through you, and as I referred to, there is no need to differentiate publicly whether it is Aaron or Machiventa or your spirit within, but that you are simply connected and know when it’s time to speak up or do something that can express an awareness for someone that they require or need that you may not even know they need.


Q1: Okay, I see.  Thank you.


*            Aaron: Thank you, my dear, for providing the always awkward transition from message to the query period.  We are certainly open for questions. 


Q2:  The Facebook algorithm blacklisted a woman who was transmitting her Thought-Adjuster.  It made me think it’s related to what you’re saying that we have to own our spiritual guidance for ourselves.  So if we want to spread the message, it’s like talking in first person instead of saying it's from a teacher or God.  We can’t do it that way, but we can translate the spiritual messages in our own words as if we are talking, because this might protect us from being censored so a message can be sent or shared.  What it seems like you're saying about being brave is we have to stand up as a child of the heavenly Father and own that and be that.


*            Aaron: In the current climate, the act of speaking spiritually in the first person is more fragrant than claiming it in the third person.  Be the child of God that you are, knowing that we are with you and when a need arises, the spirit will rally around you to be a voice answering to that need to the extent that you trust. 


You do wonderful things collectively.  You strengthen each other when you collect together and share with one another.  Many beautiful offerings come forth from you in this comfortable space, each of you.  Practice keeping this sense of comfortability and connection when you are going about your days and see what opportunities might arise when you are in this place of awareness and potentially providing insight and hope and kindness.  Look for it and trust that we will be there, and even if we are busy, there is always One who is not.  Are there any other questions, my friends?


Q3: Yes, I think I have a question this evening.  I’ve been pondering about our messaging outward from our website and our attempts to grow beyond ourselves into the internet ethos, so to speak.  Something you said struck me, that it’s up to us to give voice to Father Michael and Celestial friends.  Not that we’re supposed to be selling them on the idea of it necessarily, or proselytizing it.  But we are sort of missionaries, so to speak, and we can share those truths and help uplift them and be able to relate if we get involved with people from other paths, such as interfaith organizations or other organizations. 


I’ve found that in previous experiences with other faiths that there's a commonality of unconditional love and we can all have that time together and that we are missionaries, of sorts, to help get the message that will assist.  Is that a reasonable approach to take?


*            Aaron: Thank you for sharing.  Yes, the missionary spirit is simply one who is inspired to share what fills them up with joy and a sense of purpose, so that others might recognize this joy and sense of purpose.  As you look at the opportunities, it is true that there are technological tools that can aid sharing information across platforms, and a degree of effort in this area might be worthwhile, but we would also like to focalize on what you, individually, can do in your place, where you live.  If every enlightened person all came together in one place it would leave all the other places without enlightenment, but if those who are inspired can actually practice what inspires them in their daily lives in many places, then these swirls of energy begin across your world rather than needing to spread from one place, if you understand my meaning there.  You each can provide ministry in your own way based upon your leading which will have both commonalities and unique variants to the effort.


Q3: Thank your for that elaboration.  I appreciate it.


Q4: I’d like to make a comment and maybe ask for verification. In your discussion you were telling us we were each a point of light wherever we are and that we don’t have to gather together physically, collectively, that we can do it where we are, and I had the vision of being a point of light and a source of taking the love that is given us to spread it.  Is that an image that’s helpful in what you’re trying to convey?


*            Aaron: Yes, my dear.  Thank you for sharing your image received.  In some ways it is not all that earth shattering to recognize that you can each make a difference where you are each day, and yet, for you individually, it is earth shattering when you realize it and become empowered and know that you are capable, when suddenly you share something that you recognize another person needed and you’re not sure exactly where that came from.


Q4: I think I’m getting better at it. 


*            Aaron: We think you are too.


Q4: I was given a comforting message this morning when I was in great despair and it was very helpful.  My gratitude is difficult to even express, but to know that we are in the care of those who have a greater vision of our destiny than we do and keep a steady hand on us is comforting. I want to thank the Melchizedeks and all of their minions for all their support.  Thank you.


*            Aaron: You are well kept and loved.  And recognize that we all hail from the One.  Also recognize that this call to understand your personal power and capability does not mean you do not need each other as a group, or those who might come to your group.  This camaraderie is where the spirit builds and brings confidence in relationships so that you might manifest in other relationships similarly.  We simply seek to broaden your perspectives to understand that there is both a collective power and an individual power that you each have, and to know when to manifest either.  Are there other questions, my friends?


Q5: Well that was intriguing?  Are you suggesting each one of us can manifest our group power?


*            Aaron: I would say that the group and collective power goes with you to the extent that you can draw upon it in circumstances where others might feel isolated and alone to provide a sort of recognition that this isolation need not be and that they are welcomed in your presence.  So yes, the collective power remains to the extent that you are perceptive to it and draw upon it.


Q5: So it’s not a bad idea to actually make my virtual idea for a farmhouse in the country where we can all virtually gather where we can invite people to join us.  Like you said, there’s always enough and there’s more if you need it.  I think it’s a good idea to create a symbolic virtual connection that people can join.  What do you think?


*            Aaron: I think you are being inspired from within in relation to what we are sharing tonight and I would encourage you to follow those inspirations.