*            We sense you tuning in and feeling our presence.  Allow it to come in and be a part of this dialogue.  We want you to become an agent of love, of information sharing, and one who can translate the various ideas coming forth from both our planetary and system broadcasts.  We need receptors to be able to sense what it is we are about and to find ways to make that real for others in a way they can accept and in a way that builds hopefulness toward a real process that will bring our world forward to a place where we can meet once again in the spirit and know that the common core of our efforts is built with sincerity, where people can know the basic factors which underlie all valuable spiritual effort.  I am Machiventa and I appreciate you taking the time to converse with us this evening.

Right now you recognize a world in chaos.  This seeming chaos is an inevitable result of the clashing of ideas about what is valuable and what is not, about what has gone on in the past and what is needed for the future.  Ultimately, it is true that things cannot remain as they were.  A world dominated by the exploitative mindset cannot meld with the coming spiritual renaissance.  Thus, the first step in moving forward is to shine a light on what is true, both the good and the bad, and developing the flow toward procedures and processes that are valuable.

Recently we have reintroduced the term to “be in the world, but not of the world.”  This is an intentional term shared to have you contemplate what parts of what you bring forward are valuable and what may be more in line with ideas that bog down in places that distract rather than staying focused on the divine elements and ideas produced when you are in cooperation with your Spirit Adjuster within.  It is too easy to get frustrated and become angry or hurt or defensive when the mindset is in the place of the struggle, where the ripples are coming from so many directions, where people are vying for your attention, whether by trying to inflame you, to scare you, to blow smoke, or puff you up.  This can distract from the pure mission of living from a place of divine connection.  We understand that you each have varying abilities to connect or perceive that connection within from your Adjusters, but being in the world and not of the world is a place where you are connected.  Thus our efforts are to consciously move you toward building that connection within, for then you are more able to react and interact aside from the passions and the elements of distraction, to provide what is needed in the moment for the situation present before you.  I think this fairly describes what it means to not be “of the world.”

The element of being “in the world” means that we need you to be involved.  It would be easy to run away and hide, to isolate, to separate, to only surround yourself with certain types of people that allow you to stay in safe places.  But the minds and attitudes and some of the toxic ideas cannot be changed by ignoring or hiding from them.  Engagement is required, sometimes to correct, sometimes to hear where a person is coming from even when some of the ideas do not coincide with what you feel are enlightened perspectives.  Being in the world means you are able to manifest from your connected place even when dealing with conflict or difference.

Michael was a master at flipping the switch on a situation.  He could begin by allowing someone to state their views even when significant elements were quite honestly nonsense, but then he had the ability to highlight one or two areas where he could bring a perspective that would cause that person to think differently, to consider in a different way what the truth is.  Many people believe they know the truth, and yet, of course, all perspectives cannot be true, but once they realized Michael’s care and concern and sincerity, they were overwhelmingly attracted to his presence and wanted to know more about his unique ability to see a situation in a different light.

Thus, when we ask you to be “in the world,” we want you to be engaged like Michael, with your Father, to bring forth what is needed, whether it is correction, whether it is concern and care, or whether it is to afford an alternative perspective. This may seem like a daunting task in a world filled with multiple threads of toxicity in viewpoints, but when people such as yourselves recognize that this is more about the process, more about the journey than it is about the destination, you will find varying degrees of success as you allow your relationship within to manifest in the areas that are needed.

Q1: Machiventa, I can say I really struggle with my anger and frustration when I’m talking to people who are so lost or full of malice.  I just get so bound up in myself, so I know I’m likely to say something harsh and be too forthcoming.  So I try not to engage with some of these people on a verbal level in conversation when they have such a different worldview.  I appreciate the thought and I will certainly endeavor to stretch myself, but it is kind of scary because I think I sometimes speak my truth too pointedly.

*            Machiventa: Thank you for sharing that perspective.  Indeed, I was hoping you would ask a question along these lines.  Trust me when I say you are more able than you think you are.  But also, you may have heard it said that you should not cast your pearls before swine.  This is not an aspersion against others less enlightened, but a recognition that if one cannot hear, then to spend inordinate amounts of time to only be ignored or not heard is not a productive use of your time. The challenge is to know the difference, for sometimes there are those who sincerely hold unenlightened ideas and yet are open to the truth.  The art is to learn ways to provide perspectives that open doors rather than shutting them.

Sometimes a blatant confrontational statement is a defense mechanism, a sort of calling out to see who fits with their pattern and who does not, when deep within they do want what is best for the world, for their family, for their community.  The art of the practices we encourage you toward is to learn how to sidestep these defense mechanisms by not responding in kind and not ignoring, but to turn the tables like Michael might have done.  He often ignored the most inflammatory statements coming from other people and focused on where he could find commonality.  “Oh I see you have two children.  They are so beautiful.  Could you tell me about them?  Where do they go to school?  Where do you live?  What are you about?” And as these kinds of questions open a person up, they begin to forget about the need to define others by the sort of pat answers they might give to political perspectives.  Instead they can recognize that you care, you are sincere, you do want to know about them, and at this point, ideas can be shared that can build bridges rather than walls.  But yes, the challenge is to know when this is possible and when it is not and to act accordingly.  There is no need to press forward on those who have no ears to hear and no willingness to understand, but you can still wish them well and hope for their eventual understanding.

Q1: I think for me, where I will get derailed is if I focus on the ideas.  I can stand on my neutrality better when I’m focused on feelings and asking them about their feelings rather than about how they are placing themselves in the world and what ideology they are placing themselves under.  I have so many direct experiences with trauma and abuse.  I’m very sensitive to how ideologies result in the control and abuse of others.  So, in a sense, I think my strength comes from working from underneath or within rather than externally from the cultural political ideological perspective, if that makes sense. Tuning in to what they’re feeling and where that might come from as opposed to what they might believe and how they see the world politically.

*            Machiventa: It is exceedingly difficult once coming from a political perspective to transition easily into the spiritual perspective that uplifts and nurtures the whole person.  What you describe seems to me to reflect your awareness that when you are focused more on how you can be of service, how you can share your knowledge and awareness, then you are more effective in your ministry.  This is, in a sense, a confirmation of our lesson tonight to “be in the world but not of the world,” for when one wades too far down the path of politics they find themselves embroiled in manifold issues with various degrees of nuance and divisions in thinking about how to best get your way rather than the opponent’s way.  But when you come from a place of utilizing your tools, your knowledge, your education, your  awareness, your spiritual connection, you can minister in a way that transcends the worldly distractions, the false perspective of separation, and come into a place where you know that at the core we are all connected, we all have common heritage and destiny.  This is the spiritual perspective.  This is not being of the world.  So thank you for reflecting your awareness of what I was trying to convey, in part, tonight.

Q1: I really do sense that many more bad things are coming, that I need to buckle up or double wrap my hand to stay on the bull.  So I’m trying to maintain a calmer mind in general, to walk in the mindset of stillness so I don’t get spun out on my own personal experience, to stay a bit more detached I guess, to become more effective and to ride through it, as it were.

*            Machiventa: Yes, this is the way, to be aloof from having to be involved in every little detail but present to offer what insight and ideas you can afford to those you come in contact with.  In no small measure we are engaged in multiple efforts in community building, both virtual and physical.  These are intended to provide anchoring so that as things unfold you have comrades who you can rely on to aid each other in whatever ways are needed as whatever is going to unfold occurs.

I cannot tell you that a lot of bad things are coming down the pike, but I cannot tell you that they are not either.  Much of what will happen is determined by decisions being made now, both by those with pure motives and those with mixed motives, and a few with more nefarious motives.  We are endeavoring to build a network of people who can respond positively in various circumstances to provide direction and perhaps thwart and shift things toward more enlightened viewpoints.  But there are difficulties that need to be addressed and some of these will need to be addressed in the near future.  So be prepared to do what you can to make a difference, and to secure your own safety.  Be wise as a serpent and harmless as doves.  Know the landscape and know what’s out there when you do what you do.

Q1: I think it’s an important point.  If you’re going to do a protest you have to be mindful of how you’re presenting yourself and to be mindful of your safety needs. It’s okay to participate in activities but also even on a more personal level if you put a sign out in your yard, be prepared for someone to be offended and to react negatively and perhaps in a threatening way.  I’m being mindful of not presenting my opinions in certain ways so I don’t set myself up as a target.  Is that on the right track?

*            Machiventa: We would never tell you to not manifest your values freely in the way that seems right to you, but know that there are always consequences to one’s actions and so understanding place and time in situations can be critical in ensuring you are protected, whether psychically or physically.  We encourage you to live with that recognition that has been expressed before - “To a God knowing kingdom believer what does it matter if all things earthly crash?”  Yet this does not mean that you must hasten the crash.  The true believer understands they are a part of something integrally connected, that they are stewards of their environment.

There are distorted views which some people have today that would try to hasten the crash, to bring on Armageddon, because then they can be part of the glory that they perceive is God’s will.  This is an ugly distortion of reality that neglects to realize you are tasked at any moment with doing the right thing and the right thing means what is true, what is beautiful and what is good and how that manifests in your societies and your communities.

We hope that in the time to come some of these perspectives can be changed.  We do not discount that an emergency mission may be necessary on Urantia, just as it has occurred in the past.  Our efforts are to ensure that this is not necessary and we are proceeding to avoid needing to take drastic measures, but know that with Michael’s assurance and all of the hosts of our universe available, we keep all the chips on the table.  We will not ultimately allow ignorance to destroy what is beautiful and good and true.  But we do seek to implement it willingly and with our human counterparts involved increasingly as more and more people are aware of our presence.

So I hope you will proceed down that path of hopefulness with us.  We are not at the end of days.  We are in the beginning phases of manifesting a non rebellious world.  That will be a sight to see, and you are our pioneers who are helping us in this.  Keep at it.  Stay faithful and know that what you do can make a difference for individuals, for groups, and communities.  Seek within, stay inspired, and proceed.