*            Daniel: Enter with us in the stillness, my friends.  I am Daniel.  We are here tonight to share with you, recognizing your intentions to do good, seek enlightenment, and be about the Father’s business. 

When times are uncertain and there is turmoil and upheaval, not having the recognition of your relationship internally, it might seem frightening and as though no solutions can be found that will stop things from snowballing toward chaos and division, leading to an epidemic of depression.  But you here, my friends, know about the connection that is possible.  You are like potential beacons of light in the darkness.  You have the ability and potential to provide stabilization of view.  Recognize your part in the plan.  We hope you grow in your faith and certainty to the degree that you become righteousness recommenders and refrain from commiserating about all that is wrong with the world. 

We feel you striving to rise to the occasion, personally and collectively.  We are enthused about the various efforts being undergone on your world by groups and individuals in many countries.  Trust that you have brothers and sisters you are not aware of, who are kindred to your purposes.  Know that as you become the truth, beauty and goodness you know is possible, others will resonate to you and what you have to offer. 

Much of our efforts at this time to keep you constantly seeking within, is to assure you that the illusions which dance at the periphery are no match for the intentional efforts of the children of God to bring calm and clarity and a sense of goodness and cooperation into their surroundings.  You are up to the task, in case you doubt this.  Trust that the steps you take each day will influence the overall flow away from the wailing and gnashing of teeth, and toward the love and camaraderie of those who know their place in the universe and in existence. 

Those are our words compiled for you this evening, my friends.  Thank you for listening.  I would answer inquiries if there are any tonight.

Q1: Hello Daniel, you mentioned brothers and sisters around the world.  Can you tell some of what others are doing?

*            Daniel: I would ultimately try to steer you away from a focus on large collective happenings to recognize that what they are doing is what you are doing, which is to be kind, to offer a good word, when one is questioning, to offer some light to the query, and to seek each day to learn a little bit more and to connect further with their vision of what a creator is for them.  All other things stem from this practice and behavior.  But as far as collective occurrences, this would not be part of my response this evening.  The focus is on the individual efforts you can make.

Q1: What I’m thinking then is something like the faith of a mustard seed, or the way the yeast raises the loaf.  So then all of us are little pieces of yeast raising the world upward in enlightenment?

*            Daniel: Indeed, a good summary of your own inspiration, in response.

Q2: Daniel, it occurred to me with my work with interfaith that the dedication of other faiths is profoundly spiritual and prayerful and meditative in nature.  I was curious whether there are similar small groups of different faiths that are realizing the potential within them to communicate with beings such as yourselves and other teachers?  Or is it mainly limited to a Christian and Urantia theology and background?

*            Daniel: Thank you for your sharing, my friend.  The cross fertilization of people from different faiths sharing meanings and values is quite critical to the evolution of your world, for no one perspective will emerge until such time as the Planetary Prince re-emerges visibly to help guide your world forward. Thus, the efforts now are to inspire anyone who desires to know more than they currently know, who desires to know the truth, regardless of background.  And yes, this is multilayered because different groups may not be as evolved in insight, but as you know, when you pray to God it is the intention that matters and not necessarily how wise and intelligent you are.  God is no respecter of persons, in the sense that there is no recognition of status as some being more important than others, and yet you are deeply valued as individuals in the potential spiritual destiny you have before you.  So trust that interfaith projects, intercommunity projects, international projects that come from a place of sincerity and a desire to aid the development of understanding and stabilization of life situations, these are all seen as inspired efforts by us, and your efforts to work in that way definitely hold value.  Thank you for your question.

Q3: How about targeting and locating our allies of various faiths?

*            Daniel: Are you asking if we can provide some direction as to how you connect with your allies?

Q3: Yes.

*            Daniel: Indeed, you will know them when you see them by their fruits.  We are not commissioned to direct you except as you follow your leading from within.  Know that there are spiritual agencies who help to connect individuals with other individuals for common beneficial purpose but it is not generally a consciously directed process.

Q3: That is as I suspected.  Thank you for the clarity.

*            Daniel: We would love to be more hands on in direction, but recognize the hour has not yet come.  Thus, we work where we are with what the Source of All Things sees as the most beneficial implementation of plans.  Although we might ponder what it would be like if we could be more active, we know this is not the most beneficial course.  You may recognize based on your understanding of the story of Adam and Eve that sometimes what one individual thinks might help things along, can indeed push things back.  But we are engaged with you and with others and you can trust that if you follow your leadings, you will meet more of your allies.

Q3: Thank you.  Do you have something to say about assuming that each and every person with whom you do have contact coincidentally on life’s stage, has a connection within the heart or mind and the intentions of spreading love in this world?

*            Daniel: Yes, we do pay attention to the intentions that individuals have when seeking to aid, if this is what you are referring to, and we would not be able to communicate with those who didn’t have the Indwelling Spirit or some degree of connection to that source, for this is the great coordinator of our efforts at communication, and while we utilize different ways to achieve communication with individuals, nothing can circumvent the spirit within.  I’m not sure this completely answers your question.

Q3: I’m thinking of the recognition of the spirit within from one to another.

*            Daniel: Two perspectives here, that each person we work with has a connection to their spirit within, yes, and that if you are perceptive you can recognize this spirit connection between you, as well.  I believe most of you recognize that your Indwelling Adjuster saves information for you to receive at a time when you are able to receive.  Thus, if you strive to connect with another person through their Adjuster, there is no waste to the effort if that Adjuster is present.  Any more questions this evening?

Q4: I think I hear you saying that for those of us who truly do know we have a connection with our inner spirit, you're saying that when we put out an intent that even with those who are perhaps unaware of their spirit that a connection is still made?  Can you clarify that?

*            Daniel: Yes, the potential connection and transfer of information, if not able to be brought into the consciousness of another person at the current time, can be saved so they become more aware of your intention at another time.  Sometimes this is beyond the mortal life, so if you find yourself struggling with somebody, you can send an intention and a sincere thought that can be recorded so that understanding may occur at another time.

Q4: That might be something we can ponder in our experiences where we struggled with someone where we feel it is all wasted, but sometimes there’s feedback or a response later that pops up. I’ve had that experience where someone else offers and I then witness what they said even if not at the moment it was given.

*            Daniel: Yes, this is reciprocal.  Nothing of value is lost in the universe and so your intentions are always what matters.  Thus you each may have witnessed at times in your life someone coming back after a conflict and apologizing or sharing another understanding they came to.  These things can be influenced by the intentions you send.  And what cannot truly be received will still reside in the Supreme.

Q4: Sometimes we’re the messenger and sometimes other people have to step in and be the messenger and it becomes a collective experience.  That’s very reassuring.  Thank you.

Q5: Today we studied about our local universe and it says how things we’re supposed to go if things worked right and then at the end it says we’re an isolated planet and then it talks about the rewards of isolation.  On Jerusem the ascenders on an isolated world occupy residential sectors by themselves and are known as Agondonters.  So we just have to be patient.

*            Daniel: Yes, indeed, for you can recognize that those who have this experience will be of value in other places in the universe of universes and so the need to try and magically endow a being with an understanding of isolation and quarantine and rebellion does not exist, for those who have experienced these realities will rise to the occasion and provide the insight necessary when such things arise.

Q6: I know a lot of the experiences now that don’t always feel fruitful will fit together sometime someplace, maybe even in eternity if we choose to go on.

*            Daniel: Know that not all of your ponderings and fears and worries are productive, but when you ascend, and have to share with someone experiencing deep loneliness and isolation, you can recall those experiences and provide a deeper sense of empathy and understanding and patience.

My friends, the time to finish is here.  Thank you for asking these various questions this evening.  Feel free to inquire within, in the meantime, until we meet again.  We truly appreciate you and your efforts to come here and to listen and recognize your efforts throughout the week to be at one for periods of time with your Indwelling Spirit.  Keep at it.  You are doing well.  It’s okay to not always feel like you have it all under control, but recognize you can step up to the plate when needed and trust that this is so.  Good evening.