*            My friends, I am Machiventa.  Tonight I want to share with you a few thoughts about the transition from one year to the next.  We are here tonight to celebrate with you.  It is a joyous time, for with every cycle, those who choose to live within cycles aspire to do better the next cycle, and the year is one of those cycles.

We have enjoyed our camaraderie with you, with this grouping, and with other groupings.  We purpose together to achieve something, both for yourselves as individuals, and as those who have glimpsed the larger picture of cooperation and unity that is possible when living in the mind of our spirit parents, choosing to allow them to guide and move us forward.  Despite whatever failings or misgivings, fears or worries about what has happened, what you have done or what you haven’t done, you each can take a moment and recognize that your soul is shining brighter, that you desire to do good. 

From your perspective you often focus on outcomes, while from our perspective we focus on process.  Hopefully the outcomes will align with the processes eventually, but there is a beauty to behold in your aspirations, in your commitments, and your love for one another and others outside of this specific circle.  Think about what it is you want and then think about the steps it will take to move you in that direction.  It is the steps we are focused on, and as you are motivated to take steps, we are inspired to offer another opportunity or an idea that might move you forward, either along the path of what you desired or to transition you toward areas of higher achievement than your initial conceptions from time to time. 

At the end of the day, we all yearn on a spiritual level for the same things - to, in cooperation with our Creators, manifest the best that we are and to see what will happen when that occurs.  Unlike our Creators we don’t always see the ends or the outcomes, but this is the process of life, of living, of ascending and growing. 

So as you ponder what it is you want personally to be about, or as you ask questions collectively about your purposes and how you can be of service to your world, to your universe, keep in mind, as you have discussed, that the process, working out how you will operate, is as important as what you will build, achieve or grow together.  We are glad to respond to your questions along these lines this evening.  Thank you for being here.

Q1: Those were very comforting words and right to the point.  I think my goal is to be a better listener in this upcoming new year.

*            Machiventa: Yes, thank you for sharing your intention and desire.  A worthy goal, indeed.

Q2: Thank you for comforting us with your presence as well as your words.  In particular I thank you for being able to recognize your presence and frequency and your good influence in my personal life.  I have so much to join with you and each one of you here, guys, and to enjoy the ending of cycles.  I’m happy to comprehend more your teachings about purpose, intention and process step by step.  Thank you for sharing it.

*            Machiventa: Yes, dear friend.  Know that with your inner guidance, as you have been open, we have been working with you, as well, about your perspectives in life and your focus on utilizing the process to understand the various elements of divinity and your relationship to it and becoming part of it so that you might best be about the business of our spiritual parents.  Thank you.

Q3: So I have a question for you.  It occurs to me that truly one of the biggest barriers to the human being becoming aware of our divinity or our spiritual nature is the human brain itself, the human mind process and how we become consciously aware of the world and aware of ourselves and our relationship to it.  It is a constant drone with every single human.  My mind is always busy with noise, thinking about nonsense, ego, survival, fear, will I make enough money, etc.  That seems to be the drumbeat of human existence, this pounding constant drumming about fear, anxiety, and insecurity.  I see it as one of the most problematic issues.  So it occurs to me that if I were to look at the larger constellation of problems, it is about the human brain and how it is constantly talking garbage to us, making it nearly impossible to hear our inner selves, souls, divinity that can lead us on.  I’m wondering what your thoughts are on that?

*            Machiventa: Yes, my friend.  As humans, you must deal with the various elements of your brain functioning and it is impossible to escape the fact that all of our Father drawing near to you, and all of the ministry serving for that purpose throughout the universes, can only approach via your mental functioning that has been thoroughly conditioned by various dysfunctional aspects of life.  Our very mission here on Urantia is designed to implement a process of de-conditioning, of focusing you on a few very simple practices to help you gain a flow in certain currents which expands that part of your brain which resonates to it.  The stillness, the quiet time, the being in the presence of God, of love.  The focus on kindness and doing random kindnesses and learning to give without conditions.  While these impact others, they also have a profound impact on the individuals who practice and this is the place where we can move within the other distortions to build momentum toward an eventual level of progress that can act aside or within all of the cacophony of influences. 

We begin somewhere rather than throwing up our hands and stating it is impossible.  You have proven, those like you, each of you, that it is possible to move beyond fear, beyond anger and hatred, beyond selfishness, to a place where you are more continuously desiring to do good, to be in the presence of love and to find out what else there is beyond that.  If you step back and look from our perspective, it is a very rudimentary beginning on a planet that has been thoroughly distorted and twisted by false philosophies.  Learning to recognize equality is still something that is in progression.  Not everyone recognizes that in spirit you are all equal, but progress is occurring despite all of the other things you see in the world. 

We hope you stay true to the course rather than veering off into despair and a sense of futility, because each person you influence, beginning with yourselves, is an element of progress on a universal scale and you know how one thing leads to another, leads to another, leads to another, until awakenings can occur on a larger level.  So recognize your brain is part of you and can’t be sidestepped, but the practices we preach and that you learn and then you teach are those things which can bring you away from all of the other distorting influences.  Thank you for your query.

Q4: Machiventa I have a question.  I’ve been watching the show “The Chosen.”  In there, Michael (Christ) talks about having to be born again.  I tried to talk with my sons about it but they said they have no faith in faith and it was heartbreaking to me, but what I wonder is, is that born again thing something that is just what awakening is, or do we have to teach something biblically specific to people?  What’s important about being born again and how do we teach beginners or people just awakening to the faith?

*            Machiventa: Yes.  Good question.  There is no ritualistic aspect that is required to be born again, and yet, anyone who is profoundly touched by reality, by love, by the realization that they are not alone and that there is a spiritual path, regardless of the road you took to attain it, they can’t help but be born again into a dawning awareness that there is something beautiful behind the scenes that is worth exploring and the budding faith that fills their souls and hearts transforms them.  Whether they are a fundamentalist Christian, a new age person, a scientist recognizing profound discoveries, when one comes into the place where they know they are a part of something else and there is something higher worth striving for, that is the realization of being born again, regardless of whatever trappings come with it.  Christ Michael will respond by whichever route you take.

Q4: Good.  Thank you.

Q5: Machiventa, your comments have been truly epic.  I give my personal gratitude.

*            Machiventa: My dear friend, thank you for your recognition.  Know that we see you and your efforts and look forward to our connection when you tap into the spirit, as you do.  Do you have any questions this evening?

Q5: Yes.  Are you able to comment upon the way that we will be received upon our graduation from this experience?

*            Machiventa: When the previous revelation afforded to you speaks thoroughly to some element, we defer and point you toward what is said in the Urantia papers about death and being received on the other side.  I would comment upon what is witnessed so often, which is both a sense of relief when one becomes aware that they have awakened and the pure joy at connecting with their loved one that have gone before.  Even though, spiritually, your step from here to there is simply a step where you continue from where you left off here, doubt not that there are other realizations attendant with waking up and recognizing all that is there for you as you begin your morontia training.  What I can’t quite put into words here might be relative to a combination of winning a grand prize combined with having everyone you love there to join you while you claim it.  I hope that gives you some perspective and certainly there are elements worth exploring in the Urantia papers that can add to this.

Q6: The Urantia teaching of ascension being done in groups, can you give light to that teaching?

*            Machiventa: Always your ascension will be based upon your choices in consonance with your spiritual connection, but quite often your progression is done in cooperation with many of those who have participated with you in some element of your mortal life, morontial life, and beyond.  Groups come together and often will contain members who have purposed together, even at this level of existence, to grow and understand spiritual awareness and implement actions based upon that.  When the revelation speaks to some groups ascending through eternity all the way to Paradise, this is not an exaggeration in potential.  All of it comes down to what you are purposing to do with your spiritual growth and development in cooperation with our Father.  And so, it is not specifically commanded that groups ascend together.  It is more of a natural outworking of those having similar purposes to continue working together to achieve those.

Q7: And some of those groups include our midway creatures and other fellows we have met in this lifetime, and some of our seraphim get to become finaliters with us?

*            Machiventa: Yes, the distinction between all of the forms of spiritual life lessens as you ascend and cross… to bring what is special about your nature into cooperation with those who might have a different nature, but when blending can produce at a higher degree than simply all who have the same nature cooperating, if that makes sense.

Q7: Kind of like spices, flavoring things.
Q8: Don’t forget the Agondonter group and that they will recognize each other right off the bat.

*            Machiventa: I sense you each having light bulbs flashing in your minds about the possibilities and potentials and it brings a sense of humor or smiling to our countenances, for life should be joyful and should be full of possibility and aspirations to attain great heights. When you feel down, I hope you will remember this conversation and recognize that much, much is possible.

Q9: So upon graduation we reconnect with loved ones and beings whom we have shared this experience with.  Does this include the midwayers, angels, and beings we have connect with through visions and through mind and feelings?  And beings such as yourself who gather about us and give us options as to how we want to embark upon the next adventure?

*            Machiventa: Yes.  The element of time may be a factor as to when you reunite, for beings who have current assignments are still attached to those assignments for the foreseeable future, but you will find as you grow and move forward, that these various beings, including myself, will at times cooperate and communicate with you.  Trying to provide a vision of what happens outside of time with what is occurring inside time is not an easy task, for as you move forward this cooperative experience expands, and when time is no longer a consideration, then you stop acting in a sort of linear progression and pull from elements wherever they are rather than focusing on this happening and then this happening and then this happening.  The timing of how you all cooperate is less important than the reality that you are all cooperating.

Q10: Thank you for your incredible illuminations.  Another question if I may bogart some time here?

*            Machiventa: I have looked forward to conversing with you, so yes.

Q10: The angels singing, can you discuss this?

*            Machiventa: Not at depth, but how they harmonize is a beauty to behold and as you grow and develop, your ability to resonate to this harmonizing expands.  The universe is teeming with beings working out various harmonies.  This goes beyond simply song.  To know that the art form is mimicking the reality is to know that there is a beauty in the practice of harmonizing and becoming attuned to one another.  What these ministering spirits do is take the patterns and build them into beautiful joyful symphonies of thought and expression.

Q11: Machiventa if I may ask a question or two?  In our human experience we’ve all probably had some experience with like minded people who are aspiring to greater spiritual understanding and blessings and harmony through our earliest experiences with other Urantia book readers, for example.  And with other project related things, I’ve noticed when people get together for a unified purpose, how creativity blossoms and it’s usually based on love and mutual respect.  When there’s that type of harmony it seems you’re suggesting it supercharges that kind of lifestyle and status once we move forward, which sounds like an absolutely beautiful estate to start our afterlife from.

*            Machiventa: Yes, recognize that your early experiences of coming together with those who have been similarly inspired are those patterns that will expand as you are released from your material mechanism to be able to better explore how these elements synthesize and flow at a deeper level when the material concerns are not so blending with your efforts.  So while you have had glimpses of harmony at your existence, and they have been beautiful, they are still but a shadow of what will happen when you move past and continue to grow with that purpose to be one with God and to be unified with all who follow that path.

Q12: Thank you for that insight and confirmation.  One other thought.  It occurred to me in our community that we are experimenting and growing our abilities to work in harmonious fashion with one another to evolve to the point where we’re not just contemplating the lessons you offer, but to put these thoughts into gear and into wider distribution.  A number of us commented about exploring a path forward and for us to be able to put those teachings into practice by sharing with other groups and organization could be a meaningful way of helping with the upliftment on this planet and to be of great assistance to you and other celestial workers who are dedicated, as we are, to the correcting time and helping us all evolve forward.

*            Machiventa: Thank you for your summary of thought regarding the conversations about purposes.  I would offer some thought regarding how you view this, for many groups get excited about attaining nuggets of inspiration and run off to share it far and wide with whoever will listen, but it is easy to become subsumed when you haven’t built your foundation and core principles.  Ask yourselves, if you believe the Planetary Administration is re-implementing itself upon your world to work towards the correction and eventual attainment of light and life, how would a group of people inspired by this awareness act to work in concert with the purposes of the Planetary Administration?  How can you materially portray the insights and development potentials that you are glimpsing from your spiritual counterparts?  The path forward on our part is clear and we look forward to working in cooperation with groups of individuals who have recognized this occurring and desire to join with the flow of what is happening.

But know that there are certain things provided for your benefit which allow you to develop foundations that can stand strong as you move forward to share your inspiration and insight with others.  We are not without references.  You are not without references.  The Urantia papers were provided for a reason and although may not be completely perfect, they portray the highest thoughts for your age and time in one collection that allow you to anchor into some basic truths and realities as you move forward to expand from simply mere facts on pages to sharing real truth and experience by your living examples.   Explore how these tools can help you augment your purposes and build the foundations you seek to have as you would like to be about the Father’s business.

Q13: Thank you very much.  I think this is something that is in all of our hearts.  There have been so many helpful pointers you’ve provided.  I think we can work together harmoniously to put forward these jewels of loving directional signage for others, no matter where they are, whether they are fundamentalist Christians or others who are just hungry for the unconditional love and hope that I think we all feel and we can approach different people and groups in different ways.  As long as we come back to the love of our heavenly Father and the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, I don’t see how we can go wrong.

*            Machiventa: You have it, my friend.

Q14: When I said I’m going to listen this year, I meant also to my inner guides and Michael, Mother and my Thought-Adjuster.  I would like to take this chance also to sign up for the winter course, Machiventa.

*            Machiventa: We knew what you meant when you said you would work on listening better and we fully accept your participation. 

Q14: Okay, as long as the classes aren’t full, sign me up.

*            Machiventa: Along with letting go of time there is the element of letting go of space, and so our classes have few limits as to size.

Q14: My heart is full and my plate is full and my cup runneth over.

*            Machiventa: As do ours.  Thank you my friends, for this opportunity to gather together, to take stock of where we have been, to look ahead towards where we can go, and to discuss how we can better perceive within those elements to manifest at whatever highest potential we can gather together.  We truly enjoy you. 

Our Father Michael is inspired by our conversation this evening, as I know you can feel within.  Let his spirit fill you as we recede this evening, and know that you are well taken care of.  Goodnight.