June 28, 2023
Machiventa and Michael


*     Machiventa: When you turn yourself inward and begin to focus, it helps to bring your trust to it. What is trust? It is another of those valuable, invisible realities of life. It is one of those Fruits of the Spirit that starts small and by intention and practice, testing and strengthening, grows into part of your very nature. You can’t force trust. It must build by sincerity and experience. Too often the human mind is seduced by an idea, chases after it a bit, then is distracted by the vicissitudes of change, and forgets its intention. Trust remains shallow.


Now, here is an interesting thing. There can be different sources of curiosity in the upwelling creativity of man. One of them is the mind. The mind can lead, can feed the curiosity in question after question after question, to ponder its existence. This is fine and has led to many inventions that have brought you to your current state of civilization. The mind of man is busy, busy, busy, but not very complete in itself. Who has come to the end of mind, has come to the  door of spirit. 


Spirit is another source of curiosity that leads you into deeper questions in your search for Truth. Be Still and Know has been our admonition to you. Know what? That I AM God, it says. That I AM within you, that my kingdom is at hand. Even an atheist has desires of heart because the creator puts them there. Anyone who wants to know the truth, and applies themselves in patience, sincerity and love will find it. Truth is like trust. Invisible but attainable. You can trust the truth. But there are many levels of perceived and imagined truth running around in your world today and many trusting followers of contrasting and paradoxical beliefs. It is an immaturity to believe they can all be reconciled, for you are not alike, and your paths differ, your purposes differ. As humans, you cannot see the whole picture of what is going on. Be still. Can you allow yourself to be part of the loving creation of the inward journey toward the perfection of eternity? Trust that it is in God's hands?


Your Loving Creator holds you up to the future and sees you not just as His beautiful child, but knows the long path that will unfold for you if you choose to walk His way. Listen to your heart. Feel yourself. You are His gift to his Beloved Son and together we all weave a wondrous way toward light and life. This is the journey. Follow the desires of your heart for in that way you fulfill the plan the Father has for you. When you choose it, by your free will, when you try it and you test it, you will find that you can trust it. Patience, sincerity and love. 


*      It is I, your Sovereign Michael. I wish to thank you all for your trust and your commitment to unfolding light and life on our world. It is a BIG thing, the Stillness, though it seems like nothing.  It is really our secret weapon of love bringing peace to chaos, light to darkness, love to hate. Thank you for your persistence.


 Machiventa and I, along with the Council of the Twenty-Four, have had our ideas consecrated by the High Counsels. They have authorized us to purify and uplift the life-streams through the new circuitry of our universe.  That means more loving energies will come streaming through to you, more refined and amplified. Think on holding yourself in balanced light. Find your peace of heart in the strengthening trust as you work with us. There will be no quick and fast adjustment or revelation from us. We hope the changes that need to come will come from you, our own beloved children. You are the ones who will bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. This is our gift to you for the missteps taken on your planet through no fault of your own. You are the ones who know the struggle. You are the ones who suffered the darkness. Our beloved Agondonters, you are the ones with eyes to see and hearts to seek the new ways. Open yourselves to receive guidance. It will be slow, like snow melting in the sun but turn to us and listen. We are here and together with you it is unfolding as it should be.  All is well.  Even now when it seems so dark, the future is shining. Thank you for your trust.  My peace I leave with you.