*            I am Machiventa Melchizedek.  We come to provide some thought toward the state of the spiritual progress on your world.  There are many souls who have been putting themselves in alignment by their very asking for help, for enlightenment, for understanding, that might lift them from their current place to a perspective that is more hopeful and focused and purposeful.  Doubt not that you are able to be in alignment with our Creator, for it is the very purpose and will to have all creatures fall into alignment with the highest realities – truth, beauty and goodness - the characteristics of the great source and center of all things. 

By your choosing, you are worthy.  Know this, for one of the great deceptions on your world, stemming far back, eons ago, is that you, by your nature, are unworthy to be in the presence of our Creator, and only by the grace of those who lead you, who would be your master and guide and figurehead, can you know what is real and become worthy to be in the presence of goodness.  This intermediary message is a false translation of what the true intentions and realities of the universal plan of progression entails. 

You, by your choices, are worthy to be in the presence of God, if you so desire.  This is an important distinction, for there can be no figurehead or leader, patriarchal, matriarchal or otherwise, that becomes the means for you to have access to our Father/Mother/Brother spirit.  You are endowed with these connections as your birthright if you would but believe it.  Within your own mind lies the key and the doorway and the access to the Creator of all things.  It is your consistent listening within and developing this relationship with the Divine Spirit in your mind, that will bring you forward in your journey to the highest realities. 

This is not to be construed as an understanding that no leadership is required, and no being or person can provide insight and aid in your development, spiritually, mentally and physically.  There are a vast number of beings you will encounter in your life and ascension that have the opportunity to inspire you forward toward greater understanding, but recognize that this type of relationship is far different than one which would ask you to bow down before some symbol or idea or presence so that they might become your worthy channel to our Father in heaven. 

The age of top down leadership is ending and although it may seem to be a drawn out pattern of trying to gain access and control, there is no doubt that in the age to come, the age of cooperative siblinghood, a new pattern will emerge to bring about the awareness of broad progressive efforts to build cohesion through the cooperative atmosphere of beckoning one another forward, teaching and learning and ministering in a way that would emphasize the core relationship that each of you have as a commonality with our Source of beauty and goodness and truth that exists as a pervasive presence throughout the universes, and focalized in our Creator. 

So recognize this hopeful perspective will emerge and become more predominant in the times to come and its precursors are the very efforts being made now by those who believe in their personal relationship with God, who believe that truth is a core realization in knowing and understanding reality which is centered in the very nature of our Creator.  This is not merely an exercise for the religionists of various faiths.  We are not speaking of dogmatic adherence to particular belief systems.  Rather are we beckoning to all who can resonate to, and understand and desire, the truth.  This should appeal to anyone who has a basic desire to pursue reality, whether it be the objective pursuits of the scientist, the subjective pursuits of the religionists, the blended pursuits of the philosophers, and the pragmatic viewpoints of those who have a healthy sense of skepticism regarding those things intangible and would need to see before believing, recognizing a practical path to pursue. 

God does not desire blind faith, but rather an open heart and mind turned toward truth.  So if you desire to find reality emerging from the discordant elements of current societal patterns, we ask of you to simply try a new way or perspective, one that begins with the individual’s relationship to reality, that encourages daily reflection, prayer, meditation, stillness, or whatever term is most comfortable.  This practice of communion within, regardless of what it is you think is there (or not there) to respond, is the key.  If you would utilize this pattern for a period of time we feel confident that those connections can be made which will solidify your awareness of a higher truth and amplify your resonance to truth, which can bring forth greater perspectives on how you can most effectively be in relationship to the Highest Source and to manifest the greatest potentials for your own growth.  This is for your own benefit, but also for the benefit of all those who would be witness to your increasing pursuit of truth and the attendant repercussions which will influence various other areas of your life and bring about cohesion, harmony, and a sense of purpose. 

I am asking for your participation in the progressive plans that would bring forth a change in perspective, first on the individual scale and then manifesting in more cooperative channels as others find what you have and desire to manifest it for themselves.  With all of this, you may ask, what is the point?  Why participate in the fairy tale?  Or perhaps you believe that you are already bound to a particular path and purpose.  We simply encourage you to assess your own path and purpose by the practice of the principle of seeking within each day so that you may gain your own connection to the power that is available for you which will manifest greater activity in all channels and aspects of life. 

Remember that the great deception is you are not worthy on your own to do this.  You are worthy to be a part of something that does matter.  This does matter and if you practice it, you will know.