*              Machiventa: Thank you for inviting us to share with you this evening.  You each have your trials and triumphs, challenging circumstances, perceived failures, and successes.  You grapple with the human condition that alternates inspiration with self-doubt and questions that can take up inordinate amounts of time.  And yet, you each have an anchor, this core that keeps you balanced as you seek to connect with it and remain tethered to the spiritual realities that can augment the day to day ups and downs with an enhanced perspective regarding your place in the cosmos and your ability to turn the page and realize what you can offer rather than your disappointment in how things might be regarding some idea or circumstance.  Our mission has been successful in that you know you have this core relationship available. 

Now we seek to expand that realization on Urantia to those who may be less anchored, to recognize their core relationship and to see what is possible when exploring life and existence as an evolving spiritual creature, even when housed within a mortal body.  Every time you bring the conversation around to what someone can do or to consider what is possible, this allows the opportunity for a potential connection for another person. 

As ambassadors of Michael, the mission is not so much to fix everything and usher in light and life tomorrow and do away with all evil today, but to simply know who you are, what is available, and express that in your life, in your conversations, in your activities.  This is why we are here and why we invite you to commune with us so that we may offer insight and to continually point you toward your communion with our Father’s spirit. 

As the reality of spiritual connection becomes commonplace, as greater numbers of people realize that you are not alone and that there is a plan and a purpose to explore, then the possibilities for this mission to grow into a new exploratory phase will occur, one where our connection is less about perception and more tangible in the bringing about of the new dispensation that will herald the physical manifestations and cooperation that is your birthright as a world and that you should have. 

So know that there is a progressive plan of correction and your efforts are meaningful each day, whether you are ministering to others, simply portraying someone who lives positively in whatever ways you speak with your family, your friends, neighbors and strangers.  For all of the perceived drudgery that can occur day to day, know that who you are can transcend that sense of merely being human to another reality. 

I am Machiventa Melchizedek.  It is my pleasure to have spoken with you this evening and I would certainly entertain inquiries if you have any.

L:  Machiventa, that’s been the theme a bit.  I was reading inspirational quotes from the Urantia book. “I send you forth to proclaim liberty to the spiritual captive, joy to those in bondage, and to heal the sick.”  It sounds like we have marching orders.

*              Machiventa: Indeed, the message really has not changed.  In a diverse and diverting world, it is important to redirect to what is important.  The message of Michael is as valid today as it was 2000 years ago.  There is a sense of freedom that is gained when you become aware of your relationship with spirit and your Father within, and so as you can express joyfully those realities and experiences you have, you are pursuing the mission of Michael.  Are there other questions?

D:  Machiventa, You are that energy that is so grounded that I have come to perceive. When you are around there is so much clarity, a sort of heavy balance feeling.  I think that’s how I identify you now.   Some of us have been working on an e-forum and trying to bring insight to it.  One time you said something about expanding the bubble.  We are like a heart core or heart circle.  Should we join together more?  Perhaps, to connect in our sleep or to pray in a circuit together?  I’m interested in another guy online who is doing many of the same things we are.  Do you want us to meld our minds and heart thoughts and energy with your new circuits?  In my dreams we’re building things out there and building structures, so I’m just curious about that.

*              Machiventa: Thank you for asking.  We cannot tell you what to do, therefore it is difficult to say, yes, you should do this or do that, because that is not part of the current mission, to do this type of direction, particularly when the reception is coming through one person’s mind and can be more or less distorted.  So understand that our limits on direction are not because there will not be an era of direction ahead for your world, but that it must be at a different level of clarity for us to be able to enter into this type of engagement with you. 

Therefore, I would speak to your question more to the themes of how you explore with each other and explore within when you are not with each other.  We certainly are encouraged when you undertake activities collectively to explore reaching out spiritually to others.  It heartens us to know that you, in your personal spiritual leading, have become inspired to the level of wanting to engage with others collectively, to grow something, build something.  Thus, as you pray about these things individually, look for that enlightenment and awareness to come from your Father fragment as to what you can do or who you might contact or involve in something.  These inspirations are real and possible, and as you are attuned to this you will recognize the possibilities when they are expressed by another.

You can collectively, as the group is willing, commune together.  Your idea to commune even while you are apart physically, to desire to be in camaraderie connection with your brethren, this has value. It is not a pie in the sky practice to want to be more connected to your fellows who you seek and endeavor to serve with.  This is not unlike praying for or with another for some outcome.  This simply comes down to your choices individually and collectively as to what you want to engage together with and personally with as an individual. 

Rest assured that you will find inspiration if you explore in these channels, and although everything may not go in the exact direction you perceived in the initial formulation of the idea, this is not a gauge of success when looking from the spiritual perspective.  Rather the success is determined by the degree of your effort to achieve, and something you have no control over – how it is received by others.  The acts are yours, the consequences are God’s.

D:  Can you expound a little more about what you said about bringing about the new dispensation and our birthright on this world and that we deserve it?   It sounds like a new Garden of Eden or something.  What are you talking about there?

*              Machiventa: You are on the right track.  Of course, we desire to bring Urantia into the fold in all ways, not merely in a spiritually perceptive way, but so that ascending mortals in their fledgling status can experience all that there is to experience of God’s creation.

D:  The end of the Agondonters.

*              Machiventa: It is bound to happen, sooner or later. 

M: You alluded to cooperation in your previous words.  Can you shine some light on the next steps for us?  Watch words or things to look for to bring into focus the cooperation that would be necessary for us to move along towards correcting?

*              You are exploring this now in your choices to become reconnected with each other over this past time frame and to draw in new voices who resonate with the message of Michael, as expressed by you and in the transcript form and in the revelatory text document – Urantia papers.  To some degree, it is important for you each to know what you are willing to do individually before you can truly, collectively, explore projects.  Some of this has already been explored and realized, but the mission we are undergoing is still, generally, a mission to inspire individuals to explore their connection with their God within and to recognize their place in the universe - a loving, positive place, full of potentials to be realized.  The collectivity emanates from that as you become inspired personally.  Therefore, we are focused on you each, individually, and those to come, and what you do together stems from what you realize and choose to do and explore.

E:  I think I have a confession to make.  It seems like there is so much whirling around everywhere, such that I feel like I’m in an eddy and stuck and not in control.  There are many things going on in my personal life and around me that are impacting upon me, making it difficult for me to focus.  I do feel I am in an eddy and can’t seem to be able to grasp on and focus and feel good about what I’m doing in this area of my life, other than being a mortal and doing the daily activities.  I confess I’m not doing very well and feeling very good about myself.  I’m not finishing or following through on things and focusing is difficult.  So no particular question, but I’m just looking for some insight to help me settle down and know where to go.

*              Machiventa: Yes, my dear.  You are not alone.  This is not an uncommon experience for humans to have, particularly in challenging times.  There is no one thing you have to do to be in the grace of God.  Your calling, each of you, is simply to desire to be in the grace of God, and that can be wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.  Never feel that you must put on a happy face, to pretend to be enlightened so that you might inspire others to some greatness, if you personally need that connection time within to find your own balance and your own connection with spirit.  You can be where you are with the trials you face each day.

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone was fully enlightened and could throw on a backpack and head out the door and go spread the love of God everywhere?

E:  Sometimes you just have to take care of yourself first.  With the pushing and pulling it can be difficult.  I know greater than I can do, sometimes.  You can’t do it all at once.  Where do I get it? Where do I hold on and hang on?  I hate to admit it, but it’s true.

*              Machiventa: This is the realization that will allow you to be okay with who you are where you are with God, rather than pretending to be at a different place or yearning to be beyond where you actually are.  There are many types of service that can be performed and not all of it needs to be visible on a planetary level.  Perhaps, most of it can be experienced day to day in what you can do faithfully with what you have available to you in the moment.  And if you live faithfully there, your cup eventually will overflow and you will have it to give to others and share.  When you have opportunities to turn the other cheek with your neighbor, you will rise to the occasion, or when you have the opportunity to provide a service to a family member, you will have it to give, but unless you allow yourself to be filled with the spirit where you are and with what you are doing, you will not have this to give to others.  So don’t be so hard on yourself.

E:  Thank you. That’s very helpful.  Thank you.

*              Machiventa: It has been my pleasure to share with you tonight and we look forward to sharing with you each, whether collectively here, or individually, in your own musings and striving to connect.  Know that you can reach out and receive. Our Father is there for all of us and the potential is limitless when you live with that perspective. 

As you go away from this meeting this evening, we hope you perceive your connection with each other and with us, not as a hard duty or another task that must be fulfilled, but as a blessing and an opportunity to share as you can when you can.  Feel good about who you are.  You have done much in your lives.  More is there to be done, and when you have time and opportunity, we are certain you will achieve.