*            Aaron: Who am I?  This question is at the core of the human experience and the spiritual experience.  Who am I in relationship to God, in relationship with others, and in relationship with one’s self?  To know this, you can, by understanding yourself, be authentic to the environment you exist in.  Without a recognition of one’s self and those relationships, this experience is disconcerting, untethered, and without a base or basis to react from. 

I am Aaron.  Good evening, my friends.  Whenever some question arises for you, begin with this prime question, for then your answers and responses can be more substantial than if you are not grounded in the reality of those relationships and realizations of who you are.  Utilizing this formative piece as a springboard for discussing your primary question this evening will help you to find answers as to how you can view and respond to the various realizations resulting from your relationship to this pandemic.

With each personality, each soul, you have a developing sense of right and wrong, and although this may change as you grow to fine tune what it is you believe is right, nevertheless at any stage of existence there is the question, "Will you be true to yourself and what you know at this time is right vs wrong?"

We grapple with this pandemic and how to respond.  Many conversations occur regarding the best approach toward allowing or aiding you in the solutions and the working out of the details.  We would love to just make it easy for you and tell you the best course of action based on our experience, but it is far more important that you grapple with these questions even as we offer insights and hopefully enhance perspectives along the way, as you ask and are willing to receive. 

But know this, as people pursue answers and seek understanding and truth and awareness, they are aided to the degree of their receptivity, regardless of their perspectives on God and spirituality, whether one believes it is purely a material existence and universe, or a blended physical and spiritual existence.  No matter the backdrop of one’s perspective on higher things, spiritual things -- God things -- if one is seeking, they still will receive a response to their seeking. 

This is a difficult time due to the conflicting nature of how information is presented.  There truly are some nefarious characters who would seek to lead people astray.  Mind you, these are material characters and not spiritual, but they do exist in the world.  This type of misinformation has exacerbated how many view the various questions of human existence, environmentally, in the arena of health and science, politically, and in how individuals relate to one another and interface.  The challenge is how to allow what is true to be amplified in such a way that the untrue is diminished, a separation of the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. 

So when you ask your questions of how you will approach and respond and act in these times, we hope you will do it from a place of what is true and what you feel is the right thing to do, not because it’s easy, but because it is what is necessary at this time for people to see that there is a way to act and behave that overrides and supersedes all other aspects of life. 

At this time I would answer any questions you may have, my friends.

Q1: Thank you.  It’s one thing to believe people are doing it on purpose, but for you to confirm it, I get to a point when I take in too much news and I do a meltdown because I can’t believe people are so cruel and selfish, but it is a fact and it’s one I will live with and work with. So thank you for that.

*            Aaron: Thank you, my dear.  Recognize there are some sincerely misled people, as well.  By association with those sharing honestly and with integrity over time, the hope and challenge is that they will recognize and adjust.  So be loving and gentle with those who may perceive a different way which may or may not be accurate.

Q2: Aaron I don’t have a question.  I thank you for confirming what I knew when I was having a tantrum over this issue the last couple days.  The very fact I was having a tantrum meant I was not in the right headspace, or being a loving sister to those who are sincerely misled.  I am sad, at this point, that there is so much misinformation.  I feel helpless and it causes those emotions.  I know some are sincere and trying to lead me into their truth and so we carefully skirt those issues.  I know good people who are generous and loving otherwise.  I know I’m also feeling some concerns about how rapidly we need to mobilize around climate change and if we did this like mobilizing for a war we might have a chance, but it doesn’t seem to be happening.  It’s in that context of this misinformation that I feel discouraged.  And I know I haven’t spent that time in the quiet and I know why it’s so important to do the fundamentals each day and hour.  I thank everyone for their patience with me.

Q3:  Aaron, I too, just have a comment of appreciation about you talking about us being authentic to what we are now.  I think of the steps I have taken and the truths that I have believed that are no longer the authentic truth that I now experience.  I think that is very important for me to recognize that other people, too, have the opportunity to grow.  Today when I found out what I had done, hurting my own self accidentally, I was discouraged.  I was actually pessimistic about it and I had to convince myself that that would not help one bit.  The most important thing I got out of what you said was to be authentic and the kind and loving example that we see in our savior God and Michael the creator of this planet.  And I don’t think he’s going to let us blow ourselves up.

*            Aaron: Thank you dear friends, for your sharing.  Sadness is a natural response to loss or a recognition of separation from another.  Even our Father Michael experienced this occasionally in his human existence, and even when he stated, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.”  But sadness is only effective if it is experienced and then responded to from within, rather than staying in it.  What is the question or answer that this loss is driving me toward?  What can I do instead of feeling lost?  As you explore those answers, rest assured that you will find perspectives and paths to pursue, to engage on the other side of sadness in a place of hope or a determination to replace the loss with newfound vision.  Explore this in your stillness, as you return to it, and we are sure you will be satisfied that there are things you can do to shine a light on what is true, what is possible, and perhaps some of the steps to take you there.

Q2: Thank you.  Your words have been helpful, directive and soothing at the same time. 

Q3: And I was waiting to hear what your opposite to sadness would be, and you said hope.  I was expecting joy.  I don’t know why, but hope, perhaps, is a more active thing to do.  We can do things so that our hopes come to be.

*            Aaron: Yes, and joy is the result of hope realized.

Q3: Yes, thank you.

*            Aaron: I will withdraw at this time.  Thank you for the opportunity to reflect with you on these challenges you face.  We are honored to share with you.  Know that we are present with you, that you have spiritual resources available to you within, and surrounding you.  Much is afoot on Michael’s planet.  Things are happening, and aside from your feelings of sadness and challenge and difficulty, perhaps consider the honor you have of being present at this time, in this place, on this world, and as you do, we hope you will act accordingly.  Good evening.