*            Amanson: My friends, we are here to share with you tonight.  I am Amanson, and I am enjoying this opportunity to connect with another child of the universe, of the perfect God on Paradise, as you all are.

I know sometimes you ponder what meaning there is in this boisterous, bold, and yet confused world.  Urantians lack no courage or fortitude.  Their raw abilities are as inspiring, if not more inspiring as compared to their challenges, as any other sphere I have visited.  The problems you all go through are solvable.  As I witness and provide input to your planetary administration, the areas we are looking at, the scope of the project, is vast. 

So as you wonder how it is even possible to fix all of this disparity, inequity, conflict and the attendant repercussions in your social systems and your environment, know that we are working to address all of it.  There would be no true lasting success with stop gap measures, fixing one thing and hoping all the rest work themselves out.  But we are paying attention to this and, although it may take some time to truly address all of these areas, rest assured, it will happen. 

Of course this does not dismiss you from the challenges you face today nor does it give you permission to ignore and pretend challenges do not exist.  As you have, throughout your lives, dealt with many challenges, once again with your incremental enlightenment that you have achieved, you have also gained the skills to participate a little more in the adventure.  Ponder this as you decide where to apply your effort in your daily life, but also make sure your foundations are strong.  It is too easy to be flighty, to, in your excitement and energy, move from one area to another and another and another, hoping to maintain that exciting energy.  But remember the core; know your Father within; understand how this presence works in your lives and informs your efforts; be comfortable with this presence - stage one, as you all have heard and know. 

We have faith that even though there will be challenges for the foreseeable future, you will witness good things happening, hopeful things happening.  Simply ask yourselves how you can participate.  If it’s something you can do together, great.  If it’s a personal inspiration, fantastic.  No sincere effort to cooperate with God in manifesting in the world will go unmet.

This is my introductory talk for you this evening.  In some sense this has, to put it in your terms, been a recorded conversation, therefore I will leave you with this and allow you to explore your own connections with spirit.  Thank you.

Q1: I have a question for whoever wants to answer. It’s been my experience that suffering causes the human to make a choice to either harden themselves against the suffering or to allow themselves to be broken and reborn in spirit.  What is the process for non-humans?  I think of Lucifer and I wonder and question what was going on inside of him that turned away from God when he was living with so much grace?  I’m curious what those pressures were that caused him to make that choice?

Q2: I had a thought.  I think Lucifer’s greatest issue had to do with pride. It’s common for humans also, because sometimes we don’t want people to think less of us or admit when we are wrong, and we think we’re more capable or important than we really are and we’re blinded by pride sometimes.  I think that happened to Lucifer because he was a brilliant creature.

*            I am Aaron.  I will concur with what has been said.  This order of beings naturally has great latitude to implement plans that align with the goals of our Father.  Combined with no direct connection with the Paradise Trinity, over time he felt that what he was doing was unique and important and that our Creator Father Michael was stifling his potential.  Thus, he wanted to expand and explore his ideas outside of the patterns and procedures that had been set forth.  Due to his charisma, many followed.  This is not unique, for it has happened in other universes.  It serves as a cautionary tale about how one may think they have ideas that are better than the rest, so to speak.  Many times, these formulations in the minds of various spirit beings and even mortal beings have resolved themselves without actual action taking place, but occasionally it goes out of control.

Q2: I wonder if it would be possible to expand on the comment about greater challenges that are coming and how we can prepare for them or is there anything you think we can do to help?

*            Aaron: Thank you for your question.  The statement from Amanson is more broad than specific, intentionally, because it is difficult to predict exactly which direction things will turn, but regardless of the direction, there will be areas of effort needed to respond to the challenges faced, whether it be cataclysms or wars, or even beginning to communicate and cooperate more.  So we would like you to see his statement for what it was, a recognition that not everything is easy and it will take time, rather than to worry about whether any specific occurrence will happen.

Q2: So I guess the answer is no, you won’t be able to expand? I tell you as a mere human being I am challenged to the core.  I want to prepare myself if there’s more to come. When does it stop, or get better?  Sometimes it seems like we’re going down the tubes.  I would like an encouragement, even in a limited way, that we can help avoid some of these situations.  We do have free will and if we as a cooperative group would venture in that way, is it permissible?

*            Aaron: You are perceptive that we are limited in our ability to expand and yet, the idea you shared about preparing is still valid even without knowing exactly what will occur.  There are deeper levels of awareness to be had and this preparation of your self in relation to the spirit builds your potential to react more favorably.  Perhaps one area to emphasize is to work on focus and less distraction.  This comment is intended broadly to you all and not simply to you alone, my dear.

Q3: When we pray for each other, the intention of the energy to our group, I don’t really know how it works and I don’t really know what kinds of energy I have to use.  Every morning I get up and do physical activity, and after, when I plop down and feel so good with the blood, life and power flowing through me, I’ve been extending that to everyone and putting it out to the group and so I wonder is there a way that we can pool it up somewhere?  Is there a place where we can all go to and focus?  Can it pile up so we can give it to other people or have it be used to push the world in a more positive direction?  I know there’s free will, but sometimes I want to change other people.  But does it work to get a bunch of physical energy and pass it along, or do spiritual circuits work differently than that?  Can we make a bank of love and energy that we can then focus and use somehow to help the world?

*            Aaron: Thank you for your question.  Understand that intention is very powerful.  How you apply those intentions affects yourself and what you are putting out.  This can be witnessed at the human level when you are perceiving the energy of another as you pass by or interact.  The buildup of physical energy does not pass on to spirit, as such, and the “batteries” already exist throughout the systems and the universes to manage the flow.  I would like to redirect the idea of saving energy for later, to know that energy given inherently builds more capacity.  As you give loving intentions, your ability to love expands, and so we would encourage this idea of being more focused on your expansive capabilities than on what to do with the energy later.

Q3: That just leads me to another question.  If our ability to hold and use energy is expanded by giving, is it also expanded by receiving, for us?  I’m thinking about quiet times, you know, and how we get charged up receiving from our spirit.

*            Aaron: It is reciprocal, yes, depending on how it is received. 

Q3: That’s interesting. Thank you.  It’s like we can be effective by being an energetic battery of love aside from anything we think we are required to do.

*            Aaron: Yes, and I would also state that shared intentions by a collective do carry energy back and forth.  Much of this is to the degree that you trust and recognize that you are, as you say, sending out that energy of love and care.  If other parts of your collective are not aware or participating, it is more difficult to create a group symbiosis.

I would like to comment on your collective energy, for although you may sometimes think it is disjointed and all over the map, so to speak, we are thoroughly inspired by the level of intentions you have brought to this collective and, combined with a sincere desire for truth to manifest, we would say that for Urantians, you are maturing.  Many collectives do not have this level of good will and intention coupled with the desire for truth.  So take this as a pat on the back.  We truly enjoy coming and for some of our superiors, (to use the word lightly because this is not quite how we see the hierarchy), this is why they have intentionally desired to communicate with you occasionally, for they see you as a point of redirect for your world.  Don’t let it go to your heads.

Q3: Much needed encouragement.

Q2: Promise of more work ahead.

*            Aaron: Management uses many methods to inspire effort.

Q4: I had a couple of good dreams this week I received, one where it was murky and dark and scary, but then looking downstream there was a beautiful golden daylight and clear water and birds and happiness and boats and laughing and it wasn’t that far away.  So we decided we would jump in and go there, even though it was really scary, and when we got around the bend a whole bunch of water from another creek was a confluence and joined us and just pushed us right forward so there was no effort at all to get there.  It was awesome.

*            Aaron: I am figuratively smiling, for as you know, dreams in and of themselves are murky to interpret accurately, but notwithstanding, inspiration does occur from time to time, even if it may be mixed with what you ate for dinner and other associated factors.  This was an attempt at humor.

Q4: I know.  I guess I’m not going to bring up the purple giants.  Thank you, Aaron.

*            Aaron: Thank you.  I had not intended to speak more than a few sentences this evening, and to turn it over to you all to work on your own receptivity, but sometimes when the child asks the question the class must redirect.  I hope this does not sound demeaning, but I am sure you understand the correlation. 

So do us a favor this week.  Until we meet again, take 5 or 10 minutes daily or every other day to listen after your stillness and to write down and record the thoughts and let us have a period of sharing at our next meeting if this sounds workable for you.  Let us pray. 

Our Father on Paradise and your universe representatives, we collectively attempt to send our intentions out to you to be connected, to know your truth, so that we may be inspired and better able to reflect in our work the majesty you represent, the beauty that you are.  Help us each know what to do and to be emboldened in sharing it, however great or small.  I speak to you for our fellows in the flesh, here in their faith, listening to our words, trusting that we represent you and that we are hard at work trying to make real what it is you have imagined.  Let us all be in your grace.