Machiventa – “What Do You Need?”

*          My friends, I am Machiventa.  I am glad to be here with you this evening.  Each time one of Michael’s children falls into despair or questioning, wondering whether anything good can emerge from all of the craziness and distortion, negative occurrences, and personal or public crises, we like to redirect to that oft used term, “What does it matter if all things earthly crash?”  For the universe has its controllers and energy is swirling, trying to build currents that gravitate toward our Father’s presence and back again, so that out of seeming chaos, unity and love can emerge.  “What does it matter if all things earthly crash?”  For you, individually, all you can consider at any moment is what your impact can be, regardless of the circumstances you are facing.  What can you do today to better understand the will of your Father in heaven, and within you, and to manifest your realization of those realities, even in your moment to moment happenings.


I know we have talked considerably over the last few years about the difficulties you face and shared our empathy and compassion that we feel as you struggle with these circumstances on a world such as this.  Equally, we have spent considerable time encouraging you to see things differently, to flip the switch and view things with the light on rather than from the darkness.  As we see you each growing, we have begun to encourage you to not only view things from the light but to try to understand how you can be the light, be the beacons that signal a better way.   Not only in this grouping, but in numerous others, we are deeply encouraged by your resilience and your enthusiasm and ability to move away from negative thinking toward more enlightened behavior. 


Things are happening on Urantia.  Greater change is possible, in no small measure, because of many groups such as yours who spend time asking the questions within and trying to find ways to manifest it outside and in your communities, whether in person or virtually.  Our question for you to consider tonight is, “What do you need?”  How can we help you, knowing that there are limitations to our mandate, but this discourse aids us in both developing our approach and also in petitioning for the authorization to implement other approaches.  So consider these questions, whether tonight or on another occasion in your own quiet time, what are those questions you would ask or things you would ask for that might aid you in this effort to participate in bringing about better conditions for more enlightened behavior and community growth toward light and life.  I open it to you, my friends.


Q1: Thank you for showing up tonight Machiventa.  I can ask for my clients the following.  Why is life so hard?  Why does it seem so random?  Why do some people seem to have it easier when others have it really difficult?  I would ask these questions for them.


*          Machiventa: Thank you.  Yes, the questions relating to the difficulties you face are partially answered within the revelation regarding the default and the rebellion.  Much of it stems from the repercussive events that have occurred since, leading the thought patterns of various tribes toward less egalitarian and more dominance behavior.  In an environment such as this, some may accumulate greater resources and in doing so, often normalizing behavior that can overlook how many of these actions are impacting others, not merely in the immediate environment, but extending across your world.  We are looking at how to encourage consideration of behavior that encompasses larger numbers of people and this has been happening for many decades. 


What you see in your immediate environment with the culture here in the United States is not necessarily how things are viewed in other cultures.  Even so, there are positive factors within your culture that are not necessarily present in some of the more socializing cultures.  How the interaction occurs that brings about the proper mix of ingredients, so to speak, so that each of these cultures can benefit, is the art that we are about now, for it is an art to utilize the best from each to uplift problematic areas in other cultures and communities. 


Much of the current frustration and despair and even mental turbulence comes from the clashing of many ideas to determine what will benefit the most in the long term.  If we had not helped to stir the pot it is quite plausible that there would be more peace and less conflict, but less progress.  The challenge when setting out on a particular path such as has been laid out by Michael is to know that difficulties will ensue by merely acting in a different way and encouraging thinking and acting in different ways across cultures.  Getting to the other side where the greater pain points are lessened and more people are recognizing the benefits and feeling the alluring elements of truth, beauty and goodness that are emanating from these efforts, this is where the buy in will happen, the shifting on a greater scale where more and more want to be a part of what has become clearly a more attractive vision and future of possibilities. 


I will ponder further how to respond to you, my friend.  Thank you for your queries.


Q1: So I have a question for myself also.  I have gone through most of the difficulties that there are and at this point in my life there is a rhythm that I can reasonably expect to have on a day to day basis.  I don’t have a lot of big surprises anymore.  So there are other questions about life becoming pretty mundane or flat and much the same day in and day out.  There is much talk in the Urantia papers and with the teachers sharing about going into stillness and the peace of Michael being profound and it is for that brief period of time, but it doesn’t always last.  So once the big ticket item parts of life are addressed is that all there is in the human experience?... to get past the big things and then learning how to be okay and accept the ever increasing life challenges of aging and those unique problems?  Seriously it seems the human experience is really about pain and suffering from beginning to end and it’s a matter of degrees.  How do you maintain this irrational faith that it’s all great and worth it when it’s not really great here?  There are moments of beauty, but all of these big things you allude to are going to come after we die and it feels like there’s a bit of salesmanship going on around with a sort of “come on you guys keep the faith and when you die it really gets good.”  That’s some of my thought and I’d love to hear your comments on it.


*          Machiventa: Many of the big things that are going to happen are occurring now as you live, and your decisions impact how they will occur.  It is true that if you were, as Urantians, to witness life on a planet in light and life, that you might think it was boring and mundane, perhaps, like a rated G movie, where nothing crazy or threatening ever happens.  The goal of life is not suffering and pain, even though it happens all too often.  It is to, as the divine injunction has said, “Seek to be perfect even as God is perfect.” - to improve yourself day by day and in eternity, whether that is in chaotic situations or in the day to day mundane situations, as you say. 


How will you act within your environment?  What can you do to make life seem less mundane or ritualistic?  There are answers to these questions and for some the answers are polar opposites.  Someone may need a truly simple life to find their peace and coexistence in their environment while another might need adventure and travel, moving away from the very thing the other is seeking.  The question for each of you at all times is what do you need in your relationship to the Divine to stimulate yourself to seek out new ideas or answers to problems?  What good book, or art, or music can aid you in your stimulation?  What avenues of contact can you utilize to reach out and bring about new interactions with other individuals, either near or far?  These are the questions of life that you deal with and sometimes the circumstances bring about some limitations as to what you might be able to do in a particular time frame, but free will choice allows you to make decisions that take you outside of the box and bring about elements of risk even if those risks are small and as simple as greeting a neighbor and inviting them for tea. 


So while I can see what you are saying I would also encourage you to not think of it as drumming things up for some future generation to have the epiphany of spirituality that cascades everything into light and life, but that it is you and your generation that is here now, tasked with those very same efforts, albeit perhaps in more difficult circumstances currently in some places.


Q1: Thank you very much for your answer.  I appreciate it.


*          Machiventa: Always.


Q2: I have a question Machiventa.  I get things on Facebook from dealing with atheists and it gets me in trouble because they want me to prove God is real.  They say, “I tried God and it didn’t work.”  It’s like they’re saying, “he didn’t give me what I wanted or keep his promises to make my life easy and it didn’t work so screw it.”  People have so many ideas about what the administration of the planet is.  I would like to talk to people about this, but I’m not sure it’s any of our business.  Our lives are like so quick.  How long have you been watching us?


*          Machiventa: For a little while.  (Laughter)


Q2: A little while, like a billion years probably.  There was the idea that you were bringing some more students in to visit and connect with us.  Aurelia spoke or Tannen or whoever spoke through me.  I’m curious about that.  I also want to tell these stories about midwayers and the circuits.  Nobody knows what those are.  So you also mentioned once that the goal is not that everyone on the planet knows there are spirit guides and helpers here.  What’s the point?  We do have angels and guides and are learning how to get in touch with them, so maybe my purpose is to talk about that with people.  I don’t know I’m kind of rambling along.


*          Machiventa: Yes, I feel you.  Thank you for rambling with me.  If we gave you the impression that people do not need to know they are part of a universe teeming with life and creatures at various levels of spiritual progression then that is a mistaken impression.  The realization that you are part of a kind and loving universe with creatures who are all on your side working toward the similar goals of finding truth, beauty and goodness as manifested by our creators and throbbing through our "veins" as creatures, this is one of the key realizations that will help your world emerge from the darkness into the light. 


We did earlier allude to the fact that in trying to specifically communicate with beings over the very process of simply trying to be in communion with the energy of the universe, our Father/Mother spirits, there can be distraction and missing the point, so to speak, if you focus on the process and not the outcomes which are to connect with the highest sources of reality and to be all that you can be in that presence. 


So any inspirations you have that aid these realizations are worthwhile to the extent that you are committed to their realization as part of your relationship within and not merely emerging as a need that comes from a fearful place, where the ego is afraid that if you do not act then you might not be worthy or part of all the glorious occurrences happening.  It comes down to the viewpoint of why you do what you do, and as long as your focus is to know God and do from that realization then whatever you pursue cannot be wrong.  All too often humans slide back to the ego need to achieve vs the spiritual achievement that occurs from communion, and as I refer to ego need, this is not necessarily the grandiose forms of ego manifestation I refer to, but the wounded child levels of ego manifestation that come from a place of not feeling as though you are worthy unless you are doing something.


Q2: Well you’re talking to me here, you know, and you see me wrestling with that for the past month, in fact, and it’s a real struggle.  I know it’s my kid and it wears me out.


*          Machiventa: You are not alone.


Q2: I have not been putting in my hour of God connection in, either, and I know that would help heal it for me.  Shut up and do, just do it!  So that vagus nerve thing and calling people to balance, isn’t it true?  Aren’t those solfeggio frequencies healing people generally across the planet?  It’s all over the place.  Is that making a difference in people’s vibrational physical body?  It seems like you have to be balanced to get in touch with the Father and you can’t be there when you’re upset.  Are those frequencies helping change things here?


*          Machiventa: The short answer is yes.  Tonal therapy occurs and you are just touching the tip of the iceberg, just as aromatherapy occurs, as touch therapy occurs.  All of the senses have their elements that can be explored to bring about wholeness of mind, body and spirit.


Q2: Okay, that’s good then.


*          Machiventa: And yet there are many things being thrown about that are not necessarily productive within each of these areas.  The challenge is to take it within and seek to understand what is best for you and what will help truly vs the hype, so to speak, bringing it back to the ego again, the grandiosity of the mind that thinks one can capitalize on the new thing and distort the motive toward more capitalistic measures rather than how to utilize these areas of thought and effort to best help the most and bring about this balance and centering that can place the person in relation to their Adjuster so as to achieve the highest soul growth and development.


Q2: So I’ve been thinking about what our good friend here in the group has been talking about with the Seven Master Spirits. There’s a lot of things with Seven’s - Master spirits, adjutant mind spirits, chakras, are there seven human senses?


*          Machiventa: I am not allowed to answer that question.


Q2: I was going to ask about the other Master Controller running the circuitry but in the Urantia papers it says you can’t tell me about them either.


*          Machiventa: And there you are.  But it is intriguing to consider what is possible, is it not?


Q2: One idea expressed was if there’s seven adjutant mind spirits and they start at the beginning of human consciousness then they might correlate with the senses.  They are the ones who are part of the Mother Spirit and nurture us until we get to be a citizen of the universe.  What was that you said again (asking another person in the group)?


Q3: So I was thinking we have the five senses for the first five adjutants and so I thought wisdom and worship could be love and spirit connection?


*          Machiventa: Interesting.


Q2: Well it was interesting when I was reading it and the fact that those first senses of the human body are part of the planet, but when they get six and seven they connect directly to Salvington and Mommy spirit.  So we are opened up to the citizenship of the universe on a mind level when they start working.  Our challenge right now is to be and raise mind into those sixth and seventh mind functions that spiritize us.  When I read Nietsche it makes me sick to think of the material mindedness.  There has to be more than that.


*          Machiventa: If you had to guess what the next level of sense would be beyond sight, sound, touch, smell and taste, what would you think based upon your explorations over the past decades?


Q1:Mine would be intuition

Q2: Yes, and the consciousness of otherness.


*          Machiventa: Yes, perception. This is the next level that has been introduced and emphasized over the period of time since the Correcting time has ensued.  In some ways you are already exploring your 6th sense.  It is part of everything we are challenging you to do.


Q2: Sometimes you just get terrified, Machiventa


*          Machiventa: Of?


Q2: The power and the glory that is possible.  We’re just simple creatures and there’s all this amazing light and intelligence.  I remember being scared at the intelligence of order.  I grew up in chaos.  I cannot be of ordered mind and when I recognize that order is part of the spiritual universe, it’s shocking to me.


*          Machiventa: I would postulate that one of the greatest fears that inhibits most humans in this modern age is the fear of being wrong and in so doing to avoid trying or to avoid challenging one’s self to find the deeper levels.


Q2: Are you talking to me?


*          Machiventa: I am talking broadly even if sometimes it can feel personal.  Any other questions my friends?


Q3: Yes, something else that came up was that it seems like in the UB and the Teaching Mission there’s been a lot of stress on prayer and quiet times.  Are there other ways to connect with spirit beings?


*          Machiventa: Yes.  Your actions, your efforts to be of service lead to epiphanies which lead to other efforts to be of service and so on.  Action achieves, inaction leads to dissolution.  Therefore, making choices and contemplating their impact allows for the connection, just as spending time in the quiet allows for your perception of the presence at a deeper level.  God speaks continuously, not just in the silence.


*          Machiventa: Another question?


Q4: Listening to this conversation tonight I am reminded of years ago, when Mother Spirit told us that one of the things that scares us the most is to realize how powerful we are.


*          Machiventa: Yes.  This is the alternating answer to my first part about being afraid to be wrong.  A similar fear can occur in the awareness that who you are can be greater than you can imagine, knowing that all of these possibilities are there.  Some people shy away from going further in their spiritual journey because of their fear of how it will change them, or that they might have to give up something.  And this is a sad fraud that has been foisted upon Urantians by some former comrades who thought they knew better.  I will leave it at that.


Q4: I would like to ask another question about the seven senses.  Before you even mentioned it, “perception” came to my mind.  I’m wondering if the next one is clarification/knowing?


*          Machiventa: That is an interesting postulation.  I can’t answer that.


Q2: Why not?  You’ve been around for a billion years.  Are you not allowed to?


*          Machiventa: Your discovery of certain factors related to the human condition and it’s expansion into more spiritual realization is something that has been held as paramount in the mission of Michael, therefore I would say to run with the idea, consider it and all of its angles, and if you feel inspired, write about it, talk about it, and see how it sits with other people.  For any true concept emerges out of dialogue and consideration and contemplation within so that when you recognize all of your senses they are done as earned realities rather than simply gifts.


Q4: Thank you very much.  I appreciate that.  Earned realities are so much greater than gifts.  I like that phrase you shared Machiventa.


*          Machiventa: Yes, I wish I had coined it, but there are many throughout the universes who have recognized this reality.


Q5: Machiventa, can you speak of the urge to service as a helpful hint to Sonya’s clients who are having perception of troubles?


*          Machiventa: Yes, my friend.  What I think you are alluding to is a therapeutic agent for any who find themselves stalled, stilted or frozen in life, that when the troubles seem most difficult, the surest way to break out of them is to seek for ways to help someone else, to look for an opportunity to be kind or to do something for another.  This is, I believe, what you were asking about?


Q5: Yes, it appears to me as something of an easy fix for the afflictions one considers themselves to be affected by.


*          Machiventa: I would limit the use of the word “easy” here, but it certainly is an element of therapy to consider how you might be able to benefit another by your actions, and it is true that some stuck in the mire of their mental distortion and difficulty have amazingly been able to emerge from it by finding regular opportunities to provide service to others, and yet, there are certainly other elements that need to be taken into consideration, as well, in the healing process.


I sense wavering and weariness on behalf of my partner here.  I will withdraw for now, thanking you for your wholehearted participation in my exercise this evening, asking you to ask us.  In more ways than you can realize, your questions provide opportunities for us to understand how you think, what you would want, and how we can implement based upon our current mandates and look for ways to expand those as necessary.


Q5: I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say this session was both enlightening and heartening.  And thank you for the invitation to come to you with our need for answers.


*          Machiventa: Thank you, my friend.  Trust that you are able to hear and perceive.  My love to each of you.  I look forward to our next conversation.


I would close by responding to the earlier thoughts about utilizing new voices in our mission, such as Aurelia and Tansen and others, both private personal teachers and varied ministering spirits who are part of this effort.  Our desire is not simply to do what has already been done before, but to bring about progress in how we relate to you based on current conditions. 


During Michael’s time when he lived as a human, there were distinct limitations on how men and women could participate publicly in society, so there was a segregation by necessity so that safety, as well as ministry, could be achieved.  But we are not in those times anymore, even if some would wish to return to those times.  It is imperative that equality of opportunity is at the forefront in our efforts.  We have always worked as spiritual beings utilizing the talents of masculine and feminine energies.  Throughout the universes this is as clear as breathing air is for you. 


In this day and age, we are looking to develop groupings of people who blend these energies well together and do not act based upon whether they are woman or man, but as true fledgling spirits, both masculine and feminine, and even within each being, as you know exists.  Our public ministry, at least in the parts of the world that have developed beyond such limitations, seeks to implement service minded endeavors that reflect the wholeness of who we are, and who you are.  Therefore since we recognize our conversations in recent years leaning toward the masculine presenters, this self corrective endeavor is to take those beings who may have been engaged otherwise, in the same groupings even, for Aurelia is not new to your grouping.  She has always been present, just not vocal.  But now, by necessity, we want them to be more vocal, not simply to promote feminine values but to reflect that we are whole and complete as a unit and not simply perpetuating the stereotypes of male first and feminine recessive.  I hope this answers you with regard to your “ramblings” tonight, my friend and thank you for your questions, all of you.


Q6: It’s like you grabbed all of the questions I’ve had in my mind for a couple weeks and put the answers right there.