*     I am Michael.  Thank you for having me once again in your hearts and in this grouping.  Tonight I wanted to take a few moments to speak about the energy of love as a healing force that can transform the lowly into mighty and the infirm into wholeness.

As you are about my Father’s business in your lives, there can be many complex realities, but I ask you each in your service-minded endeavors to simplify your approach to the sharing of that force, that energy of love.  It can be easy to over think how things must happen to allow yourselves to be worthy, when in an instant the misaligned can become aligned, the unworthy can become worthy.  Humility in the realization of your place in the cosmos is a common reaction to the expanding soul when the dawning realization of their inclusion comes, their inclusion in the family of God, open to all regardless of what you have done prior or what weaknesses you feel holds you back, not unlike that hopeful soul who approached me, stating, “Lord I believe, help my unbelief.”

In the power of God all things can be made whole in the spirit, and, attending that, many were able to access a place where the spiritual energy allowed their bodies to become whole again.  This healing energy is not a mystery and not reserved for the select few, but is, in some ways, an alignment realization that allows the energy to flow where it could not flow prior.

I would like that my children on Urantia be made whole again in the awareness of my presence and the presence of our ministers, and, you, by extension, have become my ministers as well.  Doubt not that you are capable of the same power and realizations that I came to in my mortal existence.  I am not asking you to run off and try to heal this or fix that with some sense that you are magically endowed with some special energy, but that you understand your birthright, and with that comes potentials that you have not yet realized.  Ask and you shall receive.  Believe and you shall witness the mercy, the glory, and the power of God flowing to you, through you, and to those who would in your presence ask for what you have found.

The time is upon us to be about our Father’s business, and with that you will surely realize the higher potentials of energy and love as you can set aside your fears and doubts to live truly as a believer, as one who knows with certainty that the real things of this universe cannot and will not fail despite the material trials and tribulations.

Learn to speak of these things, my friends.  Trust that the energy of love, this healing energy, is yours for the taking as you grow in your awareness of your place and of your potential to bring this reality forward in your lives, with your friends, and with those you happen to meet.  Our love will be with you always.  It is not merely a realization to have once in a while.  We are constantly, consistently, and persistently available to you at any moment that your awareness can slip into our embrace.  Good evening.