There are many names by which the inspired people of our world rally around.  Whether it's the title of a religion, such as Christian, Muslim, or Hindu, or the followers of some book, person or principle, many people like to label things.  The key is not the title we go by, but the lives we lead, the ideals we bring forth and try to personify.  Under any static title, there are persons doing things both positive and negative.  When you identify as a thing rather than a pursuit it can be easily distorted. 

Are we seekers of the truth, tempered by a desire to love one another and grow spiritually?  If we can agree on that, then there is the hope that we will be for something rather than sitting comfortably with a title.  The Association for Light and Life is a goal oriented movement - truth seekers uniting with the goals of discovering and sharing in the light and living spirit filled lives regardless of what other titles we go by.  All are welcome to join us in this pursuit.