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I am a truth seeker. Hello. I'm Delores. I am a mother of four, a grandmother of a dozen, great grandmother of one, and I am an artist. I was born in Helena, Montana, three in a family of four, and attended the Lutheran Church. My grandmother made Jesus very real to my sister and I, with songs and stories. My grandmother died when I was 13. A few years later my father died, too. This gave me a strong experience of loneliness. Though I thought of myself as a christian, I carried many questions about it.

I remember painting at an easel at 15 years old and putting my brush down to find that 4 hours had passed! This was a wonderful mystery to me. I was taken out of my loneliness by concentration. I spent many hours of my young life in this quiet space before I knew it as meditation. When I went to college, I was also enrolled in the correspondence course of Yogananda’s Self-Realization Fellowship. The main lessons were on control of the will through the body, and the mantra that said, "The Father and I are One.” This seemed an outrageous declaration and sort of sacrilegious back then. It was a new thought for a New Age. Over time, it was Yoganada’s poetry of love for the Father that allowed me to practice it.

I followed this heart-flavor through many paths studying eastern religion, new age ideas and christian revival. I received the Urantia book as a wedding present in 1973, at the same time I was reading the Bible for the first time. What a wonderful fill-in-the-blanks addition to traditional thought.

We know that the Father connection must be forged and maintained by each individual.There is no resting on our laurels in spiritual growth. Where we gather together as a group, we can inspire one another and make each other stronger. A dedication to foster and maintain the newly forming love-circuits is my truest commitment.