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I am a spiritual truth seeker. Hello. I'm Delores, going by the name Dlarez here. I am an artist. I was born in Helena, Montana where I attended the Lutheran Church, until I was 13. My grandmother made Jesus very real to my sister and I, with songs and stories. Though I thought of myself as a christian, I carried many questions about it.
I followed this heart-flavor through many paths, studying eastern religion, new age ideas and christian revival. I was a Jesus Freak and received the Holy Spirit at the same time I found the Urantia book in 1973. What a wonderful fill-in-the-blanks addition to traditional religious thought! Most of my spiritual questions were answered.
We know that the Father connection must be established maintained by each individual. Each of our paths is unique. There is no resting on laurels in spiritual growth. Where we gather together as a group, we can inspire one another and share the experiences. A dedication to our group endeavor is my truest commitment.