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I want the courage to be meek

141:3.4 (1589.5) With all of this physical and intellectual influence manifest in the Master’s presence, there were also all those spiritual charms of being which have become associated with his personality—patience, tenderness, meekness, gentleness, and humility.


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A Beatitude: "Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.

Modern usage of the word, "meek" implies weak as in submission to greater force easily. Applied to the Master (Jesus), it is a curious way to view the same Master who was by no means "weak"when he stood up to the Temple money changers!

I want courage to be meek! Wow. This statement leads one to ponder even more, what does meek mean in terms of inheriting the earth or requiring courage? Is that a dichotomy?

The use of this word in this context, upon contemplation, means to submit to the Will of God.  Relinquishing my will?! It means mustering courage to give back one's gift of  FREE WILL from God back to God!

It takes courage to trust that God's will is greater and wiser than mine, better for me, the creature. And trust that so doing is blessed by entry into the Kingdom of Heaven! It is the absolute exercise of trust. Indeed, the reward for submission is the ultimate blessing!