Submitted by rode on November 13, 2020 - 10:08pm

Darkness Falls in an eerie sort of Pleasantville
where Bad News Bears wreak havoc
and Armageddon lies Closer than we'd like to believe

Can we take a Leap of Faith
trying to regain our Sense and Sensibility
before the Twilight Zone arrives
and the War of the Worlds ensues?

October Skies are looming
Will we be Lost in Translation
or caught in a Dreamscape
while Red Dawn descends
from her Night of the Living Dead?

The Two Towers fell
while a silly cowboy played Return of the King
and The Prince and the Pauper muddied themselves
in an ungodly Passion of the Christ
The City of God is wailing
howling at a Bitter Moon

Can the First Knight rise
challenge the Prince of Thieves
with a Princess Bride by his side
Finding Neverland and crossing The Wide Sargasso Sea
to realize a Fellowship of the Ring?

It is No Small Affair
Like Water for Chocolate
the Rain Man is drowning us

But Here Comes the Sun
the Day of the Dead is passing
Close Encounters await those who will run Far and Away
Return to Snowy Mountain
and claim their Kingdom of Heaven

(Written by Bob Devine.  This work is freely shared and not for sale.)