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Who are you? Tell us about your path, hopes, dreams, or otherwise. Consider this your first sharing with the community.

I was approached by a group of elders who manifested in a vision during the mid-sixties. They wanted a decision from me as to whether or not I was ready to participate in a certain
project. I jumped at the chance without knowing what the project was. As it was later revealed, my participation involved image making.

As life has taken its interesting and unexpected turns, my involvement with this protracted production has persisted to the point of becoming a lifelong preoccupation. My thoughts are that A.L.L. might be the appropriate forum upon which to share these images. This is because of the membership’s experience with the teaching mission and that those who might need to see them will likely pass this way. The teacher’s encouragement and guidance has been incredibly helpful in my life and I want to give something back. This I hope to do by offering up to you, for your consideration, some “Messages From beyond.”

I have very few notions as to the nature of these drawings, other than that they seem important enough to call for a continued effort on my part. What these pictures may mean
is very much beyond my powers of comprehension and it has become evident to me that, in the scheme of things, my role in this endeavor is only that of a messenger. Any
resemblance to conceptual art is purely coincidental. Artistic integrity need not apply. My only skill is to have as little as possible of an influence upon the end result as is possible.

I leave you with an excerpt from one of our sessions: “As you traverse what you see as the visual divide, know that the distance between the seen and the unseen is as barely negligible as the distance between thought and language. There is no appreciable difference between sight and insight, excepting that which has been projected you’re your perception”.

Hugs all around, Michael Goodwin

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