Submitted by DLares on July 22, 2022 - 1:55pm

 What is the purpose for your spiritual journey?

G: 1. To do the Father’s will like the human Jesus. To live the knowledge of the Sonship of God. To secure the path to evolving perfection. The guidelines of Living and 2. To follow Jesus teaching the Good News.

A: All along we have been learning of the relationships of the Trinity Teacher Son and our Cosmic Cousins

L: To let go of the rigidities of the past.

E: To be a vehicle of Love. A steady hand.

S: To get people together being creative. To make people smile.

L: Helping people to express themselves, giving people words, love, information and sharing together.

F: Melchizadek told us the true purpose is to discover the Thought Adjusters' plan and “hop into it.” To unify our planet with the rest of the Universe. I do that with music, painting and gardens.

S: Not a lot has happened in the last 20 years of this website.

D: to assist in the adaption and the changes that must happen.

G: To help find solutions

S: To uplift the political practice and the thinking.  To teach about the organizational mind.

M: Gaining experiences. Applying it to the consciousness of cosmic responsibilities, Helping get Light and Life , family life, while listening to our Inner Universe friends.

D: Maybe figuring out how to bring the true message of Jesus to the world for the future generations.