Submitted by DLares on July 22, 2022 - 2:01pm

 What is a Spiritual Truth Seeker?

L: We know the Father gave us Light and that we can communicate with Him. We can help teach about the internal spiritual connection to our creator to people who are learning about the truth. Tring is a separate thing as is the Urantia Book. We are not dealing with political truths.

Do: Shared about her group that does videos, music, readings, prayer. They get together in small groups of 5 or 6 and discuss. There is a facilitator, and it is recoded. We could do some similar things with discussion groups.

M: A service project. Keep intent to serve and contribute from our hearts.

P: Interested in getting the younger people, (20 to 30 year olds). Such things as Medicine Ceremony, The Fricken Aliens, Angel Nights, and transmissions for them via ZOOM NIGHTS. There are Systems. There is coherence. An alive attractive pattern is there. Teacher contact! And the circuits run through all dimensions. We don’t have to hash out all the details. We can trust that we are connected, and it is working.

Gl: Spiritual Truth Seekers are gifted with a very curious mind. They love to learn, share and grow.

Sc: on the eternal internal search for meaning.  Don’t challenge the existing theology. Meet them where they are and take them one step further.

So: Searching for the eternal in the finite everyday life.

L: Truth is not exclusionary. We could do Presentations and workshops. Learn to pray. A monthly teaching on this. We could have a virtual tagline on our emails that invite people back to the website.

Simeon: I realized at a young age that I was here for something but didn’t know what. I want to know reality, to grow, and to let go for the new to come. Sharing the feelings of fellowship adds to the enjoyment for me. We could have a training program to earn out business cards. An orientation where we teach our core principles. First: Do no harm!  Second: God is within. Third: Everyone is a child of God. We can have ALL with different tracks of study: Scattered Brotherhood, Miracles Course, UB, etc. Links to others.

E: Spiritual Truth Seekers have a curiosity and an empty space needing to be filled. It is good vs not good! Do the right thing! Question dogma. I am a vehicle for the Father to use as I pass by, here, there and everywhere. We can create group activities. Alphonz is a warrior, ready and noble for battles. Ready to fight for the good! The Correcting Time! We had all answered the call, corrected ourselves, and got ready to teach. We need to find our focus,  trust our potentials and be individuals and lead!

All: I want to draw in young people. We have a whole lot of help with our Cosmic Cousins. We can have little classrooms. An area with conversations - not big TR sessions but short questions and answers. Amansun: Oneness means everything everywhere. You can connect with anyone anywhere.

Simeon: Let others of us who have a great deal of wisdom use it as part of a spiritual group.

L: Melchizedek can teach you to connect. Each to start on their own road. HOW TO GET IN TOUCH WITH THE TEACHER WITHIN.

Aaron: Connection is fast. There is the creative presence throughout the universe that we are all related to.