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Friday Night Owls 8/12/22 Discussion of Machiventa/Aaron post:

From Simeon: Machiventa was saying: We are establishing a power center. I hung up on them a while ago because I don’t like to do prophecy. I am intrigued by his words: “changing to a near auditory experience.” I don’t know what that means.  Maybe we receive differently.

Eug: It has to do with the circuits and raising the group to a higher level and the expansion of the ability to accept guidance about where we are and what we are doing. This was like a thread pulling it together as a whole. There is a process and experience we are being guided to that will make us each more powerful individually and as the group.

Al: All of us coming together as individuals with creative abilities. We concentrate on ourselves that will morph into a group thing. All the potential is there.

Mi: Keep at it. Your understanding is on its way. The Power Centers: they have been showing up in my drawings for some time. The message was particularly meaningful to me. I ran out of high-lighter.

Do: Reminded me of the Garden Project with Merideth, that when it is ready, a lot of work is already done, when the time is ready, we can proceed.

Su: We as a group are going to be a power center. But we are not the only ones. We will all sync and tune in and all hear the same thing. Mi, I saw your painting in front of my eyes. It is a thing! Wow! I have a painting given to me that says, “Pick the place we go portal”. It makes sense to create a safe center to get together and share. I always feel healed like a big hug! The Father’s work. This is really an oasis and there are many others that are meeting.  At the highest level, come one, come all, we are all going to the same place.

Sc:  This Power center, the same feeling that there are a whole bunch being evolved as we speak. Group action, group energy will work together. Dear Aaron, when he said he was a mortal just like us, we can strive to be good mortal participants in this. Here is this tingling again that I get, we are stronger, more creative together. I love the artwork.

Pa: We all have a spiritual skill set and through time they will be more developed and easily accessed. In doing so we portray ourselves to others in a better light., leaving behind what doesn’t matter and working on things that do. I was pleased to hear Aaron was a mortal. It was comforting to know that is where we are going. Informative, uplifting, filled my soul with hope. The idea that we are a power source, individually and combined is true.

Al:  The power centers are tinker toys. They are being built and they will join each other. Decades ago, they gave us this idea. When they are developed and connect it is just going to be fabulous.

De: I am excited because this is my thing. My story is about the circuits and training with them.  To me, I see myself giving it away as lessons, on the website where I can take those messages that are coming together and we can build a thing, where we are the teachers about how we are all connecting to the circuits. I’ve done it. I’ve called you all here for a reason. I’ve been on this course for fifty years now, and here we are! I’m very happy with what Machiventa said and what Aaron said. I felt some giant uplift this morning in the circuits happened this morning. I think they are saying you can serve the world and get lost there but what we need to do \is to go inward.

Simeon: Can it really be that simple that we teach people to connect with the inner spirits?

De: Then there is the Spiritual/ Psychological work that takes you out of your body and begins your inward search because it calms the body and gets you through your head. The next step is  the inward journey. The new path is your own personal connection with your own self, your own heart, your own spirit inside yourself. Except for people in trauma, that is something different. But once you get to the doorway of me and …what? Me and God? You begin to realize that your relationship with God is your relationship with yourself. So, when we start that education, I think that is what we have to give to the world. And I am really excited about it.

Su: That’s what I’ve got!

De: I know.

Su: I’ve got four steps. Four power points that walk you through and give you the science of it. Recently I’ve found they are doing focused healing with sound. Let’s have another session where you guys comment on it because honestly, you guys are the experts. I’m new to this. If I had been doing this stuff for 50 years, I’d be enlightened.

De: Exactly! We are enlightened. Welcome to enlightenment. That is what we are teaching.

Simeon: Enlightenment is a journey, not a destination.

De: Well, once you are light, you’re lit.

Su: Remember when I started in this group, I wanted to operationalize the process. I am a scientist of the mind and of feelings and I wanted to articulate all of that, the nuances of it.  Our intention is the same, all of us, and we come together with all our gifts and histories, so it is many hands on the clay.  Four steps: The first is how to deal with the limbic response, when anxiety is too big, too much noise and distraction. The breathing process can electrically and chemically unplug the responses. Breathing disconnects the fight/flight/freeze anxiety loop that we are stuck in as humans. I have a new piece now that adds culture to it, socialized roles that plays a part, effects how we visualize and imagine ourselves based on these aspects.

So, breathing first, then second: the visualization. People can’t close their eyes these days, gotta have their rituals, usually one of the five senses. I used these ideas and flew with them. Our minds have 70% in brain is with the eyeballs. So, that is a great gateway to calm down. It is the nature images of nice scenic backgrounds and when you start to become bored, that is the doorway in. You get bored, you lullaby your brain into a place of slowing down, and you can close your eyes and that is step three. At that point, it is easier to find the stillness. And then the fourth: dialogue, phrased in non-denominational language which is ‘finding your best self’, speaking to your potential, speaking to your spirit. I take them in, step by step, and then, speaking to your soul.

those are the steps I have so far and then, I put it to the group here and so, let’s tweak it.

Simeon: That’s the technical side of it and then there is the side for those who are more intuitive. And for those who are very mental, that are kind of on the path but don’t have a direction. I’d like to develop a process for how to focalize that in a way that brings it around. Machiventa said about letting yourself “feel the energy and letting it come in and wash through you”, not having to stop it, direct it or do anything with it. I’m going to try that every day. I wonder if there is a group practice we can do together, rather than waiting for Aaron to speak but literally exploring that deepening circuitry, if the message comes, share it. But if there is way throughout the week, think about each other and try to strengthen that connection. A community and individual practice standpoint. When you talk about the four steps to stillness, it would seem a kind of dry experience, to me.

De: That’s because you don’t need the steps anymore

Simeon: But that is the part about making our website accessible in different ways.

De: Good point.

Simeon: I would like to see what you guys think about more purposefully communicating, like we did a few weeks ago, not just waiting for someone to speak but being in that space where we are all participating.

Al: This reminds me of what Mark Rogers is doing working with all the adjusters in the circuit. If we see ourselves connected with our adjusters, we can help each other with what they are doing, or someone who needs physical help. It is not just one of us doing it, it is the whole group doing it. Encircuiting. That’s what it is that makes it a power center. We are not one we are all and not only all but each one of us brings a whole other circle into it. Let’s practice thinking of each other through the week and when we get together talk about it. We need to learn to use the tools we have.

Simeon: You mention the other group and it is not so different that what we are doing. I see the same thing with other groups. I don’t completely agree but it may be that all of us are receiving the same thing. Maybe we will connect with them, but they may be reaching a totally different group that we can reach. We may all be connected together into something we have no idea about right now.

Meditative experience now. When I begin a stillness, I always start with my adjuster. I think that front and center. We need to focus on being right with God and let the teachers then come in and do what they do.

Al: I think our group focus is to teach others how to be connected with their adjusters. That is going to be the key to get this place to light and life. The rest of it has too much garbage around it. If we call it spirit.

Sc: We utilize and grow through group wisdom and it uplifts us all.

Su: To anyone who really connects: what is it that you think about when you close your eyes. What are the thoughts in your head, or is it just feeling a feeling in just a part of your body, tuning into energy. What do you do when you are tuning and what is it.

De: I think many of us will say the same thing. For me, it always helps if I start, like Simeon has said. If I start with gratitude it starts to build for me a sense of reverence, devotion and appreciation and all those good things that the Father is. And when I start trying to embody the loving attributes of the Father, then the Father can begin to draw close to me. And can begin the communication. At that point I find it helpful if I have a specific question, then I have a specific focus. It can be as simple as, how am I? What do I do next? What should I do today? Because since I have already surrendered my life to you, we are one, my life is your life, what are WE going to do today. Or, what did I do wrong? How do I handle this? You know what I mean? It’s a very familiar intrinsic relationship of complete trust. But I am human. If I don’t keep it up, the connection fails, gets weak and I get… I don’t know, dim. You get worn and dusty, which is normal and it always happens and you have to go back and polish it up. There is a lot to be said for a consistent disciplined devotion to that connection to keep it strong and open.

Simeon: I would add to that the first thing I do is let go, I release,

De: you are doing Su’s process…

Simeon: Then the gratitude and feelings come in. When I first started I used to have a list of all these things I would go through to keep evil spirits out of my thoughts and stuff, just in case, I wanted to make sure. but eventually I lost those superstitions. When you are reaching up to the Father you are automatically protected. I don’t think I have ever totally let go because I have a lot of guilt and so I ty to get into a place where I am feeling worthy. I’ll find everything I have done wrong during the week and feel bad about it all before I can begin to let go. It’s my Catholic upbringing. I have to punish myself before I can feel worthy to meet with God. I ask that any message to me come through His presence and eventually I start getting words.

De: Thank you, Simeon. With that information I finally understand you at a deeper level. You are a Catholic Agondonter. That is why you have that resistance. Now I can love you completely.

Simeon: I always say, “I was raised Catholic but I gave it up for lent.”

Mi: The seed thoughts, rituals, things you tell yourself all have their place but it is nice if you can just show wp and leave the words out of it. Just be there and let it wash over you.

Al: I start my day every morning before I even sit up. I say Father, Michael, Mother Spirit, my adjuster, me thank you and please guide me and lead me in all my thoughts words and action in love peace and harmony in oneness. Gratefulness and thankfulness are two of the most important things. Every day has the most incredible gifts!

Do: Catholic talk about “The Visit” practice. Children would kneel in church every day and visit with Jesus, tell Him about the day and if there were problems, and thank Him. May was Mother’s month and they would honor her, not Mary, though, the Universe Mother. Gratreful for it.

Simeon: In UB says God comes to us not because of our rituals but in spite of them. A freeing concept.

(Long period of feeling the energy and connections while communications are interspersed.)

 *             I am in love with you.  I am Melchizedek.  I am the host. I am the Father.  I am all.  I am one as you are with me.  Your intent to love me is shared as the love I have given.  We are one in the spirit, in love with God, and now we are connected, each and every one of us. 

 This is an experiment of connectivity and reaching for the circuits that bind each and every one of us.  This circuit goes far beyond your own intentional activity this evening, though your connectivity spreads as you focus upon the intention of the infinite love you have available to you and within you. 

 I am Michael.  I am Melchizedek.  I am Aaron.  I am your Thought-Adjusters. I am you and you are me.  That is my message, a spiritual message that is intended to encourage you to experiment with this practice of intentional connectivity.

 Do you feel the power center within you?  Try to identify a physical space within your body.  Do you feel this sense of connection?  Is it your heart, your mind, your eye? Is it your center of being or balance?  It matters not where this power center connecting you lies, but that it is connected, your power center, each one of your power centers is connecting.  It strengthens, it builds. Practice focusing, if you can, upon your own center of being.   It does not matter what part of your body, but your focus where your connection occurs.  Do you feel a power center that you can identify?  Try, try.  Whatever you do with this intent will build your strength and your own power centers, thereby connecting on a higher and higher plane.  I am Michael.

 With your eyes closed, can you see the colors of the rainbow or can you see the colors of the earth?  Again, it does not matter.  You are building your power center.  We share love. We feel. We know. We see.  We learn.  Find your physical power center.  Visualize it in an expansive moment.  Build upon your power center with the thoughts that you are a part of a greater circle than the one you intend on a daily basis.  Practice in your prayer life, in your rituals, in your gratitude and devotion for extending to humanity beyond yourself.  These are practices that you can experience to help you build your power center and that of all.  Do not be confused by these short messages - or shall I call them instructions?  Simply practice the experience that works for you and feel in your own power center the strengthening of your influence and the love in the most full hearted way.  That concludes my messages on this experiment.  You may continue as you see fit as individuals… Let go of all doubt.  Your intention is good enough, in fact, perfect.

 *             I am Machiventa, and I would like to share a little bit more with you tonight, as we witness your beautiful intentions to create a powerful circuitry amongst you.  Know that these efforts will be fruitful to the extent of your ability to let go and be vulnerable and intimate.  What comes from this space is like the small child who has absolute faith that their parent is taking care of them and there is a purity in the intention and the trust that allows for a depth of experience that goes beyond the guarded mentality.  Be as the innocent child reaching for their father’s hand. 

 Know that with your effort, there is an equal measure of effort from us to meet you in a place where we can build this deeper circuit.  As you build your power center, I would like to clarify to also let you know that there is an intentional power center that we are developing on a planetary level which will enhance your awareness in the time to come.  This is not merely an intention meeting your intention, although that is beautiful in and of its own right, but we also speak of the practical application of a true power center that would be common among planets that are not in quarantine.  As this grows to its completed stage, we hope this will provide an added element of assuredness to your already astounding efforts at faith building. 

 We hope this encourages you even more to continue forward, individually or collectively.  There will be times you will utilize this yourself, personally, in some service minded endeavor, and there will be times you can all use it collectively as you are seeking to do now.  Know that any time any two or more of you are seeking to be about our Father’s business, these enhanced circuits can play a part in accentuating the efforts you undergo.  Know that this is not completely a separate function from your Thought-adjusters, but a sort of encompassing experience that utilizes the connectivity you already have in combination with the growing Supreme connectivity throughout the universes that would be present if not for the wayward actions of the past. 

 I hope this helps to clarify for you.  We look forward to your continued efforts in this regard.  Thank you.