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Spiritual Truth Seekers: Friday Night Owls 7/22/22

Eug: I’d like to ask La her assessment of the Circuit Tree meeting.

La: I thought everyone’s teachers were there participating.

Eug: They were. And they didn’t step up until So. transmitted. And that was interesting because it was about half-way through the meeting. Everyone was asked if they were nudged, and nobody was.

Simeon: E, you actually received that image before So. did hers. [from last meeting notes: E: I had an image/connection come to me of the hosts surrounding us and the circuit amongst us. Circuit Tree Pt 1].  And I think So was putting it off, she was getting bumped.

Su: Yes. I was hearing it like I do in therapy sessions, and I was holding it. I was multitasking, typing as I was listening. Then I said, " Ok," I took the risk and said, "this is what came to me." It’s the first time I really framed it like that. Someone was dictating to me and so I shared it. It was the first time. It was weird.

Eug: I just had the sense that there was a very large host. I usually think they are there but this time I could feel it, surrounding and encouraging us.

Al: I confirm that. I think we have an enormous amount of viewers, watching and supporting us. I felt the last meeting was very powerful. For me, I had mentioned the United Adjusters. That has really stuck with me. I realized I don’t have to wait for my non-profit platform, All One, to be done. I realized I do it every day! Everywhere I go! It will come up in the future, I know it will, but now I can just relax. I’m DOING IT!

La: It felt like a conference with everyone’s teachers and group teachers.

Eug: I think it’s important that we share what went on because to me it was a very successful experiment. On-going. There is more to it than what we have now, more coming. Practicing a new skill. Perfecting it.

La: And we are being told more circuits are being opened.

Eug: We have a Golden Thread Circuit, to give it a name.

De: Hey! I love that Golden Thread name. It relates to my past work with groups of us in virtual dream reality. They called us all the Hearts in Light, working groups, and we earned golden threads!

Eug: Sc brought it up and you just jumped on it which shows us that we are part of a process that has been going on for a very, very long time, centuries with many generations of people. Our awareness of that is being uplifted. The reality of it is very difficult to describe, to put an image to, in order to explain it to someone who has not been a part of it and has no idea.

De: suggests revisiting The Tree of Life transcript from the week before: (see Circuit Tree part one.): "So, ego mind is the human mind. That’s me talking there. But by doing this: differentiating from your busy mind and learning and practicing stillness you are developing the ability to hear with your heart. You are able to hear with your intuition, you are able to hear the truth wherever it is. So, you will also be able to then feel the energy within you. All of this is a prerequisite to developing the morontial mind. You cannot think with a human mind. This is a barrier. This is keeping you locked into the human drama. The way out of it is to practice this breathing, Stillness, and quiet your mind so you can hear, learn and think in a different way. This is all easy to do. It just takes practice and being dedicated to that purpose."

So, YES. There is a…they are using us. You’re right…to develop this new, almost nuclear power plant synergy thing where we add on, and it creates even more and more and more momentum. This really almost developing a type of portal. All of us are very similar in level, in skill, in intuition, in hearing/seeing/ the truth. So be diligent. Show up!

Simeon: Excellent. Yes. I think that stimulated others to open up and share next. M with his maelstrom, Gl. with his own words but felt it was from spiritual guidance. I think this is an organic process that we can practice: talking with ourselves but continuing to share insights and opening up that circuit with the adjuster as we go through our days. This was good for us as a group but will accelerate our individual growth, too.

Eug:  The Urantia Book it says something like if you don’t know what to say you can have the mind of Jesus. In situations where you are challenged by another person’s pain, or other world struggles, you can use stillness and open this pathway to the mind of Jesus and you will be amazed at times at what comes through you to someone else. And sometimes you are used as a vehicle for a message to another person and you have no idea it is happening.

Simeon: Have you ever recognized it when it is happening, and you stop and  the ego can then take over? You have to let go and let Spirit continue. There is a kind of art to it.

Eug: That‘s where the human has to step in and say, no, that is not me.

La: It is the mind of Michael we are using then. How does it go? That gives me goose bumps. Another tool. Another upliftment.

De: When you find yourself standing at the crossroads and you don’t know which way to go you can always call upon the mind of Michael and he will always serve you well.

Eug: It says it more than one way in there.

Sc: WWJD: What would Jesus Do?  Wherever I am, I sort of ask, “how can I act in a more loving way, as the Master would do?” It is a natural on-going experience. It’s a beautiful thing to know that resource is there for all of us and practice makes perfect.

All: I think what made the last meeting so powerful was that we had all made the commitment to be of service. And we are all well-connected. When I share it is not just me, but also whomever is speaking through me and I think that works for all of you, too. We are working over-all as a team, a me-team and a you-team and all those incredible “viewers” last week were doing their best to help us be who we can become. Thank you all for being who you are and for being a part of this group.

Simeon: Let’s do a stillness and see if we can kick-start something.

Su: Hold hands around the Tree of Life!

Simeon: A reading from the Urantia Papers: Having started out on the way of life everlasting, having accepted the assignment and received your orders to advance, do not fear the  dangers of human forgetfulness and mortal inconstancy . Do not be troubles with doubts of failure or by perplexing confusion. Do not falter and question your standing for at every dark hour and every crossroad of forward struggle the Spirit of Truth will always speak, saying, this is the way.

De: Greeting, my children. Is it not a matter of trust?  It is opening your mouth and letting me speak my love, through you. If you saw me walking along the sea of Galilee, would you follow?  If you saw me speaking to others, would you not draw near? Know that you are luckier than any of those mortals who beheld me with their own eyes. They did not have my Spirit of Truth in their hearts. They did not, yet, have the ability that all of you share, even now, to have me close beside you at any moment that you wish. This is the gift that I have brought to you. If you could know how beloved all of you are to us, you who draw near, you who seek the light, let yourself know the joy of this and let us make something of beauty shine into the world, as you have already been doing. If we practice together more, if we learn to be big enough to accept this practice until we are no longer afraid, the maelstrom will indeed succeed in bringing this world closer, faster, to Light and Life. Thank you, my dear Children for coming again, with diligence, with true hearts, with light in your souls. And we come. And we are here. Thank you.

Su: So the voice that we speak out is a song. It comes from the Tree of Life. It has our own unique fingerprints, timber and tone. The challenge is having faith, going within, and trusting. Taking those first steps like little babies. Know you are held and cannot fall even if you stumble. Everything is just right.

Al: Thank you, very much So. I really love that and I love that phrase timber and tone. I just love the phrases that come from our spirit friends.

Do: One of the outcomes of the medications I have to take make my brain very foggy and spacey and I can’t focus. I have no energy.  I would love to have more energy. I feel I don’t really belong here because I can’t do anything.

Simeon: Dolores Nice, you have been transmitting for most of your life in all the things you have done in the Urantia movement. You have touched so many lives and so many parts of the world. If we get this meeting down to only people who transmit, we won’t get very far. We want people of all different ilk, so to speak, to share here. So, don’t worry about whether you can actually consciously recognize that what you have to say is coming from somewhere else.

Do: Thank you, Simeon. That makes me feel better. I have dedicated my life to doing the Father’s will and I’ve said, "Father, if this is something you want me to do, then I will certainly do it, but I don’t know how in this current condition."

La: Since I have known you, you have always followed the Father’s will and I have always looked up to you.

Do: Wow! I feel overwhelmed. Thank you!

Eug: The other part is the breadth of your service. It has been in many different areas and has always been to bring people together.

Do: I have been cleaning out boxes of paper. Today I was thinking I have done a lot. I thought that I miss teaching so much. When you aren’t doing it, you really miss it. Thank you for speaking up. I feel, how can the Father use me if I can barely function?

MT: Thought is a transmission. Your life is a transmission.

Su: I have a transmission for Do:

You’ve always been my child. You have led people with your heart of love. Your brain is interfering with this process now. Be of good cheer, my friend, you are a light and have grounded us all for decades. You are to relax more and be less worried and concerned about your impact. You need to receive love from the Father. Enjoy what is presented to you each day and live life however you can. Your work is done. You are to relax and enjoy. Your reward is in Paradise, not of this world. It is time to let go of the fruits of this world and start feeling the winds. The gentle breeze from the Mansion Worlds. You are no longer to focus on work, but to enjoy, to float, to the next stage. You are a beautiful Child of God. You are seen. You are heard by those who matter. Rest and relax. Float like a leaf to the next phase.

Do: Oh, amazing. Thank you.

Mi: I got something about the life that comes through the leaves is encumbered by a root ball, at this point. Take heart, it will happen in its own good time.

Eug: What came to my mind for Do is that it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Su: It’s a theme!

Simeon: They just hit on everyone’s heads until someone finally spoke up. I want to tell Do. That, even though that is a great message, if you are interpreting that as your time to you I want you to know that I hope you stick around a little bit longer.

Do: Thank you. I’m not afraid to die, in fact you look forward to it when you feel so lousy all the time. Did you say a new body? Yay! That part sounds very good.

De: My friend Jewels used to say, be as patient a leaf.

Do: Ready to drop of the tree?

La: Stay up there til its your time to float down and be part of the nourishment.

Mi: Plays a song: Let go. Relaaaaaax.

Su: You know what’s interesting, I needed to say this. A few days after our last session I was getting ready to get up and there was this intrusive thought. M, I saw what you drew! It was there in front of me. I couldn’t blink it away! Those paintings. Like it was boiling, the same colors.  That was totally in my eyesight. Then it went away. But I literally saw that, it was intrusive. I don’t know what it means but I wanted to tell you.

Mi: That’s encouraging. Those patterns and other people’s artwork. my uncle Sam had them in his work. Sam Francis. I try to stay aloof but I really like it when they show up, like when they showed up to you.

MT: Sam Francis is your uncle?

Mi: He was the highest paid painter on the planet for a number of years. He was international.

MT: One of the great modernists.

Gl: A transition here in the family. I live in the countryside and I am leaving it to go to another green area. Good to be in union, in family. I want to share with you that I am focusing on the Will of the Father and we are getting more connected in this relationship with him and the second I’m focusing on the well-being and happiness of my family. So, sometimes I will not be available to be with you guys during this transition.

Sc: Fairly stressful week, business stress and juggling lots of balls this week. Sort of like the universe, I am in the patience business. I’ve learned those lessons over and over through the decades. I understand our celestial friends patience in watching us but I am sensing increased goodness and some frustration from people about the status quo.  I’m hoping it’s going to uplift people to insist on some better things for their people and the world, their families. I’m trying to think about doing recreational reading as well as work reading. I’m sensing ongoing comraderie with my internal spirits.

De: Have you started the meditation writing?

Sc: No, I haven’t yet. Working some strange hours.  I have written down some mantras. I listen to Bob’s Spirits in the Night. I find that very relaxing.

Al: I want to put in a request to all of us, our cosmic cousins, all of us to help Do in her healing.  I think they are incredibly capable, and I hope Michael and Mother spirit will open her heart to receive. I know she is a great giver and not all givers can be good receivers. So, I’m asking Mother Spirit to help her receive all the love and healing that is coming to her so she can be strong, healthy, and full of energy real soon.

Do: Thank you. I will pass it on, back to you guys!

Simeon. That is a great place to end. Lets all share the love.