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Wednesday Light Owls 8/18/22

L. Years have gone by and here we are, every lesson is beautiful, could have been told 20 years ago, could have been told today but there is some movement as a group. They said that someday this would feel all normal, this connection. This is normal now for us.

E: The thirty plus years we had were great but some were saying no. They told us correction and that we had to correct ourselves.  Each of us HAS learned to have connection with the Divine alone. Now I think they are working on cooperation in a more powerful way. The whole is worth more than the sum of the parts. We are perhaps ready for something more.

D: Did anyone have experiences from our experiments?

E. I have had three family bombshells and they are family unity that needs to be done and I feel I am being used as a unifying agent. It is the confessions and clarifications and the idea that they are ready to deal with these things.

L: I’ve had 2 graduations last Friday, too young, too quick. There was a year I lost 6 people. So I have been concentrating on that.

S: I did prayer and meditation twice, Everyone on the group, I wanted into the group and potential people who might come. Not really true deep meditation now. Not just a solid ten minutes. I want to know what near auditory means.

D: I wonder if it means you hearing me. Adam and Eve had a special air sinus in their heads and could hear each other over 100 miles. If they want to make those in our heads, can they, can we let them, be willing…then we would be able to hear each other

S: I like that idea but I want to test that I can really hear, to test the waters and go deep and figure it out. I remember they said the overpowering experiences will become normal and we get comfortable with it. I want to feel that again.

M: Devine discontent. (!)

D: It is the nature of humans. We need new toys, constantly.

Sc: Busy w business. Pretty crazy. Stayed up too late. Prayerful mediations and read power centers transcript. Lovely contemplating being a power center. Realizing that it is transformational from a planetary and spiritual point of view and part of the correcting time. Rejuvenating. We have all grown and we will evolve. Lets’ hope some of the wake-up calls will become more widely known and draw people into the desire to take control of their lives more and not feel so helpless, elevate their sense of citizenship and community, maybe make some positive changes in the coming years.

A: I appreciated the words about power centers. Then Amundson talked about being a light beam and I put my power into a light beam and sent it out to the world leaders and followers to correct as much as we can with peace and calm. That really connected. So, thank you.

E: it was interested. I was repeating what coming given to me. I was getting a color show and sensations. The auras all awakening.  The first time I ever experiences the colors of the power centers was during a message. I asked and they said the centers of your body connecting with spirit.

Sc: In the meditation I got these two images. One to think about a rainbow and to think about planet earth. That’s how I spent part of my morning. I’ve still got a smile on my face from the transcript and the power center info and the beautiful music.

M: I had a beautiful vision. It was in muted colors. Just barely discernable colors.  A huge dark amphitheater, filled. The figures in the seats were animated. A beam of light came down in the center and the figures at the bottom were illuminated in that light. I would call that the power center.

S: Interesting the Amundsun transmission talks of a beam of light and you see one! I prayed every day. It was great. Really a nice place to go. I did get one message.: something like considering the state of affairs that exists between yours and ours. We were thinking of asking you guys to pray for us!

L: Here is my center and here come these rainbow care bears. (Some talk of messages unread.)

 Look, if you guys think you can keep me away from the meetings anymore, you are sorely mistaken! I’ll nag if I have to!

S: Save this link and click on it every two weeks at 7 o’clock!

A: I have been adding the power center to my morning healing work out. It helps to use it tpo get my system going. Also using it for others.

S: Been a good girl, this is the confessional, right. Doing the practice. That feeling of heart center energy is like this section inside of my chest. I’ve had it before. It is just odd, walking around with this feeling of immense love which includes pain. You know when you get so happy that you cry?  It hurts. That level of… joy, tearful because you are so happy, but it feels very real and more dimensional than the happy, kind of Christian, “Oh, it gave me joy.” No. This is much more a complex feeling with multifaceted states contained in the channel and that is why I am concerned with the nuances of it. I do feel it when I meditate and connect it to the group, all of us together, we really are graceful and f low. I have had that same kind of profound wow that will dissipate into a normal feeling state. Other than that, my intuition is that much like how we have transformer stations, they are developing “pods” of us, all over, attuned to that and we rejuvenate it.  Some of you talked of connecting individually, I connect as a collective. I felt we, as individuals connect into tit, them like individual houses, it goes out to us and we can do that in our daily lives, connect back into it. Almost like the circuitry at the top, the Thought Adjusters. We can become energized and the presence and awareness around it might activate that more, synergetic and harmonic, as we come into contact with other people in our lives. That’s just my ten cents.

S: More like a quarter.

L: That makes it seem like we have been doing it in the reverse…from the small to the large. That makes it more of an uplift. I love that.  I have one of those power stations right down the street and I watch parts of it go out and parts of the city go dark. When you talk about it coming from all together, I like that. When we get together it is being a very powerful thing that such like-minded people can get together and talk like this, I like that.

P: I took the opportunity to ask both congregations I work for to pray for a pastor to come and take the churches because I’ve been doing it a long time.  It was well received. Talked about the power center. A 57-year-old friend dame to visit us and it was quite powerful to make that connection. I cried when she left because of the strong, powerful, loving connection.  It all plays together.  Our power will never go out because we have solar. You can extend the idea of a power center as far as you’d like, in the physical, concrete sense and in the spiritual toward enlightenment. Shortly said, it was a good week.

S: An idea struck me. Going off the grid and becoming your own solar panel. In the grid, you are fed with all the information in the grid but the problem with the grid is that it’s contaminated, like we live in society  where everyone  is so convoluted that if we live in that grid we get caught up with all the things that go along with it,  In a sense they are asking us to go off the grid and become our own power source rather than having to feed off all of this other stuff.

P: Absolutely. Then you take all that stuff out into the world in which you live. For years we have not watched the news. We don’t bring that into our home. People ask how we keep up but somehow, we do. There are more important things. We can’t take politics with us when we leave. All we can take is love.  We don’t let the darkness affect our lives.

M: I claim he Law of Displacement. The darkness has to leave when the light comes in so what bring more darkness in?

S: It’s a tricky balance. I don’t want to be oblivious but don’t want to become obsessed with it, either. I often just read the headlines but not the nuances of it. I get so c aught up I lose the broad picture.

D: Thank you, guys for doing the energy exchanging. They told me once it right and good that we develop this notion, that we can pass this light around to each other. So, that’s really cool.

Talk with the idea of OUR Father, to my estranged sister who said she follows MY Father. I realized that could be a way in, keeping in at a high level by going above the divisions.

S: Michael would find the good someone was saying and totally ignoring all the wrong parts.

D: I am busy pondering something in Paper 141 where Michael starts his public teaching. The people who live by the Law of God instead of the Will of God and that when you live by the Law, you have to have power all these little rules and little rituals, and all these little fears about “ am I doing it  right.” But when you live in the Will of God, you don’t have all those walls and rules and fears. They called those the “Free children of God” and the “Liberate Sons of the Father.”  So, I see that difference between my sister and me.


D: Scattered Brotherhood:

There is within us a power that could lift the world out of its ignorance and misery, if we only knew how to use it, if we could seek and find. When you meditate, open not only your listening mind, but the other door of your mind as well, so the spirit streams out as fast as it comes in. Store nothing. A tree grows not by the pulling of the sun only, but by the richness of the soil. Go into the calm and luxurious silence to renew. But stay in the soil of your life. Know th4ere is nothing to fear.  Do not waste time wishing for peace. There is no peace in the world. There is only peace in one’s own soul. Get more fearless peace into your souls and then you will be of some good.

A: Let’s put out prayers for our fellows.

Song: Turn Off the News and Grow A Garden

Willie Nelson and Sons

E: Remember when you meet someone you don’t even have to speak it, you can just think it.

S: I found myself more relaxed with people this week with others.  At work, not taking anything too seriously makes it easier to make it calm. It is not only helping us to connect with each other but to get better relationships.

P: I quoted a comment from Mark Rogers transcript because a member was putting satanic stuff on our web board. I sent it out to 50 some people. No feedback but that is a power center. I have been listening to you all for some years, you know.