Submitted by DLares on September 3, 2022 - 4:16pm

Wednesday Light Owls

Southern Idaho

*   My friends I am Daniel, glad to be here this evening to share with you.  While much is going on in the world, rest assured that we are still aware and acutely attuned to what is going on in your lives.  Know that all of your efforts to achieve connection throughout your days bear fruit, whether you are directly aware of it or not.  These challenges you face, know that you are not alone, that our Father is with you, your Mother is with you, and we are with you to the extent that we serve as observers, teachers and ministers in your lives. 

 For all of the grand possibilities we see on the horizon for your world and for our universe, we equally recognize those potentials for incremental progress that each of you face and strive toward.  When you achieve a milestone we are deeply satisfied, not only because it symbolizes that our efforts also bear fruit, but because we love you.  We strive to love you like a parent loves a child, just as Michael has called you toward.  We also strive to realize this affection born of the Supreme desire to have all life manifest at its highest potential. 

 You are our family and when you struggle, we feel the turmoil also.  When you succeed, we cheer.  When you seek counsel, we strive to provide it to the extent possible.  Know that we are there with you, whether you sit and receive word for word, or simply call out in prayer to our Creator.  We are there with you.  Know that your teachers and guides are invested, not merely so that we can be successful in our spiritual growth and point to our victories and successes, but also because this is the mission, to immerse ourselves in efforts of unselfish service, to recognize what it means to mobilize our efforts to aid others.  As you can, you do these similar things in your lives.  We see you when you take a chance to provide a good word to someone or to converse from a place of care, to do a kindness when no one is looking, to speak up when needed, to provide your own form of ministry. 

 So when you look at the broader picture and see all that is happening, don’t let it overwhelm you so that you forget what is possible each day in your lives as you act and interact, both within in your spiritual connections, and externally with your relations to those in your community and your environment.  At some place later in your ascension you may find yourselves in similar positions as we are, trying to provide support to those just behind you in the ascension, perhaps in a place not quite so strife ridden.  We hope you will remember these opportunities we have had to share and how they have influenced your perspectives over the years. 

 This is the substance of my sharing tonight, no deep and profound lesson to share or world shaking news, just taking the time to connect with you and to recognize the good we have and we share and that we can provide when focused on what is possible each day.

*The meeting's ending message from Delores's journal:

I need to begin again with daily morning connection. Amen.

"Go again up the path and down to the river. It is ever springtime with us. The weeds of time will cover an unused trail. Only by frequency of use will you keep it open and clear.

The channel to your heart is made and unmade a hundred times over in a devoted lifetime. We are used to this. For you, it requires faith.

Renew your connection with me by finding a shorter circuit that links us- a LOVEWAVE- to be called upon at will, perhaps one that will wash over you through a cleansing breath.

Take the Light in not only through your breath but through every cell of your being. LIGHT IS ALL AROUND YOU. Imbibe it!

Relax your thirsty humanness.  There is love light, heart light and songlight to welcome into your deepest being. Fill your inner energy batteries w

Ith whatever you need for balance and harmony. Don’t force it, nor fret, nor push nor reach. Simply let it come over you and into you. It is the buzzing of the beingness of the I AM. It is the tingling of the awareness of touch as we reach to you in loving greeting. All Spirit is One.

Your soul, your immorality is the weaving of yourself with your gift of Spirit.

Seek this vibration. Hold it gently. Cling to its Light. Rise with it as it changes with the times. Grow in Light and in Love and share it. It is as easy as dancing with the Will of the Father. Let Him teach you the steps of your unique song Be aware. Ask and receive, Pray for others but disciplince yourself to this training of your will to the Source and Center of Life."