Submitted by DLares on July 22, 2022 - 2:14pm

How to be a Warrior of Light?

E: Two words from Alphons: Trust us. Intent is all good and beautiful.

S: To do something good for this lonely planet. Ask: Where am I going? What do I need? How can I help?

M: How about we put ads in the teen magazines to get young people to just start thinking about it, about  choices, blessings, and consequences.

D: And use TikTok and the digital media outlets!

Don’t talk yourself out of Time with God.

E: The connection we have is the power we have. Take God with you everywhere.

A: Share about our spiritual lives. How to be with the Father and try to talk directly with Him.

 Abraham: Come together slowly based on your leadings. Each to explore what it is you can take and contribute to the overall flow. This comradery exercise is important for community. Knnow that each is contributing to the whole.

S: Be a Unifier. As they struggle with differences and the circumstances they face, be unified. Seek to understand as much as you seek to be understood.  Make nuanced efforts to understand all the trials, struggles, and efforts to know the Creator. Seek to thoroughly explore your relationships - allowing for others to also grow with you, understanding that which does not serve you and that which does. We work showing glimpses of the patterns and potentials rather than forcing corrections.

Efforts you make individually each day are the very decisions that will lead to a more enlightened future for your world and you. It is the Master Plan of your celestial parents. Express your vision about how you would like to see your world more forward. Participate even with small decisions, share ideas and thoughts with others- trust. This is not just a playful exercise. What you do is what this all about and each day recommit yourself to communion with the Father. Allowing that to blossom and to spread out will bring a small amount of light and love to your world. 

Michael of Nebadon.