Submitted by DLares on July 24, 2022 - 9:19am

Circuit Tree and Connection

E: I had an image/connection come to me of the hosts surrounding us and the circuit amongst us.

S: Is it normal when you begin to feel your Father Fragment/ Thought Adjuster, that you start writing messages down? It was suggested to me that I write my thoughts and feelings and and I and the messages seems to be coming through. Is that sort of the evolutionary process?

S: Absolutely. I think it was my second session with the teachers I asked was it better to write or type or record and is one way better than another? They said the method is not of significance. It is your intention and dedication to the process so whatever gets you to follow the thoughts and deepen those thoughts for you, whether you call it a teacher or just messages from spirit, is good. It’s one thing to get the thought and say, “Hey, that’s a good idea.” It’s another thing to write that idea down and maybe have another idea follow it and the moment you begin recording it in some way allows for a deeper understanding and message to come through than just the first glimpse. The first glimpse is good but sometimes the second or third or more of a lesson comes, though. Finding a way to record it in some form or fashion is good. The only reason I switched to recording it on a tape recorder, was because then I didn’t have to try to multitask. As soon as that happened the lessons became more flowing, than when I wrote them. they were a lot shorter when my hand would get tired. There would be a paragraph or two and then when I recorded there would be a page or a page and a half.

I think transmitters have done it in various ways, none of which are wrong. I think sometimes writing works for people just to keep their mind off it. Basically, it’s whatever worked for you to get the message out.

Su: Well, I think it was me that was supposed to TR. I’ve never done this, so. I’m like…”Nahhhh.”  As you guys were talking, I kept having these thoughts and thinking they were profound. That surely isn’t me!

" Welcome, my children, to the Tree of Life as we join hands and hearts and consciousness we create the Tree of Life which will bring forth fruit and refreshment. You are right. The human mind is busy, too busy. There challenge you have is to learn how to slow that down so that you can hear my voice and feel my presence, receive my energy to lift you up. The world is in crisis and at a tipping point of change. It is important to not be of the world but come to the tree of life in me. I give you refreshment, food for thought, energy to keep going, love to sustain your soul and passions. Remember, I am always here. This Tree of Life is alive, it lives between you, among you and within you. Come here to find me. I am always listening and loving you, no matter where you are, and no matter what you are feeling."

Simeon: My first thought was it is Michael but my second it it was Mother Spirit. When you were receiving did you get a sense of who it was?

Su: It was Michael.  The picture first saw that was intrusive, was that we were here again, in the circle and holding hands mentally and creating the energy, creating the space, the tunnel, the channel, where we all can hear what we need to hear.

So, this ritual is one that we have to continue. We have to focus on it. And it is available to us 24/7 so long as we tune in. It is one of the things Glauber referred to, that he put energy into, The Circle. And so, I think, for me, I got a name for it and that is The Tree of Life between us. That we are able to connect to each other and to connect up to the best of what we’ve got as humans manifested on this plant. We can create this field between us.

Do: I think that is the first time I have heard Michael refer to the tree of Life.  Remember that science fiction movie with the tree of Life? Avatar!

Us: Thank you.

Al: I like the idea of a tree instead of a circle. It just feels so good. It’s a growing thing.

Simeon: IT’S ALIVE!

Su: It’s got fruit and it’s growing. It’s got energy.

De: It’s like the circuits! It’s got roots and stems and branches so it is growing from both directions, so you can connect to it anywhere.

Mi: The rings on a tree, it does have circles. If cut across, you have the rings.

Eug: It’s one of circuit connection. Glauber started us out with that feeling of connectivity. We’ve been talking about community and that is all I got was just connection. Circuit and connection is the theme for this meeting.

Alene: What I would like to talk about is the power of our group. This on LightLine. We have the power of all our adjusters being connected, with all of their connections. Talk about a powerhouse. We really have it, but we don’t realize how creative and powerful we are. And here we have this tree that has every possible way of connecting with all our adjusters and they can connect with all the other trees, and they can bring more connection, bring of the healing. It’s just a beautiful thing. Thank you very much, Suv. I’m so glad you stepped forward and were brave enough to do it.

Su:I’ve got more. He’s talking. So, ego mind is the human mind. That’s me talking there. But by doing this: differentiating from your busy mind and learning and practicing stillness you are developing the ability to hear with your heart. You are able to hear with your intuition, you are able to hear the truth wherever it is. So, you will also be able to then feel the energy within you. All of this is a prerequisite to developing the morontial mind. You cannot think with a human mind. This is a barrier. This is keeping you locked into the human drama. The way out of it is to practice this breathing, Stillness, and quiet your mind so you can hear, learn and think in a different way. This is all easy to do. It just takes practice and being dedicated to that purpose.

Simeon: Aaron is smiling tonight. He is the teacher of record, he says. If you think that you were just talking to each other tonight and we weren’t involved, think again.

Mi: I got some words in our short stillness that happened before? There is a great maelstrom of which you are a part. This is a top-down phenomena. At your level, picture a power generator spinning.

Su: So, here is something else. So, YES. There is a…they are using us. You’re right…to develop this new, almost nuclear power plant synergy thing where we add on, and it creates even more and more and more momentum. This really almost developing a type of portal. All of us are very similar in level, in skill, in intuition, in hearing/seeing/ the truth. So be diligent. Show up!

Ale: I really like your word, Michael, power generator. That really speaks to me because this group, all of us are really power generators. We don’t realize who and what we are.

Mi: Part of the maelstrom, it was after you said your words, Alene, about the adjusters and their connections. Kind of a light went on and I could see that whole connective together-force of all the Adjusters and their cohorts enterprise Massive amounts of energies.

Gl: I would like to share something. I will talk by myself but the thoughts is not just from me. It is in this circuitry, and I am talking but it is not exactly from me. I could comprehend that today is kind of a practice moment. I mean, it’s like an exercise. It is necessary that we develop our four intellect functions and as we develop them it is easier to accomplish the will of our Father, to become as He is, if we want to.

As we develop these four intellect functions it is easier to connect with our Father to accomplish our personality unification as well as to connect with our breath in the heaven and in the earth.

These four intellect functions are:

  1. From our free will, to choose and decide to get an adventure. For example, when we agree to come here, together, is a kind of adventure. Experiment is the same meaning. As we decide, we get into a discovery. After we practice, we discover. As we search, we discover. This is the first intellect function. After we discover it, we move to the second one.
  2. Knowledge and recognition. I have discovered, in the last step and now I know about this. So, it was necessary that we practice today to try to get a connection, to try to TR.  So, this practice makes us to know such reality and not just to try to figure it out. It was necessary that we try to do that. Sometimes a friend of us is not available to do that in the way to collective development. So, I felt that as we tried to practice, as we try these things we get knowledge, our friends in heaven are smiling, as Bob said, I get the same sensation. So, I could comprehend that as we try to practice, we discover things, and we get knowledge about this discovery. This is the first and second intellect functions.
  3. The third is about interpretation, or I mean to sorting and to associating. It is good, it is beautiful. The moral development about the quality of our discoveries.
  4. And the fourth is about our personal decisions. Our personal choice. I choose to take what is good. I choose to take what is beautiful and I choose to take what is true from this discovery and this knowledge. And I decide to go ahead with this new baggage.

I could comprehend today was a kind of exercise practice so we can discover it, touch reality and to know of it.

Su: Whoo hoo, Baby! GREAT!! Many similar exclamations, :  )

Eug: I feel we have all been uplifted and the connections are stronger and more powerful.

 Mi: I saw a train metaphor. When Glauber said, the baggage, I saw someone standing at the train station ready to go with their baggage.

 Gla: And if I can add in a continuing flow. I would like to add to this vision of Michael to take from this knowledge. And when we go back and take a new adventure, or a new train somewhere, but now we put this knowledge into practice to discover new things, to renew it, to recognize new things, to interpret new things in a personal new level, and to comprehend such moral experiment we come from knowledge to wisdom. The first thing is to know, to get the baggage. And when we come back and apply this we move to wisdom. We can say, I know that and I have the wisdom of practicing that. It was something that continued to flow from the image that Michael shared. Thank you, Michael.

Sc: I was taking notes about this sort of golden thread that I saw happening. We were all coming together and being uplifted. And I love the tree of life analogy as well. Maybe we can use that as part of our brand.

De: I loved that you said golden thread. When I used to work with the midwayers in the beginning we would do this kind of group work thing in our sleep, and I asked what was that? They said we had earned a golden thread.  It’s the energy, and it really the love that is the power that holds us together that will make all this happen. It’s really an adventurey! It’s our circuit.

Eug: It the circuits. It’s the connection there because it had specific meaning to you but Scott brought it up without knowing it had specific meaning to you. That is one of things I meant when My daughter gave me the absolute best advice I needed to hear. She had no idea. She just made a statement. AND it was wonderful for me to see this come from her as well as the advice she gave me., it was more.  Well, that’s another lovely image! It is!

Michael: Our son, when he was 2 years old was our guru. He k new what to do about everything

Scott: They always shoot from the lip, don’t they. No barriers.

Gl: It continues to flow in! I will try to put the end first. There is a progressive civilization process, and it can be compared with personal consciousness phases. It’s from one to seven and the last one is Light and Life.

The fourth is about knowledge and wisdom. The search for knowledge and wisdom. I think it is something that happened now, today.  The next one, number five, is about Philosophy and Brotherhood, the Fifth epoch, personal consciousness as well as civilization. And when in this phase of philosophical and brotherhood, we begin to share our previous knowledge, previous experiences, as we are doing here. And when we do it in harmony of different experiences, and when we do it with harmony. We have different mentalities, but we get to a place of peace and harmony because we are connected with love with the desire to do good to others. So, we can move forward to the Sixth epoch of civilization which is about the Seeking for Spiritual Reality. When we get to seeking for Spiritual reality and when we become God- conscious, when we realize we are some of God, we are part of God sharing things, a piece of His unfoldment. What is come from Spirit, as well is Spirit, what is come from God, as well is God. So, when we gather this consciousness level we are born of the Spirit. When we are born of the Spirit, we enter the next and the last epochal phase of consciousness of Light and Life. I like to share about Life and Light because I could comprehend it is our purpose as this association to teach How to gather Light and Life.  A suggestion of a kind of road, or epochal phases on personal development   has been shared with us. I think we are moving from the fourth to the fifth, sixth and seventh, as well.

Eug: About the levels, are you connecting that to the the seven adjutant mind Spirits?

Gl: I am not receiving it into the mind, I read it in the Urantia Book.

De: Yes. that is in governments and the development of governments on different world. We are now in Fourth epochal stage which is a lot of ego mind to the spirit mind and that’s why it is chaos and maelstrom right now. It’s right where we are right now on our world. I love that the fifth one is Philosophy and Brotherhood. So that is the baby step that we need to teach. And like harmony and sharing. The back-and-forth motion dance you were doing with your hands there, Glr, was so beautiful because it is the weaving our experiences together and How do we bring the world together by sharing the beautiful experiences? Well, here we are! That is a great purpose for us!

E: It’s free flowing here and I think it is creating a vision that we all can contemplate and take away from this meeting, which has been pretty profound.

Simeon: Aaron says it may seem haphazard and random how this came about but this is very intentional tonight and the ability to kick-start multiple receivers at the same time by simply a suggestion to speak up was something has been there but not manifested at this point.  The biggest thing to take out of this exercise tonight that we intentionally did with about a dozen teachers, along with the Spirits of Michael and your Mother is that you need to feel empowered, speak your truth and know that God will come and know that we will share with you if you feel empowered to speak up, open your mouth and let the light shine forth. And so it is more important to have half a dozen people feel empowered to speak up than just have to have one person sharing a message each week. If we need a particular message to come forth, we will take time to do this, but we need you each to know that you have your connections to Michael, to your Father within, with Mother and with all of us to the degree that you are willing to be a channel of peace and love, not only for yourself but for your brothers and sisters.

Gl: I can say as well that the Third Epochal intellectual function of civilization is about material comfort.  We can see it like clothes, enough food, and have pleasure in a good blanket, we are comfortable. When we are in this state, we can move forward to adventure and get discoveries with our power of intellect and our consciousness. When we are stuck in material comfort, we come here and sit down and listen to Bob, and only Bob is developing. When we move through Fourth and now to Fifth levels, it is now about philosophy and brotherhood. I can see that Amundson is trying to teach us how to get into this Epochal phase as a group with Love, Peace and Harmony in Oneness. This is a personal comprehension. I understand that we get Oneness as a group when we are connected with the desire to do good to others. So, if I want to do good to you, I love you, we are connected. The first stage. The first one: peace.  We get in peace when our communication is relaxed, when our communication is calm, we can have peace between us.

And when my idea has been accepted by you, you don’t need to agree but just be open and listen then we get harmony in thoughts and emotion and information and energy. When I am open to accepting your idea which is different than mine, that opens the opportunity and space to have harmony between us.

So, when we do the three steps: connect with love, communicate with peace and accept with harmony, so we get Oneness and we can share our philosophy of life and our brotherhood is here.

Al: I think this evening is fascination and I totally love it. We have been talking about purpose and I think we needed to have a meeting coming together like this tonight before we can even begin to talk about purpose. I want to thank each one of you and this is such a valuable evening. I thank you Glauber for bringing up Amundsun.

Simeon: Sometimes I surmise that our purpose will be better known because of having this experience. We like to think we have to figure out our purpose, but sometimes it organically grows. It presents itself over time. We have to ability to talk to each other and share probably do this for other people as well. Some of the potentials have expanded tonight just by our realizing this sort of thing.

Eug: we can take the connection of the Golden Thread that we have and expand it through our own minds, each individual in the community we live in, and mindfully bring the connectivity from one to another. If each one of us practice the rest of the week, just including others in the circuit whether they realize they are in it or not. Build the circuit.

Sc: We have something going that can help us build a brand.  We can help  share the love and help other people understand they can find their own chemistry and mojo. We can help free people from the bonds of traditional top down religion. It’s all from us coming up…from within!

Mi: Singing: I’m my own guru! I had a railroad metaphor vision. At the same train station, us standing there and Aaron was the conductor, and he was saying, “A.L.L. aboard!”

Gl: This Wednesday with my time with the Father, I got what Eugenia said: To spread the branches, to expand our energy and our circuitry. I comprehend that as we receive the energy, share with the people you are living with, first to your home. The personalities first, the animals next, the plants.  Build up your cycle energy in your home, from you. You are a source and center. Spread to your closest brethren. Try to inspire them to share if they want to, if they are at a stage of spiritually seeking.  If not, maybe they are seeking knowledge, or philosophy, or maybe personal comfort or some level before. Were at different places.

Mi: Be the Father of your home.

Simeon: This comes across as workshop. It could be recorded and shared as a workshop. We started from the discussion questions, then people started spontaneously practicing it, then we continued the discussion within people spontaneously practicing it and it continued with a spiritual flavor to the end.

E: I would like to see us practice this a bit more before we go public with it. I think this may be at the beginning stage of something bigger than where we are right now.

Simeon: I liked that spontaneity of it. The more we try to rehearse it… there is an authenticity.

E:  We have been charged to build upon it. When we next get together, we can share the expansion that we experienced ourselves.

Simeon: Homework is to recognize this is not a one-time thing.

Gl: If you want to TR, in whatever way, it is important to tell them and to ask for it. Prepare for it in your consciousness. It is a progressive evolution and will get easier with practice.

Simeon: Another thought from Aaron: if tonight doesn’t answer the question that you have your own teacher, then nothing will. Everybody who wants a teacher has a teacher.  All you have to do is to reach out and practice that and you will recognize that.

Gl: Begin with your breathing as Sonya has been teaching us, put your hand over your heart chakra, the center of your soul. Open your heart to listen and from here, raise you thought to our Paradise Father, open your mind to be nurtured to receive his light which will fill you up with life energy. So, here, you can feel around you the safe place that you are creating, by your ability to give gratitude to our Paradise Father, to confide in him. Now you can see and feel the material comforts that you are using, that are available to you, as well as your spiritual pleasure to share your thought, your life with your Father, and with your breathing. So, now get your train, your personal train, your journey to discovery and what it means to be connected with your Father, with Our Father within you, His Spirit, your spirit. If you want your new and real identification, identity, take your own moment to enjoy.  

Love to A.L.L.